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    I couldn't make them stop

    that was one of my failures as a leader

    I tried to make them focus their fire on mad and plan actions but i couldn't make my off players concentrate fire.

    They just wanted that c15 150% that they didn't have cause of the fucking small map. They went far for it but mad followed us there too so yeah

    The background is too bright. It's actually a bit tiring, maybe if the grass was a bit darker it would be better?

    Also Suggestion: any chance the background can change based on how advanced your city gets? maybe making the bridges look better, and add some classy stones the area in center if your pop is after 250 or something

    1 - We started war on TKW because they let you in it

    2 - We only had issues with you. When mad started hitting both of us we tried to talk with your leaders but they refused. What I said about us talking to tkw was about joining arms vs mad. I'm so glad your leaders didn't accept. at least you had your peaceful life and had fun according to your player.

    3 - We were top alliance at that stage and we were top for a month after that. TM fell way faster than we fell. We were under mad fire for longer time than tm was under their fire after syn was no longer.

    4 - We left the server after our players got their capitals smashed and took and lost their armies and we left when we saw all of our regions denied to mad bots with absolutely no way to "escape". They followed us to middle east and didn't let us build new villages there even. We could not use any artifacts and we could not keep our cities so we left.

    I lost contact to a bunch of great friends in this server. they said they will never play again after what they experienced vs mad.

    There is one big thing about multis use in regional server:

    It directly effects artifacts and regional control and server winning and loosing if they put multis in alliance

    You don't know what I mean cause you didn't see what I saw. Making alliances of multis just to settle second villages in one region and bot them up to 250 pop to deny the effect and vp is a real thing.

    And no - this last ptp server I played was just worst than any ww server I played in past 12 years regarding multis and script use.

    edit: actually you can see it I just posted an image of it in last page. Imagine 3 fake alliances like that.

    The fact that limitless merging with gold is broken is not mads fault.

    This is mads fault:



    (same happened in cartagho and girba twice)

    This is mads fault:

    com Path to Pandora X2 Rumors

    This is mads fault:


    This is mads fault:


    (look at stephan)

    This is mads fault:


    (Thats an image of one of their "late" multi accs they made for cartagho)

    I dont have any account on server since ages ago or I would give you more stuff.

    Just cause I have to add this that I forgot to post in my last post earlier today - consider this an addition to my last "SHORT" response which is my last post about mad.

    You and your adorable teammates are going to rot in hell. You will enjoy it together I'm sure. I posted a lot of posts explaining how you cheated with screenshots and evidences in the other thread. Since I'm keeping this post "SHORT" you can go back and re-read them there. We lost cause you killed us very early server and paralyzed us with your unorthodox illegal techniques. We could do better. I agree and learned our mistakes. For one I will never trust the travian admins in launching the game with correct map.That was a deadly mistake I did before the server started. I will never take that long in ending an alliance when i see its not working. We did a horrible mistake in our diplomacy with OP. I had to try harder in sorting everything alone when you brought hell upon us. I begged for help from people so maybe someone would help me with coordination since they were all extremly time sensitive but I failed. I will not start any other server without being sure that we have enough online/not bailing leaders to start one.

    Also the goal of "winning this server" changed for - at least - me after watching how unorthodox you play. After that my goal was running as far as I can from you since playing this server was basically throwing time and money in trashcan and encouraging travian to just let things go when it comes to dealing with stuff like you and encouraging stuff like you to be you. It's not fun. It's not a game. It's just where "loosers" gather. The true winners are my friends who left travian forever when they watched how travian deals with stuff like you. And with their act this game is one step closer to where it belongs with it's current meta (trashcan of history).

    I also promised to try to volunteer for MH job later this year when I'm more free. I'll see if I can stop stuff like you from ruining the game and at least do my share in saving this rotten game that I used to love 12 years ago from this meta - a game that came all this way to just be full of stuff like you.

    The end.

