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    I'm just gonna write down those insignificant numbers that ARE ABSOLUTELY NOT numbers of players currently playing and active:



    After like 10 or so hours can Someone do an update? I feel like i wont be able to check again :D

    Dear players,

    as you know, the Tournament Finals game world is struggling due to the disruptive behavior of a group of players who deliberately decided to sabotage it.

    Oh no a little typo appeared. No worry! I will fix it:

    Dear players:

    as you know, the Tournament Finals has been struggeling since the beggining due to us not willing to fix bugs that were in the game since day 1 and there is a group of developers that deliberately decied NOT to fix it.

    There, you are welcome TG, everyone does a little mistake every now and then.

    Will these type of things also be tolerated?

    Look at the stat abuse now when things approach the end. Just close this server for good since those who might have deserved any rewards won't get them because of this type of imbecile.

    You probably have no idea how demotivating it is for those people and everyone in general seeing how such things just fly under MHs radar.

    This too should be a topic of discussion at meetings, but I guess TG don't care about this anyway.

    Top defender card never matters, look below top 20 this is were you find true heros that are actually good that are fighting, outsmarting opponents.

    The one and only way to fix it is delete reward, no other way to do it. UNLESS TG will force top player to show legit defence and attacs reports to back it up. You can still cheat your way in, but its something.

    Union 0.... God help us

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    All teams leaders should agree and boicot the server, let the natars build WW 100, and on next qualifications don't even register. Imagine the ammount of money they are making with this server and they aren't able to fix 5 years old bugs.
    For the mess they caused.
    Or everyone can simply mass delete on the current server.
    IT doesn't matter anymore.

    That would be the best option, you know why?

    Cause it will hit TG where it hurts them, WALLETS

    Keeping server up for soooo long till natars build WW :D

    Imagine how much money they would loose

    I wonder if is there ANY reson to play in finals after artefacs. Game clearly does not work as intended when you have 50milion troops in 1 place, or if you are sending 1k 1 troop attack(i wonder why hehe). 99% of fun is early game and later its pure RNG, will server work? Maby not? Lets send those hammers in that order, or lets wait for rollback we dont want to show our cards. We under or overestimate our opponent? No problem i bet something will broke.

    Joke of a game, at least early to mid game is fun, and i enjoy fighting with russians, thanks for game :)

    We all fighting left and right but according to top deff it looks like coordinates 90 -200 its centre of the finals!
    1984093 deff points! Can you only imagine the armies that are fighting there! gotta be like 500k clubs!! And defence even stronger!
    Cant really find those who are attacking him but its propably just a travian bug...

    PS delete rewards to fix and make top def and off player mean something. Or at least to get a reward you need to show like 10 huge reports.