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    Atm this is how the gz stands. Vices have the largest presence in gz followed closely by ten, Sgr have just one player placed in nw gz territory. Fox has also secured a spot in the gz ne area. Whilst lowlands have opted to go lowkey and are not present in the gz at all.

    Looks like fireworks are waiting to happen, will vices take sgr out ? Will ten take out vices ? And will sgr take down fox in the gz ?

    i think you are suffering a lot thanks to seallucination . go find moneky magic's duals in your sgr chat for consultation or his 2nd dual/supp acc sarasvati or any of the rest 3 who cleared oasis for him day and night from sgr , trust me they are best in the business and you might have talked to them already and might get some discounts for the consultation . you might even get rewarded for doing so , so hurry before the next episode comes that reveals whether it is a fox or a moneky or a seal or a chimera . so stay tuned viewers and let Bat Man find out first before we get to see the next episode , coming in next few months ? eh that will be late , hope bat man can share his consultation results first and get some +points for the spoilers .

    the server is barely 10 days old and people are blaming others for cross quad naps and recruiting whole meta . wow such forum diplomacy skills are next level . i am the noobest person here on diplomacy , so can anyone guide me on how to proceed with such early discussion for naps and alliance when nothing is clear . what will be the terms of negotiation for such purpose and why the other team will agree or even waste their time listening to someones negotiations at 10th day of a snail server ?

    you are right , i am wrong . i already told you i am weak in math and i seallucinated and saw 5 sgr alliances in top 20 but within few mins there are only 3 in the top 20 . must go see a doctor to treat seallucination . anyway gl fighting with those seer numbers and no in quad fighting . North is united since winter is coming this april . who will win the throne and who will fall ? stay tuned to winter this year and dont sleep and keep farming to keep your troops warm and fed . this server is going to be peaceful for this whole winter i guess .

    oh 230 , that is quite big . just counted people in SGR . well you sure are short by a fair margin , barely 190 without counting FOX ( whose top is being lead by monkey magic . ah its a monkey definitely not a seal ) , C9 and c9A ( the ninth seal , mix of all quad same repetition of council but with active leader . umm i see a pattern here . ) , K ( who just barely dropped the SGR tag to not show that we are with the seals ) and tehran ( hmm cant confirm it yet but heard their leaders have already decided to support you lot ) . can anyone count the seal noses in the packs to get the clear numbers please ? i am very very weak in math .

    i am tempted only if i find some large number of duals otherwise not wanna drool on screen in the fear of getting ghosted every half an hour . 2x speed + early boots will be cancer for sure .

    having a single alliance made up of half of top 50 players and another alliance made of some random players who came in as we grew has large difference on our strength and capabilities . as most of acc were not nagibators as you speak of JC as whole cause most of the accs were solo or had minimal acitivities and it was hard to get them every weekend for OP . for 2 months we had to fix our problems teach many on what to do and what not and how to adapt to ptp and around half of them were playing 1st or 2nd server as randoms . dont even compare and say that we should have done same thing as heathens did with such good amount of players when i personally saw as i went in on berzo that only 2 good players can manage whole wing of TVV by simple moving around standing def and OP with just 5-6 players mostly just 10-20k hammer at around 60-70 days mark . dont tell me heathens cant even manage to do so with their large no of quality players and with 5-6 group of players in each region u were more than enough to manage these small alliances when your whole team is doing and participating OP on time . not to mention minions did suicide on you with their best coordinated attack ( LOL ) which is comparable to what TVV did with their hammers before we left .

    the only credible things u did is to stick to one alliance and pick off the creme of players and gather them in one place which made it way easy for you to operate and having a core leadership from start made you not dwindle back and forth and lose extra time which boosted your coordination as the server progressed . other than that everything rest was much easy and pure show of power difference between alliances cause not a single other alliance including JC had any chance to go head on against heathens at any given time .

    JC would not have much problems unless 3 of the top 5 metas were aiming at our regions and playing with randoms who are mostly solo or can be online only behind boss's back or when wife/gf doing makeup cant make up against ppl who are online and raiding 24/7 most of the time with dual/triple acc or with multiple PD's . you guys were right from the start on picking off all top players and sticking to one alliance and giving alliance priority over any thing else and that is what worked out in these servers , while the quality of the rest of the metas were like we are here to play and lets have a family picnic together . Only decent ones were TVV but no comments on what happened with their leadership was unfortunate and as i said earlier no one was holding the leadership like they should in JC or could not .

