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    I think I grabbed all reports about that :) why you are interested about that btw? :)

    He and his pd got banned cos of suspect multi, but I heard they explained with eamils and some other prooves about not multing, then they got unbanned.

    its very serious when someone loses something precious like that XD . looks like the guy already had multiple multis in multi dimension so probably his real thing might still be not lost . i pray for him with utmost sincerity .

    i can understand why biggus lost something precious to him after the ban but also heard his pd was banned too . interesting all in SGR now , wow . heard TEN gave them a little spanking a while ago . any reports ? Mist4

    Ah yes, the best players in the world, whose primary hammer had literally no effect on the outcome of the server, who got his secondary hammer chiefed at hardly any cost, and who had 20 tech accounts banned at the start of the game and a whole alliance to serve him. Yes, indeed, you are very skilled.

    +1600 gold for UT and 1600 for NAP , full farmlist goes out within 1 min in every 5-6 mins without stop . all for that signature screenshot , definitely worth it . better than doing photoshop . atleast people can talk now that someone is good enough to use bots along with buying arties and naps with gold and getting a billion raid in week . must get such pro in team to win . 10/10 recommended .

    its pointless to fight you . most of us really dont even care except sgr cause why not . they got a reason try cry for after so long time to hide their cheaters and bring spiking at forefront of discussion . other than that , you would not even get a chance even quarter of the replies you are getting right now . so just get a room with sgr now and be happy , i know you are a loner and sgr needs you most at this time . lets all be happy and yeah no of the others do actually care .

    eatie you great nincompoop, I never said the comment came from you specifically, that said I'm sure you'll agree it was carried on much more then fnx's passing comment.

    agreeing to a sarcasm ... hmm i admit my great sin oh yes that makes together with vice now . dang so deep . i never thought you think so deep .

    and botting doesnt .

    Still, no where near as dumb as accusing me of being fnx ;)

    if you cant get sarcasm than my bad sorry to find the wrong guy , oh wait it was not me who made the sarcastic remark though . bats are bird right ? oh no they are not . sad , then why does botman has birdbrain syndrome .

    Ironically you do sound a lot like those hypocrites in vices that play the same way, the motto there ofc is to say things one way whilst doing the complete opposite.

    more like SGR to be honest .

    Who said that was a lie? It wasn't. You might not know it, but you got sneaky members on your side. Both those facts were true - but back then there was 2 possibility, now I've narrowed it down to Eatie's team doing dirty job for Villains.

    this guy so unbelievable . i dont get where he goes to collect his info or he is trying to steer away his own team mates crimes onto others shoulder again just like in the past .

    they get deleted, 10% of those become natars. And those natars are amazing villages to chief post arties. All have lvl 9 fields.

    sgr must be having parties than . not just bots but some other members also got banned . you can chief their villas now once they turn to natars . and again free techs near HB , few got banned these time but not all . this server is very interesting . reaching new heights each and every day if not week .

    Farming more on sunday than the other 6 days of the week combined to obtain 1st place. Rest my case again...

    aint even trying to be on top 10 for now , after those 400k res / hr raiding speed . anyway the damage is done and he is probably no1 in production . who cares now , life is easy .