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    fnx , There are so many reports that we cant post them here, hell 90 percent dont even go in as MMs..

    There is only one major WWK left against US, that is a Guy Called TTK, whos unallied and whom we didnt care about much.

    Other than that, BAD Hammers are all dead, NTO barely has nothing, N.E.O are stupid noobs who killed their armies on each other.

    There are small armies in ANIMALS , who we have not touched solely because they seem to annoy the living soul out of other Northern alliances.

    Theres no stopping goats, the race now is to see if we let meteo launch his WWK :P or clear the WW before he arrives

    @Guys like Roman, Balanar, Vivi, RALI ,Teddy etc, Goats will be playing some server next time around.. We would love to have you with us.

    @ Hex, The white , you guys too

    @Badgaul, guess we will take you too

    @Valheru, LLENN - STOP PLAYING TRAVIAN, Your game is weak, your diplomacy is weaker..

    @Brezz , Please retire, im tired of sending my army every day to a target.


    Lol Dead simming server and challenge seem so funny together, i saw the server, investors, Wolf had their accounts in the center, any half assed OC would have probably cheifed it in a few goes...its funny how a dead server with nothing done will be remembered as the best ever server

    Shameful how the server has turned out into

    Props to individual accounts pulling though, well done a decent end to a boring server.

    So all these defensive posts from VILLIANS means that they have conceded ? where are all those huge pompous egos that would say VILLIANS are the best, i guess they changed to villians are the underdog. anticlimatic ad funny :D

    Nice message and I get your point, but the fact that battle would be a bit more intense is not 100% bad thing, still (Note: that's my personal opinion of an experienced player and a def-coordinator). New values probably would require some new tactics, more close cluster settling especially for Roman defenders (Gauls and Teutons will have less issues since their units are way faster than Roman praetoreans) and probably a bit more focus on cavalry defence, but still this is all a case of adjustments.

    I Am really wondering if you have played a normal Server after becoming a TG staff ? Have you really been a DC before ? I am an exclusive Roman Anvil

    The current server i play, i hold 200k preats, and 50k legos, exclusively for defense. on day 170

    You WANT me to focus on cavalry defense ? Who exactly is going to feed my cavalry defense ?

    I am also supposed to settle next to every top raider and meatsheild in the server, guess i need to do more large parties ?

    This is a OP Buff for Attackers, please consider the anvils before making a game breaking buff like this, i doubt any of the noise i make will go back to TG , But your assumption is really stupid and sounds nothing like an experienced player..

    Also, the reason i have so many preats is because my preats already rarely reach any deff calls (Im in 50|50 of my quad, the meathsields are at 0|0 area , guess how much time i take, yeah a LOT), thanks for nerfing it even more

    I guess TG does not want the 30k gold i burn each server ?

    There is a clause in travian T&C that says, the account must be played for its own benefit (Which keeps appearing and disappearing conveniently) if i were a MH, guess what would happen to massive Garages and personal farms.

    Yeah id ban them without a heartbeat.

    a 1.149 MN WWK? yeah hold frekken wowzies.. Not matter the planning that went it. its fair play these lads managed that

    also those are some Tourney level Ram Numbers , well done


    Without showing all the reports as there are literally hundreds of them, at least the following BAD players have had their capitals successfully attacked by GOATS in the past 10 days:

    Mishanja Bostonpancake0 Tojara
    Svalbard Ktun Ishinol
    Megaediot Vaderence Big 2
    QTB Dartini RuFibi
    Thor MikeBike Rali
    Neo HelloImRoman Zam

    That’s right, 19 capitals hit, many of them destroyed almost completely, by Goats hammers. Most of these players are (were?) large and many are in BAD's leadership.

    As a result, in October alone, 17 accounts of BAD have been deleted mostly as a result of these attacks or chiefings of BAD villages, including Mishanja, BAD's largest player. Some of these deletions were in BAD leadership, such as Svalbard. How many more will delete before the month is over?

    Thanks to the following players (at least) who sent their hammers in the last 10 days to hit BAD capitals.

    king_defense NoMercy Salam
    Uragon izu Boh
    Brezzok Rain Meteo
    Company The Force VincentVanGoat
    BGTeam Big Bros golem16
    DJ and a Song dionysos Hear No Evil
    FuzzyWuzzy PandaKing

    20 GOATS hammers. Many of them hit BAD almost daily. I am sure there were more, but all of these players all sent me reports

    Lol our leaders even dont bother sending us reports

    Defensive :

    First the dead BAD hammers:

    You know how often we have swarmed an account, destroying the capital and a bunch of feeders and causing the account to delete? We have done it with Fortnite, DC and BAD.

    BAD tried to do it to Mufasa. And here are the results:


    That’s right, seven dead hammers. We defended like Mufasa’s capital was our WW village, and the BAD lemmings rolled right in.

    A couple of BAD hammers decided to go it on their own.

    Teddy decided to attack NoMercy early….splish splat!!

    Krav Maga attacks Morituri Te Salutant

    That was a pretty nice hammer but NoMercy!!!

    And Luvaboy came late to Meteo….splat again!!

    01 | Widow Maker attacks 001 | Legolas

    Some hammers did get through, and some players needed help rebuilding. Being GOATS, help was provided. But we didn't need rebuilding like BAD needs rebuilding – which will be the focus of PART 2!!!