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    How did you check ALL 480 member?

    VICE has 258 members as officially, Lowlands has 127 members as officially.

    then 258+127 = 385

    You should learn more math as calculating.

    excluding all the SGR spies and including TEN . the whole server except those with SGR are VICE's multi , hope you already know it .

    lol nice going with grey zone , FOX vs SGR , SGR NE drama and what not . SGR has showed us how to play travian once again . nice breaking down small alliances like Tehran and nice encouragements to smaller alliance who cant even settle properly without instruction nor can get officially accepted . heard many from Rangers and K are quitting cause of this drama and confusion and no proper direction to who is ally and who is not which bounds a lot of restriction on players and their future development path . not to mention how both side of Tehran remnants UNITED and rebels SGR NE going at each other (they declared war on each other , wtf is happening ? like whoever wins joins SGR ? ) and also similar mutiny in Rangers and some other small alliance in the north who were promised to have some slot without any official acknowledgement are slowly withering down and many will leave the server for sure . thanks for making such great experience for the players spawned at NE , hope they find some good alliances to carry on next server .

    this server is really fun for the observers but not for many who are suffering thanks to seallucination . i guess we get to learn more about how to play travian from SGR . cant wait for such marvelous spectacle after some blinding raiding standards from the top SGR guys .

    few days ago SGR was calling out VICE/Villain leader for legitimizing garaging and now we are here . LUL

    Obi-Wan well can i ask you one thing or can you confirm one thing for me , please ,,,, that you have nothing to do with COUNCIL's president CEO acc or do have any knowledge regarding the ownership of the account ?

    1 month in forums, 2 weeks in com1 - and you already an expert of SGR's nature? i've already discussed this issue enough times. HB might not be playing fair, but so does a lot other players on the server. As long as a player does not cause harm to the alliance, I'll not boot them or tell them how to run their accounts. You guys could report him if you believe he's cheating. But unless, If all 4 sides in server guarantees to boot the cheaters on their sides - do not expect me to be the only one taking the high road of ethics here. And cheating includes techs/storage/multies and whoever that's not playing for his own benefit. And again a reminder, storing def is for your own benefit, storing off is for someone else's benefit. In the end we'll just lose 1 account and in return others will be throwing peanuts at our wonder.

    very acceptable excuse . start blaming enemies for cheating , does massive cheating and now when confronted , we will do so as long as our enemies does and yes our enemies does it worse and we are just protecting ourselves and our interests by doing so and in the future we will do it more since this cycle will never end and we are just adding more and more fuel to the cycle . best excuse ever made in 2k19 and true definition of hypocrites .

    Please never compare close2insane to honeybadgerz.

    Close2insane = 100 percent legit
    Honeybadgerz = 100 percent cheat through multies

    no proof lol . told here earlier about SGR's nature and how much they care to save self interest over fair play . let the cheaters cheat , if the mh dont care about such matter of cleaning multiple friendly farms nor should we can do much about just talking . so let us just compete with our integrity and hardwork .

    You realize that having multi-accounts or accounts that exist only for the benefit of other accounts are against the rules right? If you do know people, then why not report them to MH? Spiking though, on the other hand, has no clear rule which makes it more of an issue here.

    ppl using different devices with different network/vpn and bot services are harder to track down even when u report most of the time nothing happens .

    as silver farmers , i did not meant to say everyone in general who dont use gold and rather sell items but more of bots or multies who just make acc and do adventures and do high bidding to their main acc bids , mostly on highly valued items which goes mostly unnoticed . Red Balloon where i am , i meet 1 spiker to 5 silver farmers who just probably do adventures only and do nothing , not even simming 1-2 pop for a day or 2 .

    Hell if i have to say, this .com PTP server for me had low amount of action. I expected a much more hectic and dangerous adventure, it sadly turned out to be a very docile server. I had been a top raider, in top 10 and top attacker for most of the server, sadly i did not receive a single attack till the last month of the server.

    However the blame for this has to be placed on the opposition, they thought of Heathens as being too strong and waited to do something till we actually became so. There should be no comparison between the servers as the dynamics were different, Heathens is a complete team but we faced a team of quitters. The quitters were mostly afraid of starting a conflict, instead of clearing the backyard they indulged in crazy diplomacy.

