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    As I mentioned, a tech account played by a invividual I don't consider as cheating. As long this tech account is played by a real player which only plays that account.

    The problem (and the cheating) is that a lot of players control multiple tech accounts (not played by other players), which makes it just multi-accounts in the form of tech players.

    So tech account played by a real player which plays that single account = OK

    Multiple tech accounts which are played by the same owner = cheating

    That is true.

    The problem at the moment is that some players have the resources (or a lot of cousins or a good method to not get detected) to farm enough to feed 300k crop consumption with only 6 villages, while still training 24/7. In my opinion you can't call this strategy, it is just abusing the resources. It is fine for me if a player can do this when he is supported by a whole team consisting out of people who play their own account. The only problem is that it is very clear that those tech accounts are not played by individuals, which makes it against the rules and gives a unfair adventage.

    You can call it strategy, but in my opinion cheating is no strategy, it is a way to win for people who can't win with skills and strategies

    I have 300k income with my 11 vills and i am tech. And human. Just playing in team. I dont have a lot of time this summer so i see no reason to play off/def, but i could be good tech. So now i am tech-acc and pretty useful for my team.

    Why da hell its cheating, lol?

    btw moral bonus is bs. U can play with 2 vills(15+150 and off) and create a lot of troops with great def-bonus.

    And no bonus for "newbies" - they will be reckted anyway.

    wtf r u talking about?.. techs will always be allowed. If you have no friend - its ur problem, not our. Top1 farm simply farming 10 human-accs like mine. And i have weak online btw, so some better friend with batter online could donate more.

    and why dont u like my ss? u want some video? Or u want sitter-access?

    top farmers are farming 120-130 villages with all fields lvl 10 :D thats just a joke

    Sad that u have not had 15 human-friend in that game bro =\ Play and communicate more)

    I am looking forward to see how you will reorganize after friendly farming will be restricted!

    I will screen shot this post and add the link to my google doc so increase TG wanna remove words they will stay on the screen shot!

    It will never be restricted) Sad for you)

    Btw, im one of this tech-friends.


    same as russians are 'officially' not cheating on this server, we get it :D

    What do you mean by "cheating" lul?

    Human-techs are not forbidden.

    PS: ВЛАДЫKИ (Russia - NE) - is NOT tech-ally.

    you are no leader ru team and cann't say about X3/

    Speak properly, i dont understand u.

    They(X3) are officially part of RU-team. And POM is officially NOT in relation with RU-team( which u can see in the doc u posted, lol ). Any other thoughts about this case are just opinions and/or tales.

    Winter + Mafia invites X3 members for deff while missions.

    X3 is working with POM.

    Maybe Winter and Mafia are not active moving troops but passively they are working together by both working hand in hand with X3 :)

    X3 part of RU-team. Winter part of RU-team. Mafia part of RU-team. POM not part of RU-team. And have no relations with RU-team.

    Get it?

    The Faction 1 mentioned, has mostly Russians and Turks.

    Its strange to mention Turks like that, cuz we have couple of hundreds not turks accs and about 7 turks and u talking about it like its 50/50 or 70/30 at least. If you talk like Russian and Turks so you should probably mention others nations as well. Like: Russians, Turks, Belarusians, Ukranians, Estonians, Germans, Czechs, Bulgarians and so on and so on. Or you can simple say Ru-team.