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    Hey SERIOUSLY GUYS, need help , someone send me some resos , im begging all day , need to settle V2 , ask all your techs that are deleting to help, ill bless them for the humanity shown , ive been begging in the goats chat too and nobody helped.

    Also, someone, can you guys come and help goats with techs, im sure we dont know how to use em. Cuz we dont have many v2 yet

    yeah well i dont know who im teching for, but im sure im teching for someone. So

    dont count me

    itll probably take me 10 days to settle #2 but then batman will brag settling v2 at 7 days without teching (lol )

    Also Batman, why so sore, when did we stuff a pole up your rear end to be so salty ? anyway, keep the salt coming .. :D

    OKAY, honestly, i was really hoping we will have 300 players like batman quoted. .. but damn boi we are understaffed

    goats is hiring , need moar meatsheilds.

    EDIT: Also cwl disbanded in 2015 , i was really hoping we could get the crew together , like atleast 70% of the crew but no good so far, the good news is, we have so many people who we had newly founded friendships ,we still managed to get 60 accts ( could be more, its a heartfelt edit, we can be 300 rn im not sure ) Now, if the majority of people have never played cwl, and have played with goats ( goats used to have a different leadership team, now brezzok has take over it as a dictator ) no point of calling it cwl

    I guess TEN in in for a ride for most hated, just wait till we start seeing the number of techs vices run :D and then justifying them a top tier play.

    (( PS : I played 2019 finals, it was impossible to play without a tech, not saying its good or bad, its not for me though, and i hate it ))

    Com6 2009, Was when Wild Was created..

    i AM NOT OLD !

    I heard CWL like their servers without competition...

    So I'm not sure Com2 is the right server for you guys to spawn in. It might not be a server where you can take literally all artefacts/WWs and force players out of top 50.


    we dont mind losing. kick our arses senpai , we are into BDSM

    Every message you write proves more and more that you don't understand anything about this game. Maybe that's why it's better to run away and make war with animals. A tip I can give you is to change the game bro, this is not for you :osd:

    Lol Carbon has achived much more than just trolling in the forums, Please stop giving him tips and learn to play the game yourself.

    Your Self Felching sounds like a child tantrum than a grown mans talk.

    Staph little one.

    This is like a boring park the bus soccer game, Defend all server and Draw the game.

    How many attacks did Uollas send out ? One whole server ?

    Also not sure what they were supposed to use there armies on? I mean its not like im gonna take my army to the next server.. and if you army does not have seige, you do need to crash them right ?

    Am waiting patiently to see a fake from italians, Dacia T sent us more attacks in 10 days than the italians sent fakes whole server.

    When did you start playing travian? yesterday ?

    Has your army ever returned home?

    Its a Shame for The Great Greeks/Arabs/Italians that they allowed a defense account to be able to Make multiple offensive armies. Yes my offensive army has returned home, Just ask Valar, Mazza, ICE, Zuccotti and so many other arab multies.

    See you in the finals, Will be fun killing your scouts!

    PS: Valar Morgulis has 125k scouts, i wonder who will kill them !!

    PS: Horus and Crazycat are excluded. I just like them :D