    If you say that Heathens had an easier server, well we didnt have good competition as the quitters quit but we didnt have it easy. 50 active accounts had to take the brunt of the attacks from the Quitter meta, we defended and remade of our def. Hell i smashed my hammer twice and got 400k kills then i made def and got 240k def points. If after this you say Heathens didnt work hard then please do tell what hard work is. The OPPOSITION WAS SO HORRENDOUS AT TIMES THAT IT MIGHT LOOK EASY. Playing 60 v 200 is not an easy job.

    the only way we could have turned around was change all the leaders of TVV , TK ,FU2 and JC/Elite itself ? wonder how could anyone make that happen .

    we agreed for diplomacy for different reasons and mostly as to have fun at the end cause we knew we cant win it at the rate when everyone else is still trying to go for more regions for their alliance rather pushing one and had no idea how to manage or grow while relocating region to region or others who dont want to move out or merge players to safeguard own benefits . yet still all they did at the end of the day was to create more problems that we can manage as we had only 2 ppl and a half to work on the piling up problems and no one wanted to listen or cooperate other than demand their priorities first .

    no one wanted to fight heathens cause we thought heathens were big ? kinda yes . i can understand why JC/Elite would like to fight heathens when heathens had regions with 90% control over half of its regions and JC had to fight 3 regions with TVV , 2 more with TK and had conflict with 2 more with FU2 .

    so much talk like our hands were so free when we had well over lead over heathens at one point on not just VP but also over defense points thanks to some TK,WK and mostly 17 hammers of TVV who crashed and killed a lot of our defenses .

    what we had was decent enough to take on 2 alliances tk or tvv but fighting both on 2 fronts was way to taxing for us leaders with no def coordinator to work with and being run by the same top 2 raiders the whole time which i dont know why we were doing at that time other than just playing on our own account .

    not to mention our confed situation , our off cordinator and leader at FU2 did nt had a lvl 20 treasury nor a 20k+ hammer at the end of 70+ day and 19k def was their 2nd best def acc in that alliance which was our only reliable ally till date and with all talks about how heathens were focused on fighting till the end , i wonder how much did it cost them to fight minios whose leaders just splatted straight with 2-3 hammers from multies and co leader before quiting or how much small alliances like legions and co. gave so much headache to heathens with almost half of the top accs on the server .

    most hilarious fact max guy from TK who was their top raider at one time crashed and killed almost all of legions top anvil and also lost the hammer in the action just the day after paulus agreed finally to cooperate and fight heathens . an alliance whose def calls were like " A,B,C,D... players are close player X and X is being attacked by Y . please send all of your troops to X's village " , you can imagine what we were dealing with and after i asked him why max attacked legion and lost his hammer instead of attacking any heathens player close it him all i received was pin drop silence for 2 days .

    well i am not the guy to go and bother people to do things right which is their own responsibility every single hr like i had for last 1 month in the server teaching and letting ppl know and do things and most of do it for them as sitter or by other means to defending attacks and making plans for settlements to watch over growth of every single alliances and make and change settlement plans almost in a daily order so every single new village stay at place where they were required . it can work wonders with veterans but with randoms and new players when every single day one messes up and other had to pay , it was a mess that we leader had to manage all the time rather letting them resolve as if they would make the right choice .

    with F.U being passive and TVV dead set on making us fall it was decided who would win the server with problem children sitting at the top of FU2, TK and JC/Elite included . Still heathens can only talk about Minios , Legions and co and us 3 who quit ? lol man you guys fought too hard and some of your players got croplocked at the borders and u probably 1 hammer villa to a random player that is all ? what did you do with the half of top 50 players and 9 outta top 10 players ? just dominate the small guys and dominate free regions over 90% control ?

    the time we fought TVV , we crashed 9 full hammers and 8 semi hammers with 100% splat rate not to mention we chiefed and destroyed a lot of TK and TVV villages daily even when players were sending chiefing attacks as raids and many confusion with time settings which cost us a lot of time and delay to regain focus and control which was unlike ur top players sending cata raids for fun cause ya it was too easy for u .

    wonder who actually forced anastithika delete by killing all her standing def , well it was still one of us and who killed all of ghostings standing at cap and destroyed the villa ? well it was again us and we did not fought heathens or heathens did not touch us cause all their leader Odin aka basher did was to send messages to all our neighboring alliances to take more regions from us with heathen's help and asked them to coordinate to attack as on same letter which was full of typos and he copy pasted that letter to all the other leaders of F.U , FU2 , TK and their favored child Jamrasta of TVV .

    so funny when you talk about achievements with such scenario . i always wondered why TK and TVV can go blindly force in behind our backs without any proper relay or support bases on the neighboring regions . no wonder they had always been in contact with you . so much that talk about heathens dont work with any other alliance , such a joke .

    well the server is pretty much well balanced at the moment . though how much quality and quantity can measure up to each other , only end game can tell the tale .

    as, For the power rankings till now , ( the following is my opinion only ) -

    1. VICE - no doubt .

    2. Lowlands - quality over quantity

    3. SGR - has many players and many stars hidden within .

    4. TEN - many early starters and raiders but growth is in question .

    i dont see much gap between powers for 2-4 .