    Let me answer the stuff you said about me in short:

    I'm not a little girl anymore.

    I'm not crying just stating facts and am only doing that to make sure everyone knows what is Mad and to make sure you guys received enough curses and shame

    I'm not weak.

    I'm not even poor just don't spend more than whats necessary for a game cause I'm not a looser.

    Unlike what you claim I admitted that we were out played by mad and we (everyone in SYN) we have Absolutely 0 shame in admitting the fact that we "lost".

    I take criticism for my leadership. Please tell me everything you saw I lacked. My defenses - not trying to bring excuses; I still admit that I suck as leader - are: For a while in this server I was solo-leading the alliance because other leaders had real life issues. Plus some of our leaders didn't start with us in this server. I sacrificed my sleep, food and real life for my alliances more than once. I payed gold to others so they could develop and get back on their feet. and I'll do so again if I ever have the opportunity to lead. We didn't manage to catch a single hammer of mad cause we couldn't develop enough to do so and because of the nature of merging and your troop movement in early server and because my players couldn't do the same. I know that TM players could do the same. You didn't allow my players to develop in early server anywhere. Plus there was a bunch of unfortunate time related issues with a bunch of players who lost their important villages to you and left the game which made us severely weaker. Like - scipio was one of our leaders he got the 15c in the small haste region and lost it to mads in a day - he was in some sort of marriage or something I don't remember during whole thing. We also got screwed in early server cause they started this on small map. In SE there is only one region that you can small haste on really fast and that is epid where all TKW players spawned and there is one fast small storage that again they spawned in. Spawning in SE suddenly became the most stupid mistake we could ever do - when if it was large map we would get good regions fast. Also we tried to make allies to get some breath points to develop but our allies had their own stuff to do and didn't give a damn about what we doing even though I was literally begging them at that time. Edit: Also need to add that We could not defend against 10 minutes away attacks. We gathered defenses to wall your hammers in multiple scenarios but we had like 9 minutes to forward and you were attacking us from 10 minutes away cause you had haste and we didn't - not that we didn't try to get it. You didn't let us compete fair in first few regions. We couldn't get haste early. we couldn't get confusion or trainer early we got smashed by you and your 10 minute away attacks. BUT YES. I took full responsibility before I take it again. With every village my alliance lost and we lost like 80 of them in 2 weeks a part of my soul died. It was my fault. If i could come up with any plan to throw another alliance under your fire early server maybe we could develop and become something like TM and give you a fight when you were coming for us. I apologize to my players for my in capabilities.

    You're less than a bunch of farm animals. You just think doing anything to a bunch of other actual people who want to spend their money and time in reasonable manner for winning an online game with absolutely no reward is justified. You ruined syn in early server and paralyzed us with cheating. and yes I mentioned the broken merge with gold function in my past comments too, that actually now TG realized it too and are working on fixing it. You managed to win the shame trophy in this server and I'm so glad that I'm here and am able to point that out.

    I have no shame - not for playing an online game - nor for leading my alliance. I did anything I could for them. Shame is on you for reasons that I stated for like 2 million times. I've been playing this game for past 12 years and I NEVER attacked another alliance in forums for cheating or gold abuse. Not even remotely. I did so for mad. And I did it "this much" and I'm proud of myself that I did it cause you guys deserve to be known for the stuff you do.

    I rest my case here. Think whatever you want about SYN or me. Think whatever you want about how we "Lost" - even though I count us winner since we stopped using gold way early in server when we saw what is mad doing that was a true win. Think whatever you want about my dear friends who left travian forever. No one cares. I don't want you to respect me. I never wanted the respect of a bunch of cows and pigs - no insult meant to cows and pigs. Maybe no one cares about what I said about you either but it was my duty as a human to write these and i'm proud of myself for doing that in this scale!

    This was my last post on this matter. I will not read or post on travian forums about mads again. If you have any questions message me privately.


