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    Frozen Angel LSD was full of bot accs mainly support feeder of 6-7 key players in the whole LSD MAD meta . in 60 village 3x cluster 80% of the villages had nothing on them other than resources which we scouted almost every 2nd day . no scout no def just resources , and only they would sim the 2 newest villas and capitals keeping rest of their villages inactive for the rest of the servers once new village pops up and res upgrade is complete . this cannot be done through guide alone as someone will need to make a different choice and at least upgrade a single pop in those 30-40 support accs but sadly not a single acc there likes to upgrade a single thing in those support villas where they are done upgrading . such military discipline to only upgrade 2 newest villas and cap/hammer villa without making a single scout or def is quite wonderful experience in x5 speed server .

    HB farmed more last sunday, then the past 5 days... its clear as glas. Plz stop the attention given to these attention seekers.

    These players, and the alliances there in. Are destroying this lovely game.

    his new farms are going online today and tomorrow . so please correct your statement where u said last sunday to make it more relevant as it will be again done on this sunday . . HB top raider again this week , calling it here and now .

    unfortunately as BT leader said some people are heroes of that 5x speed servers and they are same kind of botters and some were handed 2nd ban on the server . guess we are complaining against the same people , i mean the MAD and LSD guys . good luck winning one arti buyer and botter with the help of whole bunch of them and now complaining against the same people makes more sense . if you people really want to get this game going better not repeat the mistakes again and make these people heroes who actually really won you that server and now are doing it more openly cause why not they are the heroes and you people who supported the BT and MAD alliance at com 5x did it for them .

    aaah , fresh batch of tech has landed and this time it is growing everyday , almost 150+ on NE quad and their numbers seems to be growing as they have already increased the spawning radius by 6 unit distance already in the ring in NE followed by 3 unit radius in NW , 2 in SW and last on the list SE with barely 1 unit . ( observation results are from last 24hrs for 27th march)

    Mads aren't cheating though

    LoL , from their mega clusters to growth of their support villages or their timed attack to spam farming with same min:sec difference each wave . dont want to comment more on MAD and LSD after nys com5x . these guys are sure humans .

    you have now successfully moved on to new topic it seems just like how HB has moved on and out from top 10 raider list after all those tech bans . need more proof ? rather wasting time on writing stories , you can or should help HB get a proper farm list with legit farms and not just all his tech farms .

    ironically my words exactly .

    MH's job was not in question but TG's policy is and if still MH can go ahead and do the things than it is bravado of their brave souls but still the players who got benefits from these accounts are playing the game like nothing happened and that is where the question comes about TG's policy which we demand to be more stricter .

    and yes you are bot just admit it already . LUL Kappa

    i never had or will have credibility for SGR people so you can stop talking about credibility of mine while you are supporting cheaters as a horde by the tag that says "SGR" ( the knights who fights injustice and cheaters clad in the most shiny armor in the history of travian ) . seems you better not waste your time speaking again about credibility anytime soon mr bot man .

    ironically one of my friend said something to me recently and i quote " this batman is the best joker i have seen till date " - this is stupid 2k19 . so better choose your characters well , mr bot man . trying to be batman and a joker on same post is not working too well for you .…screen=1&x=52&y=70&zoom=2

    Faith in MH restored . That graveyard though <3 . Wondered where did the wonder boy farming now after getting 1.1m over a night , its already 18hrs+ in the new week . Considering that speed , where is the 1.7million resources raid , mr wonder and his fans ?

    Bat Man , or should i call u bot man from now on ? if other people were cheating with techs rather SGR , than it could have saved my time writing about tech accounts and all cause at that time you and your buds would have made more noise than the rest . The more you want to protect the cheaters within SGR the more jokes you are making about SGR and not your enemies . Thanks for helping me in one way or the other .

    cant make one understand how tech farm works and how can one host multiple device on cloud servers or other methods to operate multiple accs to sell/buy ingame resources , troops and silvers with real money . how genius does one needs to be to understand how much can one raid with legit method using teut at this stage . why do you think people like these exist every 2nd or 3rd server and never gets banned ? cause of simple thing unless u show them proof of their real money transaction to the guy and their ip address which matches the bot's device ip , they will never get banned as per rules and which will never happen in travian . then who gets to fix it ? its the community's own liability and people like them along with their supporters need to be purged along with their defenders to keep this game alive before many others who are competitive enough start dropping this game or starts cheating same way to keep the balance cause heck travian cant do anything against cheaters at this moment or else there wont 400+ bot account which would have banned weeks ago .

    u do not need to point out how genius u are when u cant see the problem when a guy can raid 1.1 million in merely 8-10 hrs when the highest raid amount is close to 4.4 million for the week . standing ovation for all the supporters of HB who are asking for more proof .

    total raid in a week 4.4million but only last night one can raid 1.1 million out of thin air and jump from number 6 position to number 1 . cause hell yeah he is 3-4 times more than the 2-5 top armies on the server . oh still that doesnt sound right ? how does teut farm so fast ? that too on 1x server and not to mention someone has no idea how tech accounts are run and hired for money . they could nt even delete all tech accounts and mostly 60% of them remained in tournament finals and again dont mention it for normal servers . unless you take strong measures of regulating or finding better solution for login users and log them out on timely intervals this tech accounts will run rampant without fail and no MH can go against rules and make his own to ban these accounts who does behave human like other than most of them follow repeated actions .

    there is no need to require proof after how much he raided last night alone which is impossible for a gaul at this stage with 3k TT alone unless he finds stack after stack of resources . still trying to defend honeybadger with such lousy excuse is rather pathetic .

    Eatie we both know your not part of a joke you are the vices Joker. And it's villains like you that gave rise to Batman!

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    first , someone suggests to complain to MH for tech accounts which was already done and there will be no remedy since they cant even clean all the obvious tech accs in the finals and now you people show us this . guess SGR is fighting themselves this round . gl hf

    Did you report that player you thought was cheating from vices yet, awesome21?

    should i say again misguided or misguiding statement from the masters of propaganda .

    come on stop taking part of a joke and making it a real statement for your own benefits .

    show me a single thing like that map full of tech accs or anything that suggests awesome21 is cheating or so or where is his private farm . i will report immediately .