    For arties and settlement choices , -

    1. VICE - very aggressively settling on the borders especially near the arti spawn areas on both borders of NW regions . considering their high count of premade members they most likely be looking for some extra sauce to keep members fed .

    2. SGR - also aggressive but their inquad settlement is more impressive then their presence on the borders of NE/NW . FOX is holding down well and dived a bit deep in TEN territory . in all aspects NE will give tough competition to grab those arties to its neighbor that is guaranteed .

    3&4 . TEN - aggressive yet they feel kinda lost around inquad settlement and around the NE/NW border . other than their raiders raiding well and keeping their name high thier operation is yet to kick start and mid game and arti fights are about to happen after they probably unify the quad under their reign first . so i am not expecting that their presence at NE/NW border will improve much till arties are out and will hold them down for a bit longer .

    Lowlands : they are more solidifying inquad settlement and are probably looking to clean up the messes and unify SW region first before going after other objectives . their lack of presence in gray area says a lot about how they prefer to not waste their power where they probably wont go or fight for . if they can solidify their standings and unify SW early on they can recover pretty fast and that settlement wont hold them down much more pretty soon and might end up being one the strongest point for focusing inquad settlements over fighting on the borders early on .

    Lowlands are probably the most mysterious powerhouse of the server coming straight from the ongoing TT server and probably looking for some action to fill their stomach with good food and fresh air after that bug infested finals . It would be great if someone from Lowlands can tell about their history and how they got together till now and also their take about the powers in the server and who might cause trouble for them on different stages ( like for arties and WW race ) of the game .

    Rumours are going wild in this forum!!

    right back at you mate

    must be a rumor then . someone saw some similar name on someone else's high profile dual lists . must be a trick or some sort of scam . my bad , mistook you for someone else . btw why are you so close with monkey magic in grey zone ? dont you feel threatened at all ?

    With all these ludicrous claims made by vices. I'm beginning to think vices are working passionately with every two bit alliance they can find, anything for a win right Eatie?

    Vices can't prove anything, all they can do is make dumbfounded claims and try to blame sgr for what there actually doing this server.

    2vyq2w.jpgvia Imgflip Meme Generator

    sigh! though the creativity is appealing but it just showcases how far and low SGR can fall to spread their propaganda .

    1. it is clear what anubis told early they they large premade group that has joined the server and even he doesnt know the exact number , no denial to zerging or not .

    2. i never claimed VICE is not zerging or watever .

    3. someone already stated that i am not with VICE ( "eatie is as much as VICE as honey badger is non cheater" makes sense ? ) , and let me affirm it here and now . hope it make things clear for you .

    4. you should emphasis more on the content before and do a bit of research for creating such quality content , else it wont have much value to add to the banter .

    5. unfounded claims are fun till its been founded by all and so by pulling threads you are only drawing closer to ditch that you created for VICE with your own propaganda ( which was unnecessary since your players are breaking more of the rules in the current server that you and your people talked about in this thread than what villains/VICE did in the past ) .

    6. i can foretell the future where you would still be ignorant and follow your route of spreading propaganda . so here i leave a gift for you , err it is more like a hint -

    what mystery could this area behold .

    I have my account, it is in SGR. Not playing means not taking active responsibility in the server. What about you?

    i am just another floating cloud gazing at the mortals below XD

    Ok, so if we have an official count of Villains by one of their members as: 244 members

    For SGR, C9 is not part of SGR - pretty sure it's obvious from their location on the map. Neither is Tehran - changing back the tags after not getting accepted by us is proof enough. I'm not sure bout SGR.SEAL (will have to check their members when i can be bothered so I won't deduct those numbers), that still leaves SGR with 329 - 130 = 199 members. So, Villains got at least half a century more accounts.

    That said, not all of the "K" members are ours either. But still count them in if it satisfies you. It's also one thing to associate members with SGR that holds the tag - and is totally another to say C9 or Tehran is also ours :rolleyes:

    still cant trust though but whatever cause it is almost close to reality . wish you all the best .