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    Without showing all the reports as there are literally hundreds of them, at least the following BAD players have had their capitals successfully attacked by GOATS in the past 10 days:

    Mishanja Bostonpancake0 Tojara
    Svalbard Ktun Ishinol
    Megaediot Vaderence Big 2
    QTB Dartini RuFibi
    Thor MikeBike Rali
    Neo HelloImRoman Zam

    That’s right, 19 capitals hit, many of them destroyed almost completely, by Goats hammers. Most of these players are (were?) large and many are in BAD's leadership.

    As a result, in October alone, 17 accounts of BAD have been deleted mostly as a result of these attacks or chiefings of BAD villages, including Mishanja, BAD's largest player. Some of these deletions were in BAD leadership, such as Svalbard. How many more will delete before the month is over?

    Thanks to the following players (at least) who sent their hammers in the last 10 days to hit BAD capitals.

    king_defense NoMercy Salam
    Uragon izu Boh
    Brezzok Rain Meteo
    Company The Force VincentVanGoat
    BGTeam Big Bros golem16
    DJ and a Song dionysos Hear No Evil
    FuzzyWuzzy PandaKing

    20 GOATS hammers. Many of them hit BAD almost daily. I am sure there were more, but all of these players all sent me reports

    Lol our leaders even dont bother sending us reports

    Defensive :

    First the dead BAD hammers:

    You know how often we have swarmed an account, destroying the capital and a bunch of feeders and causing the account to delete? We have done it with Fortnite, DC and BAD.

    BAD tried to do it to Mufasa. And here are the results:


    That’s right, seven dead hammers. We defended like Mufasa’s capital was our WW village, and the BAD lemmings rolled right in.

    A couple of BAD hammers decided to go it on their own.

    Teddy decided to attack NoMercy early….splish splat!!

    Krav Maga attacks Morituri Te Salutant

    That was a pretty nice hammer but NoMercy!!!

    And Luvaboy came late to Meteo….splat again!!

    01 | Widow Maker attacks 001 | Legolas

    Some hammers did get through, and some players needed help rebuilding. Being GOATS, help was provided. But we didn't need rebuilding like BAD needs rebuilding – which will be the focus of PART 2!!!

    Well the Spawns were weird, its as if the Server knew goats were grazing the center so they spawned artifacts away from their reach

    NW Gets
    Unique Architects
    Unique Fools
    SW Gets
    Unique Eagles
    SE Gets
    Unique Trainers
    Unique Confusion
    NE Gets
    Unique Boots
    Unique Diet

    I Guess No one loves goats :D

    with the artifacts spawns this bad, the hopes of Goats holding many artifacts is not that big, lets see if they can dazzle us.

    BAD seems to be happy with the spawns and why shoudnt they :)

    Well Well, we have a surprise Lead By Fortnite
    Job well done Fortnite . Unique Boots, a definite advantage ingame

    So with 4 days to artifact drop

    Lets get the ball Rolling ,

    Who do you guys think is the best placed alliance to grab the useful uniques and endgame artifacts

    This Looks like a Race between Goats and BAD for now. Fortnite looks like its chilling at the middle of the leaderboard

    Who do you think will impress ,who will not , who will be the dark horses ?

    Going with the Alliance Rankings

    Top 10 Is Dominated with Fortnite, BAD and Goat Z


    ALLY MAP : GetterMap 2.1 - - Getter-Tools

    With 227 Players from 5 Wing , Fortnite has the Numbers for sure.. But last few weeks havent been that good for them

    Been feeling the Brunt of GOAT Z , and then BAD probably double teaming up against them (As they should)

    I think they might do well in NW , but other quads they are just going to paint targets on their back if they do steal any of them artifacts


    ALLY MAP : GetterMap 2.1 - - Getter-Tools

    Taking in stragglers of Fortnite in a quad, BAD looks like a reckoning force,

    148 Members spread in 4 wings, they do have a rich assortment of quality and organization.

    They have been on the offensive against fortnite for 2 weeks, and this seems like it will pay off well in the end.. These guys have SE pretty much locked down and Have a decent presence in NE where they have been doing great ops against fortnite

    Safe to say with SE and Almost most of NE artifacts look inside their kitty.. and they look very well poised for a mid game face off against GOATZ once fortnite folds.


    Map : GetterMap 2.1 - - Getter-Tools

    59 Members making one top alliance , having a small training wing with 13 members thats not in top 10 and backing a rebel alliance of 6 members ? wut brezz really ? These guys have SW almost locked down , however there still is to be a major war in there as DC seems to be still simming off pop and defense troops

    I am not sure what they have in mind after artifacts, but a huge presence in Grey Ensures that they will be gunning for all Major Uniques ..

    If i was an enemy leader, id be sure to target the big off accounts in grey in time of artifacts with smaller army in hope to get lucky..

    Verdict: SW arties with some additions from NE and NW artifacts


    if someone is curious of natar defense and if their army can clear it , adding a reference from COM2 natar numbers , i think the defense should be a little smaller here , but who knows :)




    Good luck to ALLLL..

    Keep GRazing ;)