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    I don't understand why there are so many negative comments about the new background. Like anything else it just needs some time to get used to.

    It took me only one day to like it.

    We shouldn't have to 'get used to' anything. You said it yourself "so many negative comments" Says it all really doesn't it. :)

    Playing a Gaul defender I would like to see defenders have the use of spears and cross bow archers to make the army complete.

    Of course this means strengthening attackers somewhat too.

    The gains IMHO would be playing a more complete game.

    It is time Travian employed another artist! Dorf 1 is far too busy especially at the top of the page, having those muddy brown shades ( I am being nice here) just makes it look like various types of mud. As I said before its not only too busy, it's cramped and cluttered.

    Dorf2, well the buildings IMHO need to be redrawn, varying shapes and colour need to be used. It's all pretty mundane and lifeless. It's quite simplistic in form and boring to the eye.

    Sorry guys you did ask :)