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    As a Gaul: Take advantage of the extra 0.5 cranny's capacity and the trappers to get in early if you are getting raids, as are super cheap options and nobody will harras you during early game

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    In early stages of the game focus on boosting your resources production, also invest in resources with the hero as he levels up but after level 3 don't send him to adventures just yet since he will be weak for the time being (While he is working and getting you amazing amounts of resources), the adventures can stay for a lot of time, when time is right, reset your hero (With the free wisdom book that you will definitely get in the first adventures) and then go full strength so you can get all that exp, items and receiving little damage. At that point yo should already have a good production since you used the hero's production boost to increase your own resources tiles and he can focus on other tasks.

    Hello Everyone,

    Yesterday I created an account to play at comx, today I tried to login and for some weird reason it's not recognizing my password. There's a possibility I typed it wrong the first time so I clicked at "I forgot my password" and typed my email so I could reset my password. So I received an email with a link, and then a window pop-up to type my new password and when I try to do so, It says: "The password was NOT updated" and nothing...There's nothing else to do...I'm stuck, no more solutions and I don't even know with that message is popping, please help...