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    2 questions:

    Why make deff when you will only win by tearing us down?

    Why make deff when Heathens got your back?(I know only heathens deff isnt enough but sure you have deff players aswell)

    (Not sarcasm or anything, just curious)

    Guess the only ally with members not punished by cheating are cheaters 8)

    And THC is TH plus Company or Company + TH. The recycled are non active players, we dont even have 60 active ones, we have yellows, imagine the recycled ones.

    But now imagine beeing this offended by a non premade with yellows ally, giving the professional spenders players some more fun on a dull server.

    Its was almost fun having a chat here with you all, got things to do, cheers!

    True, but like we said since the beggining we are a small team, no one golds like crazy and plays crazy amounts of time(no duals and triplets as far as I know). :)

    We are newbies :D

    I haven't seen THC's armies, where are they ? You guys sim for 4 months with unique diet and boots while Bedlam and Web lost troops every week.

    We have no idea how to play this. What is unique diet? Are you calling us fat?

    If you’re actually sticking up for Mindfreak then you’re standing on bad foundation already.

    I am not, I do not read all of the posts aswell. Im not taking anyone's side. Actually, I do not care if it is a,b or c that speaks. You are all(almost all) guilty of personal attacks, taking the game too serious, and not focusing on the positives of the game that is bonding, passing time and having some fun either you win or lose.

    Remember it is only a game and you should have fun!

    You really have some kind of loser complex combined with a narcisist/superiority one I guess. No one is focusing on your alliance because they do not like you, it just because you are opponents right now and it is what is is, get on with it, as much you would like to be, you are not special.

    I saw all the items beeing sold to Bedlam of sums that in total do not add up to the amount I have spend in 7 years of playing and you ranting about pay to win in this game.

    Then one person complements your strat and still you bash her. Then you still find time to get a bash at someone else that still was not called/speaking.

    Try to chill out, go outside, take a stroll, have some food outside, walk your dog and then think It is just a game and you should not see it as anything more than that.

    (You as in i suppose the 2 guys of Bedlam speaking before)

    You all getting worked up by an online game? Too much money invested and the missus is all over you and you need to bring the trophy home to show her?:D

    Enjoy the holidays and have some fun outside of the server and try to be nicer to each others and get some real banter on here and not these sad stuff.


    Why wouldnt they merged with TH hadnt you left? Under a good leadership everything gets easier ;)

    But nice insight, good posts overall , have fun in the next servers!

    So if his hat and one of the other's were both white one would have said that he knows his is back since all whites are there. So if one of the others tought that way and saw that him had a white hat they knew they had to have a black one, but no one said nothing so he assumed they tought like he did so he must have a black one since no one said anything.

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