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    Unless you tell where you play, I suggest you to stay away from this thread out of courtesy. It is not welcomed to have a spammer who doesn't even play in the server.

    why are you here then ? you said you are not playing ? at least i am not spreading propaganda and i have more than enough proof to prove my statements .

    and yes i do agree SGR right now looks way behind even with the counts that u have put up with some random alliances . but committing to such large scale propaganda and lying about self will only bring harm to yourselves than your enemies . not to mention i feel many of your acc wont reach to maximum potential cause many are running multis and lying low which is same for the 3 returning metas of the server . with such large scale and numbers i feel the server will be another bummer with lot of cheating as u said ( garaging/multies ) , scripting , friendly farms ( which already happened and will happen more ) even so i hope all of you can maintain the quality of life for the players and their acc so they can carry on till the end especially for those average and new players .

    lastly , yes again i do play on the server and i play for the seals . ( jk for the last part ) you missed K , so add 16 to SGR which makes it 345 . SGR still ahead by 101 . You , VICEs' need to work hard on recruitment .

    at least VICE is open about their alliance TAG and numbers and not low balling and using lies to cover up wings and allies and asking them not to change names before arti fight . i am sorry as i am bad at counting but can any one make a count of players in all SGR's offical wings +C9 + K + Tehran + Rangers + COtm + well do not need to count more as there are still many more multies and garages they are using,cause why not.VICE started it first , so definitely not their fault . well players like honey badger looks like killing own friendly farms troops now since the use is now over and time to turn over new leaf .

    *edit forgot to add FOX

    many ptp servers opened today and yesterday which have this features and also many more ptp servers coming soon . may be try those servers . /s Kappa

    And yet you continue the same inane babble you have been spouting for a month now. We adressed your questions a million times in the NYS threads, I don't think anyone can be bothered to continue doing so. Also, that you keep calling SGR Seals and thinking that Seals and our rag tag alliance on NYS = SGR, shows that you have absolutely no clue about the server or the politics of it. Please, find something else to harp on about, at least there will be something new to read instead of the same regurgitated garbage.

    no answers to my previous questions on the server or bigus dickus or that blatant lie about K , tehran and rangers . do you want me to bring proof on every thing i have on your diplomacy and your allies ? i can wait few days or weeks or months before i dump them somewhere but if you like it right now , i wont be sad about sharing many key infos till they can show their SGR tag . but yet again its your game and i dont want to involve myself much into your lying game . keep playing but have some honesty within and play as competitor that you are and ideal one at that for many and please stop outright lying about such large scale diplomacy and allies .

    no wonder tonight you dont wanna hear anything other than your propaganda and i shall go home since i dont represent any of the 4 super powers . nice going . keep on rollin .


    @everyone LOL noobs

    he is villain right ? no seal has any connection to him right ? seals and lowland will zero this villain right ? to know the answer we need to read the top comment once more .

    dont need to tire your eyes by dragging them back to top , i will repeat here and now "@everyone LOL noobs" . looks like tehran has faced the same fate as K or SGR K , from tehran to SGR IR and back to tehran . c9 and FOX wont make that mistake of changing names though cause they are in experienced hands but any way nice diplomacy skills you shown this far . now can someone else count the numbers again SGR+FOX+C9+K+Tehran+Rangers(newest addition)+ many other small alliances(oh nvm just leave them alone for now ) .

    agree to what heathen has accomplished but you are wrong about others as there not many players outside heathens to go toe to toe with them and most were rather a hindrance to JC/ELITE than to Heathens .

    as the mods have already said so and i will be off bringing past server materials here . but i still need to know , will the seals support cheaters/cheats and later state that they dont care to check ? will the seals repeat same the same weapon of mass destruction ( forum propaganda ) to point finger at where the public opinion goes for their own benefits ? will they conceal their own cheaters until proven with solid proof ( learned from my past mistake , must take screenshot first on every small to big issues ) ? will they make cheaters heroes again ( cause why not VICE are definitely cheating , so who cares about our cheaters as long as they dont harm our alliance , cough cough ) ? will they claim again that VICE is growing powers in different quad ( oh we dont do that , Kappa ? no one saw one of our top recruiters multi in SW and Kappa he is in C9 along with some other multies ) ? will they claim again VICE is the TOP zerg ( oh hell yea , half of FOX and C9 are our players or multies shhhhh! no one knows it , let them settle in you whose region Kappa, aaah tehran is SGR IR now shhh no one knows it too . who cares VICE are the zerg we are just taking necessary steps ) . Will they claim their right to join hands with TEN again even if the 2 quads from West doesnt hold hands ( well we are always together as close as friends why not again ? all we need to do is throw mud at VICE and some to lowlanders and make it look like they are working together or we will just say it all together and make it a truth ) ?

    well to know the answers we all have to wait a bit long and if you are expecting a baby , well you can have the baby first and yes the baby needs to know the truth too to not get fooled by the seals .

    p.s. if some misinterpret my analogy which i used to imply that seals are manipulating people to believe that cheaters are way better and cheating is better option than legit players playing their game with hard work and implying such as " SGR calling TEN noob " than i gotta say you have some serious issues mate and you might actually believe in what u have said right there as there is no way to relate it such or nor do i believe that you invented the idea to put the blame on me as a friend of TEN . i do respect TEN and their players and they might have cut a deal with seals last server but they did not had much option either but what you are doing now and going to do next is not what you actually publicize . it is more what politician do , fight corruption with corruption ( OMEGALUL ) .

    on .com , 9 outta top 10 or you can check more that more than half of the top 50 are gathered in same place . from 2nd month and towards its end some alliance was farming more than the rest of the 9 alliances in top 10 leaderboards . their +pop or simming was equal to next top 3 alliances . well ... end of story . well that some alliance was so serious that they even send raids with 1.2k cata to some low tier player and most of their attacks consisted of 12-15 waves and those are not fakes but real attacks with catas . so damn serious server for them . congratz on the victory .

