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    I like ur analyses although If I may I want to add/correct some content;

    It wasn't Warsong alone that broke up NE border, but Warsong along with DT that did a wonderful job, dunno why everyone keep depreciating DT work.

    Another thing is RU, for sure in my opinion they are the favorites to win, and we all know they have a bunch of WWK's but will they have the necessary deff to win? That's what we should look for.

    About Uollas meta, after all the events I can only congratulate them for all the Walls they have made, they really surprised me and had lots of success in that, but, "ONLY", in that matter.

    I kept reading Finals|Qualy bragging about how good uollas were in offensive OPs but unfortunately I couldn't see that, atleast in this round (is my first though), that was what disapointed me the most because I was looking forward to see what their tacticians could do. Maybe because they had to fight 2 borders they could only manage to play deffensive (my own opinion).

    Also a word for some boys on border from Uollas meta, that even though they lost it pretty hard, they still have the spirit to keep playing and helping his team. Respect.

    Looking forward to see this Endgame, good luck everyone and that Baronas boy put that juicy WW to 100 :love:

    Just a small off-topic here: Are you.. somehow.. colorblind? I have been seen you use that hashtag for a long time to hit him up, but... his shirt was Pink :S

    a person like you certainly doesn't know :)you ask Carbon , where are his latest attackers :)

    What do you mean by a person like me?

    Why would I ask carbon about that? If anything I would ask you since you are the one talking about it.

    I am just saying that if you know anything and want to add some content feel free to do so! Otherwise you are just annoyingly spamming.

    Tl;Dr: they tried to sabbotage some of yours accounts so you did the same to them right?

    maybe our ww will have only 10kk deff this year

    Not bad, could be worse, you shouldnt feel bad about it ?(.

    Don't travian and porn :D

    You know that someone is addicted to travian when they search for bears on pornsites.

    Are you really sure you started the fakes from day 100? I mean really sure?

    Anyways, I was expecting ITA meta to take that WW but not with such small hammers.

    Why not show the deff on Medellin? Everyone knows the deff he had there and what was left xD.

    The OP on Medellin was a DT OP, I went to cry on Canis Lupus that I wanted to crash that hammer so he arranged that.. Lucky for me I got rid of that hammer, unlucky for the team we failed on last operation.

    Our job is done, we successfully put you really back inside ur sector and controlled the zone.

    Now it's time for others to shine, show me the WWK's u have prepared :D.

    Back to back you aren't making any move either..

    Same words can be applied to you, move on after your deffense, you haven't won the finals with that.

    Cute how you wanna try to get their deff for your WW =O8o

    Need to make an overview again and see how the map is looking with all friends of exodus :saint:

    Russians is cleaning south-west pretty well 8)

    Only SPQR were able to hold against russians :thumbup:

    I don't want anything man xD. All I want is to have fun and try to OutPlay some of the best players, and of course, if I can, win (everyone wants to win xD).

    I just said that because you usually write well (your english is good) but those 2 sentences, that typing doesn't even makes sense..

    Don't take everything personal mate :D