    Sarah V. Rossel AKA Frozen Angel on that server used to play in Osiris Account till i gave that account away and left it when SYN broke apart.

    I said it before I'll say it again

    Mad is still an insult for the way its killing Travian with its Mad scaled cheating and disgusting gold abuse. Whoever is proud to be inside that alliance is not worthy to be called human - doesn't matter if you were the one who did the cheating early server or if you just supported it. I hope to never meet anyone like you in real life or in virtual world. I'm so sad and embarrassed that I used to call someone in your alliance a friend. I hope that people use your alliance name as an insult for next few years. I heard people saying "oh they are pulling a mad" that meant "They are a bunch of hard-core cheaters" and "Don't be like mad" meaning "Don't cheat" a bunch of times on other servers during this time. I hope to hear it more. I hope everyone leave every server you guys join at to prove playing with you is not worth the time. May you enjoy your boring life together for the rest of your life.

    Your victory is an insult to yourselves.


    Nothing is wrong with the combination of two alliances for victory. We're only insulting mads whoever support them cause they deserve it - not because they became each other wings - but because of the way mad played the early server.

    Not sure what about that was complicated.

    @pipiolo no one asked you to read them :D

    Yeah I was defeated by mads. Absolutely no shame in saying it

    I'm actually proud of everything I did in this server though. <3

    edit: Also it was not about their gold. Nor their cheating. it was about the combination of the two that killed us in early server. You had time to develop we didn't. I really hope TM wins this. I'm really rooting for you guys no matter how much you shit-talk me.

    There was evidence. Their bot accs where removed like 4 5 times through this server. their main accs got banned repeatedly and unbanned again probably with punishments. but the scale of what they did and how that effects an early game in a ptp server and how that period that they owned such accs effected us is the issue.

    I dont need to prove my skill in this game to anyone (Already did that part repeatedly to anyone that matters). Nor I care about what any of you think about me.

    And call it "Spitting on wind" or whatever. Playing in this server was just a mistake. It's like rewarding travian for the lack of having plans about cheaters specially in annual servers. With limitless gold options here and their lack of ability to deal with cheating as fast as they should and how they threat reports - for weeks they just say yeah sure we will look into it! if you see more stuff tell us about them - and one or two week later they remove those bot accs with no real penalty on main ones.

    The issue is that one or two week. The issue is that they remade the bot accs for next region. The issue was their massive early game lead in every region they walked in and how they crippled our players early server. The issue are those great veteran players who were my close friends and will never ever play travian again because of what they went through in this server.

    It's not about the game itself anymore. yeah its personal. And yeah I said it before. I just can't consider the ones in mad, "people".


    And ok since you dared me I will apply for MH job after my wedding in November and when my life had a routine again. oh yeah, I'm a real person IRL with an actual real life and concerns.

    edit: Oh and I must add. the people who join mad ARE WORSE than the actual cheaters inside mads. because those are the people who are "replacing" the bot accounts and their early dirty strategy. They are making that sound like legit playing. And yes Because of them it will happen again. It will continue to happen and it will grow in every server to the point where travian is actually trashed - not that we're not half-way there already.

    First I haven't been talking here for a long time since I didn't have to, the recent posts are all replies to stuff that needed a response.

    Secondly I'm not crying nor complaining. if you think either, you've not been reading anything I said.

    I've been playing for a long time and nearly never I've been seen on forums talking about another alliance. I never insult people over a game. Well till this server cause its not about the game anymore. Nor its about people, since I don't count the ones playing in mad people

    My goal of posting in forums is to make sure when someone say "mad" everyone remembers what they did and how disgraceful they play. I want people to count "Mad" as an insult. I want people to know what kind of stuff play in "mad". I want that alliance to change their meta name and hide in shadows in future servers. And its ok if their leader calls me a b#@!. Maybe long and far away wishes but still. This cancer is malignant. Its just too hard to not talk about it even when you're not on server anymore lol.