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    Salad and kebab, these alliance names make me hungry. I was going to start an alliance called fried twinkies, but then I thought the name hit too close to home, so I decided not to.

    Is someone going to do an alliance analysis thread on this forum or should I just go ahead and do one here?

    I have a question, when the troops are forwarded to another villa, are the sent at the speed of the village they are forwarded from or from the village they originated from? And do the boots affect forwarded troops as well?

    No, it still makes no sense even though it is not what me or the one who needed troops near the villa that had them want. I guess the answer is to pull the reins to the orgin village and then 3 weeks later rein the person instead of taking less than 8 hours to forward to them instead.

    Why do they allow you to send resources and reinforcements only to your alliance and confed members yet not allow you to forward to confeds? So far, I have not heard a good reason why. It makes a slow server even slower.

    Hey, I'd like to also say that my settlers got kidnapped. I don't know what you at Travian Games are pulling with my settlers, but I would like to have them back again. Thanks.

    To be more specific, I launched them. They were supposed to land. Instead, they are gone. Possibly kidnapping to molest. Please help.