    more than half of TVV hammers splatted at our walls (11+2 more times for steppe rider), only 4 in TK had barely passable hammer count when we left and just after the coalition was decided and tk said they are willing to help us fight heathens by all means their top guy goes to splat on legion wall ( gg wped best coordination from the best leader ever ) FU2 no comments first thing they asked is about coop next they wanted in 8 of their players instead 7 for VP regions only and they dont lose 3 major arti regions but they want those 8 cause cough cough , a leader needs their full squad of cheerleaders or else you know no paraitonion for you + we come after UD region( like hell we care for that , we just needed a stronghold to keep heathens off or near UD and rest of africa) . so how about their(FU2) hammers , well we are done settling so we just started building hammers (80+ days in ptp) for 2 weeks now , well that less than 20k hammer centurion splatted going for a repeated strike without much cata was his top hammer and also one of the top hammer of FU2 . solution for lack of army ? we dont need army bro we just mass settle and found new villas in heathens area ? why not chief them ? no we dont have army to that ( okay :P ) . what about F.U ? umm we are cool we dont want to act cause if we act or send message to attack heathens they will attack us , hmmm nice point 100% legit asf .

    lets go to a bit far east i mean past when people started to settle around berzo and the 100 VP region unlocked with TK going aggressively to settle berzo and beyond . messaged jam leader of tvv about settling plan of JC in berzo and gave him coords personally and also shared in on confed page for visibility . guess tvv wings leader and co. settles in the exact marks leaving 150% and 125% cropper and settling at our 150% 9c . hmm very acceptable . we contacted back to TVV about the 100VP region they totally blamed us for getting more vp and not giving them any . okay what do you need 100 vp for to a wing that doesnt have much purpose but to be your helper in various other way , but no our wing TVR needs VP and what are the terms to leave berzo to us ? let our leader NTL step down and give power back to greyjedi(ex leader and founder JC) . okay and where is grey ? he deleted 4 days ago before they told us to give power back to grey and that too directly in face of NTL ( u all can guess the rest of the story how it went down in that historical confed chat of the leaders and how Jam became so focused on JC alone with sacrificing everything on his hands to stop us, well grey got really nice friend , sad that he was bit too late ) . nice blackmail tactics using a wing over 100VP region , best ever use of a wing by any alliance in that server /s .

    now lets talk about our beloved supreme commander a bit and the planar of all legion team operations vs heathens ( cough cough who was northman , no one) , who pissed off grey ,jam and our very own top defender and once DC hamburglar and also our top offense player sparrowhawk also the one and mighty who switched cap from 5 hr cata distance to a 3 hr cata distance 15c asking around for push multiple times and many many things which he invented and planned first and no one had the idea ever before him like telling a legit spy from TVV about our plan to attack their leaders cap and all 48 hrs prior to plan release ( guess u dont waste time to discuss such things just after we discussed in our leaders room ) leading to halting all our offense operation cause we cant risk or take down TVV before jerusalem opens cause of this fk up we were forced to do the talks for a joint front which we knew from the beginning that will be a circus to watch . when we confronted our supreme commander and asked to stay off leadership , he told us you know nothing about how hard am trying to cooperate and without telling them it wont work even when we warned multiple times to cut his talks before we actually attack . well you definitely do need such unstoppable leaders more than capable enemies /s .

    continue that drama forever for more 120 days ? when we are spending whole time on the game other than eating sleeping and work and loads of gold to entertain our enemies and be of challenge ? seriously ?

    *PS: thanks to gingergirl for making me realize and remember why we play this game . going back to basics now .

    show us those reports please if there are any . as far as i can see not a single guy on top 10 def leaderboards from NE that has a alliance tag . who are you fighting again please ? ghosts ? meanwhile i can see that your bois got plenty of attack points and guess most are free exp from killing some random players with clubs i guess . very nice commendable fights that will shake the foundation of SGR whole are already 2x the numbers of any other premade and are going for more with their new friends .

    As for Knights, c9,Fox,rangers etc,ect they are new to the servervin the NE. And yes believe it or not we are in each other's firing line, am I quaking in my boots ofc not, but I do hope Sgr can lock down the quad before artis at this stage tho it's looking very turbulent.

    cough cough!!! new to the server but many are pro veterans and most had good connection with seals . if you add all those numbers than you probably have almost double the numbers already than any of the other quad premades . settle before arti release ? these are small stuff that seals are much more adept in and we have trust in the seals . you can do it way before arti release so just stop giving us excuses that are non trivial and can be solved easily with your quality leadership .

    your diplomacy skills are top notch but you dont have to flaunt it day and night to make it obvious .

    glhf , its a long server .

    @ eatie stop spouting nonsense, vices, sgr and ten all have 3 wings. There is nothing official with ten and sgr and they look just as dangerous this round as vices.

    Eatie this isn't last year, if you look closer at the ne you'll literally see it's filled with competing alliances. Remember eatie it's a new round with totally different possibilities and potential outcomes so stop living in the past.

