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    "Deleted by mod", look if you want to go back to day 1, let me remind you, you guys said we will take villas till 40 square, and then settled deep in to 60s , "deleted by mod", Yes Galaxy song made catas, we pushed her , whats the problem having one cata account in your vicinty if someone went berserk ? pushing oases makes your sad? wow you must be playing the game for a very long time. Stop giving your reasoning saying it was something you decide at day 40, its some next level "deleted by mod".. this was planned from day 0 or even before. hell we even backed down on so many techs of yours, techs full of resos which were so tasty to raid, techs which after the switch were catting spawns of our accounts..

    that some next level bainwash afk fed to you to feel good. honestly if it gets you off, its fine, but still not the truth.

    i kind of feel good talking to some of IKEA guys ingame "Deleted by mod"

    uh, bats , Um, i mean i have literally seen zero attacks again in NE, you guys are all settled in the boonies, and DND and Gunners both have every intention of winning the WW, i mean i don understand what is a different team and different plans?

    IKEA Came here to hunt Duat, i mean atleast thats what ive heard, they throw a massive fit when i send 100 TTs to their Techs and start threatening war, im pretty sure if they dont start with Duat soon, there will be much more friction between goats and IKEA and itll reach a fever pitch.

    DND and Gunners on the other hand, Zero action, taking in scout defense points and making crops.. Will turtle their way to WW.. lying too many times doesnt make a lie true batsy.

    I mean at this moment if i show you a sex tape of Gunners and DND Leaders in an orgy, youll claim its a deepfake.. While i know youre having fun here and deep down you know whats up. and just being a brave warrior... calling water not liquid is not exactly a devils advocate, its being a bad advocate..

    I think many may have misjudged as weak or judge by cover. I’ve always maintained to Gunners leaders that they should be treading very carefully with the ne meta, even though your not premade, there are some great players. And the battles will no doubt only strengthen the Ne mettle.

    Maybe talking to an alliance like DnD or Gunners would be better, sometimes integration can work out better for players then having there villages broken. Then again it is a war game after all and having some fierce battles is what it’s all about :)

    Good luck Noideamate, here’s hoping we have a good fight!

    right like a hugfest was the only way, i mean techs, simming 200 days and launching a 500k wwk is the only good way to play travian ..

    PS Have yet to see a Gunners or DND report in the com2 discord.. If anyone had the brains, looks like NE will be the one to beaten this round

    I would also like to point out few facts why IKEA wanted to try out techs...


    as ive always said, Not many in goats are very happy with the idea of techs, (This doesnt mean we dont have players who use it, i think we have techs, at past it was like 1 or 2 accts,now we have many more that use techs ) it is possible that we will get our rears handed to us by one of the heavy tech teams and then all of us will start bringing mom, friends, sisters, brothers, uncles, cousins, cats, pet komodos to play an acct for us to run as techs.. and yes it will affect the general quality of the server as all the servers will not be as enjoyable and be a measuring contest of who has more friends ( well,its not always friends too ) and be a slugfest of attrition than Strategy and diplomacy. Personally will be leaving Travian at that point.

    imagine, 2000 goats grazing the pastures.

    I am doing a good account without techs, but, if i just had like 2 techs helping me out of the server (if i get down to it, i could make 30 multies and no one could distinguish whos who ) Put a note in profile, No Techs only Skills.. well no way top 10 would be hard in any avenue.

    Techs have never been a major trend on .com, we have never seen the use of techs as we saw this round. It happens once in a few servers but .com servers have usually frowned upon this.

    Its not because we can't do it, but we don't want to. However when there is such massive use of techs on a server the only choice is to get left behind or do the same. Thus one team can drag everyone into this race, given that its legal now we cant really say much.

    i would agree, only one server where i saw a lot of techs was SGR Vs Villians like 2 servers ago, a source of Multiple 1Mill + WWKs..

    But com has been a relatively quiet non tech server.. No thanks to Duat and IKEA to drag that in this server

    Wait a mean Duat is cheating? No no.They are pure skilled players 100%

    Now get ready to get flamed by tons of swedes (tonzofswedes,you got the joke ??:D)

    that is such a joke... im waiting to see what they came up with :D

    wait, you mean Thoth is lying in his profile ? who would have thought

    I Believe TEN dont cheat, or have players who cheat without anyone knowing about it .

    I Believe Goats dont cheat as a philosophy, but im biased and im part of the goats team.

    Idk what Dire is smoking, did he just say he cheats and hes okay with that ?

    heh, not sure why would you let Duat out of the equation .. Plss give them the same love as all other tech lords

    You mean this?

    loffe, as much as you hate a player , its no reason to bring mental health related things to a public forum, if a person is actually depressed, who will take the responsibility if something goes wrong ?

    theres a real person behind all of these forum IGNs, its a game dont stoop so low as to call out people on their RL issue. its all a game for imaginary internet points.

    Yeah, hammers above 1 mill were a record in olden days, now people run them like a tesla on an american road ( they are plenty ) Bat-o-mano please setup a tech school please, ill be your first student

    long wall of text

    I would agree with you to an extent here, Travian rn has decided that old guard retention is their plan to earn $, with so many handheld devices, Multying is just a word the oldies know. I mean we already did away with the Tech rule, this isnt doing much either. Just embrace it i guess.

    Even if you have no techs, no troops to raid, no gold... You should have had settlers moving for a few hours now. Obviously the guy with first oasis is an outlier but 2 players playing properly is always better than 1 player and 1 tech... Unless of course the 1 player with the tech is a much better player.

    Ever thought that maybe you're just bad?

    I Call BS, i followed some Sim guide that told me to build stuff and my settlers are still not up. What kind of alchemy is that?

    Maybe im just bad, But Maybe youre just lying :S , People can do that you know

    Maybe im also salty i dont have enough freinds..

    EDIT 1 : forgot to comment on the post. well actually earlier we did use to have a few techs, like some top accts had some.. But the amount of players running techs now is insane. I mean lets cut the Pretense, 50/100 are multies of someone of the other

    I mean the gap will close up soon hopefully but a good start is a good start.

    Dont codone techs, But i do understand people who want to have a good start running them, No one is Wrong when everyone is wrong