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    No I have serious athazagoraphobia and I'm PTSD. the first forces me to respond when someone - even when they are as low as you - talks.

    Its best for everyone if you just stop making posts that require me answering to them cause I lack the ability to not respond.

    firstly thats how big your brain is UrMom .

    about salona - we had 62% and new villages settled there and new people recruited. Salona was our most populated region and it had huge pop

    They made villa there

    put 10k defense in each instantly - increased it to 30k in less than one hour

    golded it to 700 pop in 5 hours

    in 48 hours mostly they merged their troop in

    using small trainer during that time they made cata

    They rushed for chief

    They merged their entire army

    attacked everyone around them using unique boots - attacks all took less than 10 minutes

    No number I said above is not exagerated

    They chiefed and catted

    Then they repeated the above cycle on the other side of salona.

    Same thing happened to all other regions syn had.

    @AbbyChen Where Mad was defeated - was it a ww server or a ptp with all these functions that boost your cheating and abusive golding? When you cheat in a ww server you just get a larger army somewhere far away that I will gladly make it go poof

    but when you cheat and gold like that in ptp your army cant go poof. your armies are just always there 10 minutes away. Your armies are 4 times bigger than what it was in ww server cause of merge and your tool of cheating (your multis and bot) also effect the regional control - percentages and artifacts directly.

    @Killua Zaoldyeck_CL

    We dont cry.

    And yes we cant afford to compete against someone like MAD and we're not ashamed to say it.

    No one cares how you judge us

    So you ask your teammates not to pay is only because spending too much rather than demonstrating the unfair playing and the no-act of MH?

    Your previous words seems more likely to protest unfair server, not that you are poor but your enemies are rich:P

    I'm not asking my teammates anything. They are doing what they think is best.

    But yeah thats the gist of it.


    On a separate note

    The account Osiris was handed over like 2 days ago to someone else and I'm no longer on this server ever since then personally. You trying to attack that account will not hurt me in any manner.

    Account owner is not me. I'm not even a dual there anymore. I did not post any messages from osiris in past 2 days. Nothing that account does or did is my doing.

    Just sayin

    lets say you must pay x for a regular server

    With merge function and regional artifact you must pay 5x approximately

    When you're playing like mads you're spending around 100x

    when you're playing against mad you must spend around 20x at very least to just look like a shit in comparison.

    (I said x just cause that amount is different person to person but overall the above ratio is mostly accurate based on what I could estimate - forexample 2.5k as x was the spending ratio for Osiris)

    So no, paying in other servers is entirely different.

    My team will play more servers and we will try to get better ofcourse. We learnt a thing or two from this server. Well some are deleting and leaving travian cause of the way they didn't do anything against mad and how they managed this server since the very start (running it with wrong map and all) but the rest will play again.

    I will never ask my players to spend time and gold for this server. After all travian is a game people spend money and time for. Not going to ask them to do that for this server just to get bullied by people who doesn't care how much they spend or how they play anymore.

    Needless to say half the syn are BOTTING.

    I dont give a damn about the rest of this post. No one in SYN cheats.

    You said that right? Prove it now.

    For everything I said about mads I showed screens. Everyone else not even syn can freaking check it too.



    about the rest of what you posted. Yes you were stronger than us. Yes you were more coordinated than us. Yes I confessed to it a month ago syn is practically nothing compared to mads in coordination. We didn't have exprienced defense coordinator and not a single offense coordintor. It was bacially me doing the calls for while as very other leader had real life stuff going on at the same time. Our offense players did not listen to me about using their hammers. Our confeds did not listen to me about settling. We sorted sitters for everyone but that didn't help. Even when our villages were right next to each other we could not forward the defense in time. You were less than 10 minutes away with your hammers. When you settled in our regions we could not remove you from map cause you had stationed defense even in 2 pop villages that were obv offline.

    Yes we were out played.

    Yes we were uncoordinated.

    Yes your alliance can use the gold way more than we could. (Keep bragging about that and talk about your achievements like this equals skill)

    But no



    I invite every other alliance but mad to play another server with syn. I dont care what kind of server it will be

    If its a waste of time listening to me then dont listen to me. I don't like to post about this server anymore cause typing about it is proven to be a waste of time.

    This is my last post here. Let the mads brag about how they defeated SYN but SYN deleted cause they don't wanna be a looser alliance like mad. The only real winner here was Travian itself with the amount of stupid gold both parties had to throw away - and I'm sure more of that will happen in this stupid server with stupid broken gold digging mechanics.


    Your entire alliance smells of rot and must be thrown in a dungeon somewhere. saying "Hey that player plays in mad" is like an insult right now.

    Shame on you for being an insult to yourself and everyone else who you wasted their time and money.

    Shame on you and your entire ancestors for calling the shame on us

    Its not like mad is settling in tm regions and going aggressive on TM. Its going aggressive on SYN which gives tm this boost they have rn. They massively cheat - they massivly spend and they keep firing whatever they have on SYN forcing us to spend at same rate.

    We dont find it fun or anything playing vs mad in this server - just so tm wins.

    If you wanna win fight mads yourself.

    We have more than 10 players who will never play travian again because of the scale of mad cheating - Its just like you dont understand me when I say how is mad cheating. They make new accounts to deny regions and give themself chiefing targets and when they are done and have the lead those accs will get banned or deleted to give them boost.

    Its like you dont understand what it means when I say one of the mads merged his entire army 9 times so far.

    My entire alliance did not merge their armies 9 time all together.

    medicore is your face. You were not in our place nor will you ever be. Go play your simming game. We dont want to be a part of this broken server.

    PS. About half of the original syn already left this server. the confeds we made in this server were to stop mads with number. Nothing we did worked cause of lack of coopration.

    Every ally got a chance if dont give up. Like Syn.

    Mmmm dunno i think Mad will be very good enemy and maybe unbeteable... But it doesnt mean no one will fight ;)

    Santa ;) ;(;(;( al me life i think he exist ;(;( :saint::saint:

    This is not real life so dont give motos

    Here its simple - who has better army and uses is better can demolish the other.

    When mad abuses gold like that and moves their army 9 minute away from every target nothing - not even forwarding can stop them. When you can't kill their new villages cause they all are always active cause of scripts you cant secure your regions. When there is merge and with every new villa they take from you they get stronger you can't beat them. They have infinite res and apperently infinite gold and infinite accounts

    So no SYN did not have any chances since this war started. Unless maybe you will give us the gold. We as alliance can handle the other two.

    I guess people will realise how difficult it will be once a war starts with MAD

    BTW PB is Team right? You guys better delete already. Your not made for this server. This will be ten thousand times worse than last one.

    Just a friendly suggestion to you.

    A great deal of our players - we played the nys together as well.

    The issue was not them not following our calls - nor I believe was our calls

    Issue is the new travian mechanics that basically break the server and the regional concept. Other issue was how travian screwed us at start with making map small - cause of that we lost our early small boot. and another issue was your alliance. even the beaten down version of syn can bully all other alliances rn. We just cant gold all those villages like you and move our armies from village to village like you and forwarding to kill a hammer under 9 minutes is not possible

    This just was not our server.

    May I ask which ones?

    Cause we did make a call for anyone who made a request in time and properly

    not that we could stop anything you did to us in any scale.

    Plus I'm not a SYN leader anymore - and it has been for few days. I thought your spies told u that. I stepped down to not care about this server. Talk to the other syn leaders.