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    respect from the goats community. Some of us knew mike very well. This is a tragedy for us.

    The Goats have decided to bestow a wonder in his name aswell.

    R.I.P Mike, we miss your energy. But we hope the new place is more fun for you.

    NoMercy was mad.. He was Bleeting hysterically..He did not like it that Amk went ahead to raid the deserted island all by himself and no one asked him..

    He started murmuring to himself.. "Ill find my own island, ill come back with greener grass.. i dont like being second, second is for losers"

    "Dont worry about me,ill come back safe and with a lot of fodder, that i will" he said and jumped off the plank on his own accord..

    hours passed with no news.. Everyone started pacing to and fro.. everone was worried.

    "I Can see him in the glass, over the horizon.. hes there with a shipfull of supplies" Ravi shouted from the observerboard.

    Right he was... NoMercy had returned and what a heroes welcome was it.. he had raided Polis and come back with the whole load.…WTsIeEhwQoAIAAB5xqmkoAww8

    Lots of random stuff, -300 pop in cap

    The South East was very dry now, there was nothing to eat..

    The Grand old Goat, Brezzok was experienced in this kind of nature a server generally took.. He knew where to search for food next.

    He Rallied all his goats in a circle, he explained them.. we have no food in the South Anymore... we need to move

    It was time or pep talk.. He gave A Long speech in Brezzokish which none of the other goats except the Sea Gypsy understood.. But all nodded in unison.. they always knew that whenever brezzok gave a long senseless speech.. there was a lot of food next..

    The Logistics problem was next .. Brezz was scratching his head as to how to transport his 10000 goat strong contingent across the Deep Seas to the north.. He was scratching his head for quite a long time because one could see the bald patch forming in his head...

    Baaaaah.. Said one goat from the crowd.. Everyone glared at the goat..

    It was the Meek yet creative Sandra.. she had come up with a courageous proposition..

    She suggested "Let's create the first Travian navy. We are not going around anymore, we are going through."

    Its said that genius is born in the moment of need.. This was brilliant.. this was genius.. The GOATs will form the very first Travian NAVY (YAY)

    a MM Draft was prepared... Letters were sent out !!!

    We need volunteers. Only the most daring will be taken.
    If you would like to make history,
    If you would like to have more fun than anyone else on this server. Then I urge you to volunteer and join the Goat Navy.
    With our new navy we will be crossing those moats and climbing those castle walls in no time.

    Numbers of goats lined up in the enlistment tents.. there were huge numbers and lot of enthusiasm..

    The NAVY was formed.

    The Goat Set Sail to North... To the Lands of N.E.O and N.T.O

    Keep following the thread to read the exploits of the Elite Goat Navy.

    So it started... The goats set sail... On the way they see and island.. Its a Dead Base sire.. Amk casually blurted... But the Captain was not having enough of it.. Go Raid it, it might have some grass that we could feed our children too..

    Amk set sail on his small Dinghy.. once he landed.. he was surprised... There was indeed food for the goats... the captain is never wrong he exclaimed..

    He Tried to gather all the grass he could.. but while he was onto the last field of grass.. he saw an old man, a hermit stranded on the island for 200 years shooing him away.. he made off with all he could.. but some he could not…D4RWWGTJVroTNdYT1FVEEKOgD

    + 6 More crops, Last wave was Sniped.. Good Job Dead base :)

    @Jer : Thats the most self aware reply ive seen mate :P

    @Claud : Hope all is well? Happy holidays.

    Todays updates, A Boonie Player in SW with an okeyish army, got his cap poofed. (GORK)

    Achillies (B A D) Cap poofed.

    Caliope777 cap irreparibly damaged

    Brezz killed 18000 clubs on a farm( such a noob)

    Edit : Forgot the lone hero from Captain Jack, lost 2 caps in 2 days.. *feelsbadman*

    Didnt wanted to scroll more than 100 lines of chat. Too many reports.

    fnx , There are so many reports that we cant post them here, hell 90 percent dont even go in as MMs..

    There is only one major WWK left against US, that is a Guy Called TTK, whos unallied and whom we didnt care about much.

    Other than that, BAD Hammers are all dead, NTO barely has nothing, N.E.O are stupid noobs who killed their armies on each other.

    There are small armies in ANIMALS , who we have not touched solely because they seem to annoy the living soul out of other Northern alliances.

    Theres no stopping goats, the race now is to see if we let meteo launch his WWK :P or clear the WW before he arrives

    @Guys like Roman, Balanar, Vivi, RALI ,Teddy etc, Goats will be playing some server next time around.. We would love to have you with us.

    @ Hex, The white , you guys too

    @Badgaul, guess we will take you too

    @Valheru, LLENN - STOP PLAYING TRAVIAN, Your game is weak, your diplomacy is weaker..

    @Brezz , Please retire, im tired of sending my army every day to a target.


    Lol Dead simming server and challenge seem so funny together, i saw the server, investors, Wolf had their accounts in the center, any half assed OC would have probably cheifed it in a few goes...its funny how a dead server with nothing done will be remembered as the best ever server

    Shameful how the server has turned out into

    Props to individual accounts pulling though, well done a decent end to a boring server.

    So all these defensive posts from VILLIANS means that they have conceded ? where are all those huge pompous egos that would say VILLIANS are the best, i guess they changed to villians are the underdog. anticlimatic ad funny :D

    Nice message and I get your point, but the fact that battle would be a bit more intense is not 100% bad thing, still (Note: that's my personal opinion of an experienced player and a def-coordinator). New values probably would require some new tactics, more close cluster settling especially for Roman defenders (Gauls and Teutons will have less issues since their units are way faster than Roman praetoreans) and probably a bit more focus on cavalry defence, but still this is all a case of adjustments.

    I Am really wondering if you have played a normal Server after becoming a TG staff ? Have you really been a DC before ? I am an exclusive Roman Anvil

    The current server i play, i hold 200k preats, and 50k legos, exclusively for defense. on day 170

    You WANT me to focus on cavalry defense ? Who exactly is going to feed my cavalry defense ?

    I am also supposed to settle next to every top raider and meatsheild in the server, guess i need to do more large parties ?

    This is a OP Buff for Attackers, please consider the anvils before making a game breaking buff like this, i doubt any of the noise i make will go back to TG , But your assumption is really stupid and sounds nothing like an experienced player..

    Also, the reason i have so many preats is because my preats already rarely reach any deff calls (Im in 50|50 of my quad, the meathsields are at 0|0 area , guess how much time i take, yeah a LOT), thanks for nerfing it even more

    I guess TG does not want the 30k gold i burn each server ?

    There is a clause in travian T&C that says, the account must be played for its own benefit (Which keeps appearing and disappearing conveniently) if i were a MH, guess what would happen to massive Garages and personal farms.

    Yeah id ban them without a heartbeat.

    a 1.149 MN WWK? yeah hold frekken wowzies.. Not matter the planning that went it. its fair play these lads managed that

    also those are some Tourney level Ram Numbers , well done