    If any alliance has it easy it's vices, they already control the center and have a quad filled with farms. Where as NE is already shaping up to be arguably the most contested quad in the server.

    who is competing SGR on NE ? K(literally had SGR tag day before) or tehran(ye we support SGR) or C9(the ninth seal) did i miss some more seals ? so much competition on NE , even out in the TT server can feel the competition and are sweating profusely .

    i still wonder though , how did TVV achieved 100% splat rate with 11 hammers + 2 times more for steppe attempting merge and suicide on my berzo cropper , before i left . TVV was so adamant on getting in our way and not even a single hoot given to organize and do a proper job not to mentions TK and FU2 who were aggressively settling on our target zones . it is was more than what we can manage with 2.5 man running around whole situation 24/7 .

    Whatevs, u r allergic to truth eatie

    tell me more . the 5 times heathens attacked us before my deletion TVV leader and his close buddies did fake or land attacks within 5-10 mins of their attack including the last attack at tarsus to early small skirmishes . just random coincidence . also the convo jam shared on tvv discord with odin to prove they a have chance to get back at the race with heathens help was also fake .

    Can someone gimme a push for resources ?

    ask the seals , they got 5 wings in top 10 raiders if you count half of FOX and with their beloved confed TEN they occupy 7 slots in total . they will be happy to push you a bit .

    wish i had taken some snaps from the negotiation time . it was more about quality than quantity can even match and even if it did it was not worth bragging when people kept ego first and everything last . to be exact it was not just about egos . La Mala Ice if you are with the seals on s1 than you can ask your ally gingergirl more about it cause had seen most of the things that happened especially how FU2 quit after us , and yes she made me realize one thing that we are playing this game as a team for fun too rather than just winning .

    so at times when we had to take the decision whether to press the red button against some of the confed leaders or take chill pill and let it flow . most of us competitive ones took the later and realized that we are dragging ourselves for nothing and as it became more than just job and not fun at all but rather source for headaches and paranoia about our own starving troops cause no time to farm but must keep on messaging like a fool to make the ego lords bend their will which they never did and most asked for more regions or they go to war . not just that we had some problems of our own which almost broke our team and the main reason we went for merger cause one of us failed so badly and never admitted mistake cause he cant be mistaken even once . all hail them for the love travian , may they find great achievement later on this server or in some future server .

    guess these confed leaders were high after they received your message to cooperate to take more regions out of us so going to war against us for their own good was their best choice as the all mighty heathens will always help them as they did to TVV for tarsus . told tk leader it will be them first if they dont want to cooperate full but he be like nay we are doing so good and we dont want to be part of this and that and we will send you help by staying out of confed ( lul wat , took us 2 days of 8+ negotiating with his team and him and for what ) . only few days ago one of the friend in heathens told me the tk leader's cap got zeroed . well really congrats on that , you made my time worth revisiting the server for an update .

    This was my first server back after a two-year break and I was not looking to be in leadership and unfortunately TVV had two jerks for leaders who did not understand strategy and did not know ptp severs. I only stepped up once it was clear that we were defeated just so that players had something to do with the armies that they had built.

    your ign ?

    random players were decent and many were learning and adapting fast . the problem was not at the bot or mid level but at the TOP . not wanna disclose much but there are few ppl i want zero more than our enemies at some point . pre made leadership rocks with awesome players but we had to deal with every thing that came in our way and mostly unwanted stuff .

    "By the time anyone had a clue"?
    Seriously? JC/Elite have been leading in total vps for the greater part of the server and could have at least give us a lot of trouble until the last days. They could have even reorganised between all our enemies to gain regions but they didn't, bringing up poor excuses and deleting.
    They controlled a huge player base basically having all other alliances at war with us, in a game mode were mass settling is key.
    Instead of making people settle in the right regions they had players sim around their spawn or in 2/3 regions at most, making them easy targets to gain regional control.

    Also, the argument "lol you are the only one playing" is non sense since those who deleted were the one to give up at the first obstacle instead of organising, not even half way through the server and leading in VPs

    obstacles were easy but giving up time for work and life aint easy , my friend . for last 2 weeks that we were in server we gave it our all and it was more than a regular job for us . you dont want to persevere long for a game when you have to manage threats to blackmailing and more importantly ego lords who budge even single step and you have to sugar trap them giving up benefits for your own alliance and risking too many stuffs that too for a game that took almost 99% of daily life . there is one more thing the server taught me , there is no compromise for greater good and for the best outcome to happen you gotta take the best route possible , no compromise or shortcuts allowed .

    La Mala Ice , ppl knew what they were in but no one was willing to accept the reality that only 1 team can win and all were vying for supremacy and that is not how you cooperate as confeds in PTP .