    You really are the last person to give any kind of advice to anyone about talking in public space or decency. I cringe every time I read your posts - you really are looking for any opportunity to show dislike for seals. It really comes across as pretentious buddy, stop this.

    oh give me a reason to not dislike liars , cheaters , zergers and people who act as they are doing grace to people playing the game by making large meta by hooks and crooks and protecting all the cheaters till last for the taste of victory and thus killing all competitive spirit of the game and promoting and teaching the rest to follow the same or else they lose . nice teaching and you have your first follower already , VICES . congratz on your great achievements . in all possibilities and probabilities i see VICE/VILLAINS as just your shadows who are copying every single move you do .

    you guys have made cheating and zerging so essential for victory that the only way left to compete vs you is to follow the same route as yours otherwise playing in a server with you will be just waste of time . thanks for accelerating the state of this game to such extent and hence you lot deserve a standing ovation from the whole community as you are heroes who pioneered such great play style worthy of respect .

    p.s. : nice psychology you have build up on the side . TEN looks weak as they dont come from TT server or cheat like the north , oh you really mean to be strong you gotta be cheating or else you are weak and cant make wwk properly . nice going guys ...

    i believe lowlands will be the first to go to war in this server . so either it will be TEN or VICES considering how aggressively they are settling on the borders and even in quad areas of SW . so i guess it will be before or after arti release lowlands will try to regain their quad dominance and fight for the arties . if lowlander decides to go after TEN it might end up being a 2v2 situation so i believe they will still choose to go after VICES and the server will be 1v1v1v1 and have some more meaning and fighting which i feel is the clear goal of the lowlanders .

    seals , no matter how you want to steer the air know that your fins are only good to steer your small bodies across small corner of the sea .

    TEN no matter what considering the zerg norths and high quality bandits of the lowlanders , they seem rather soft and probably will not go for quad war so the balance of the server still remains same and is still 1v1v1v1 right now unless some super dirty play happens . so stop polluting the clear waters with your dirty fins .

    seallucination is so high in this thread and will be higher in the coming months . Mad God chill and take some lemonade , Summer is coming . have some decency while talking in public space , this is not your private chat rooms . SGR is running a race to embrace the grace of TEN .

    summer is coming and some shade is required for poor seals . you all need some lemonades too along with Mad G , and dont worry i will serve you the lemonades when the time is right . XD

    where is my popcorn. The only thing I know right now is that people think we work with vices, SGR & Ten.. this will be the biggest coalition ever formed on .com1. Hopefully we can crush our enemies!

    i heard you are with the natars , you make them win easy .

    dude Shadow, there's one alliance so far in this server who's desperately tried to force another alliance into NAP/Confed through all sorts of lies and deceptions + threats - and that is Villains/Vices/Vinci or whatever you guys call yourselves these days. So if that didn't work out for you - stop blaming other alliances. It's you "Villains" who have tried confeds and Naps with others. Not us, Not TEN, not low lands.

    why are we hearing this from same people who has offered NAP to TEN based upon lies that lowlands and vices have ties days ago if not week already ? all i can say is SGR is pro at making a mistake and putting fingers at others first and shadowing their own by doing so when they are the leaders in this field of cheating , lying and manipulating from time unknown .

    Maybe if instead of monkeys you had put humans as your role model, you'd not have ended up a villain ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    if i had really really made monkey my idol than , than i would have probably ended being in SGR and settled in gray area first like Monkey Magic sponsored by friendly farms and cleaners and may be i would get some tips too from Drunken Angel about how to farm friendly farms by not really attacking them but looting 8k~ of resources suddenly from a dried out farm and repeating the circle over and over again from multiple farms by same method .

    Cause that is all a clown like you can do :D

    Mods can we have a translation in english?

    I was indicating Monkey Magic , they took it as literal meaning .

    that just means pressure will be quadrupled . looks like travian will make a lot out of these servers now since TT failed hard . at least these servers will be spiker free but still no merge limitation .

    well there is no record of monkeys interacting with seals or vice versa , at least internet says so but this server is proving to be the first instance that it happened marking a new beginning of a new era . i am so happy to be part of this historical server to go down in the annals of history for this planetary system . as far as my knowledge is concerned dinosaurs did not even had a hope to interact with the seals but now a days , monkeys are doing such business behind the cover of foxes . such coordination and planning should be learnt by the noob humans so that they can grow and prosper further .

    some are saying balkan and some are saying anglo and many want to stick with com . tempted yet enlightened but still confused . its a trillion dollar question that can save many lives , my life not included ( its lost already :'( ) .

    i like this Bat Man more than the one on screen . he is Bat Man and a joker all by himself . such a combo , nice quality entertainment . btw i can see how well you miss your homies in TEN that you cant wait another day and create drama to huggle them again and make a second baby on consecutive years . sims all over again , woo hooo wooo hooooo .