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    feel Goat members should be out of forum chat. Because no matter what meaningful conversation you may like to make, they will drag it back to 0 and start the rhetoric about GOATs whinning about IKEA drama..... you may have a point to make but they will never buy... they will either keep reminding you that you were crying in the past or will force their opinion that you are still crying about it when infact you aren't.... let your game do the talking and let them have forum as their battleground where their ego's are satisfied.

    Seems like Goat's reaction is rather cold to the betrayal(according to their PoV) and IKEA not getting the kind of reaction/traction they hoped for... I just hope this does not drive IKEA into guilty consciousness. Maybe IKEA is here to test every other alliance and it may be someone else's turn tomorrow ... IKEA would be looking to make the most out of the server for all the amount of money they have put into the game... It's day 45 and enjoyment for them seems to have just started...

    Kindly forgive me for my speculations I am new to forums and server politics/dynamics. Please also excuse me for my English. I am working on it.

    I appreciate your honesty. Your PoV is interesting.

    You self proclaim Pro status and Don't use GOLD

    Well you earn gold by trading silver by auctioning items... You Don't need deep pocket to be a decent enough account. Using gold is not the only way to play the account especially the starting part.

    If you want to take my opinion the easiest tribe to play is Roman if you are a non gold user if you wish to play the game for the entire server. Growing without gold will become a pain if you play as teutons and gauls once you are past the initial few villages as you cannot queue upgrades without gold and this will really hurt you a lot in the long run. Yes you can earn gold with selling items but you better save them for important uses like NPC or resource bonus. Also let me know how much time you can dedicate to game and do you plan to play as offensive player or defensive player. Are you okay with being a mediocre or you plan to be a top rung player.

    I find all these tips rather mediocre and the Pro's don't really share any tips in here. All these tips are perfect on how to be a mediocre player in Travian. I wish to create a Pro tips thread soon as soon as the next com2 server starts in a separate thread so that I can explain things with screen shots and possibly post it to you tube too. To perfect your start game I recommend you to just register on every new server and try to settle your village in the first 7 days... if things don't work out delete and move to the next new server.... it is easy to do this with Teutons but to do it with Romans and Gauls requires a lots of skills and timings. It took me almost 12 years to figure out how pro's get things done(because I always played without gold). With good luck you can achieve things without gold and still be in the first 20 people to settle second village but with gold it makes it lot easier to be among st the first 20.

    First battle is the battle of Teutoberg forest where a German in roman army named Arminius betrays Roman army and led the Roman army on a narrow swamp in Teutoberg forest where the whole roman army would be exposed from both sides and spread our in a very thin line formation impossible for Romans to form a position and fight. Thus the entire XVII, XVIII/XIIX, and XIX/XVIIII where annihilated and Romans gave away the plan of subduing Germanic tribes east of Rhine. Roman army was led by Publius Quinctilius Varus who was misinformed about rebellions in the German country side.

    Second battle is the battle between Gallic leader Vercingetorix and the Legendary Julius Caesar along with his Germanic cavalry and experienced battle tested Legions laid a siege to the town of Alesia who fearing enemy reinforcements build an enveloping wall out side the fort of Alesia so that his troops can continue siege without fearing an ambush an reinforcements from outside. Caesar being outnumbered fought a brilliant defensive and offensive maneuvers that saw him snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. This battle is also called as battle of Alesia. It was a final show down between Vercingetorix and Ceasar.