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    Glad you liked it!

    regarding artillery, original persian clans usually didn't use artillery tools for their major wars because they preferred to trap their enemies and fighting them in open areas as they had better cavalry and their troops were more efficient in open areas.

    Though persians used Moving towers for entering cities with huge walls and used greek rams when they were attacking the greek cities in Turkey and duplicated that technology and used it in egypt too.

    Persian Catapults were made by the greek part of their empire mainly and they nearly never used them in any major fights.

    Beside setting Athens on fire (which was abandened before persian army reached there) they never tried to demolish a city when sieging it.

    Hello :)

    So this might look a little bit weird but this idea was in my head for a long time and I wanted to share it with the rest of the community and game developers/managers so it might be interesting for everyone else:)

    Parthians started fighting the roman empire around 66 bc

    Both Parthians and the Sassanid empire that came after them were great empires of their time and had their own brilliant armies and strategies. You can read more about these empires in wikipedia or I can talk about them more if people like to hear about them. Both had a big area under control as you can see in the maps below.


    So I was thinking maybe in next versions of travian, there is a chance for these great empires to appear as a tribe!

    So here are some general and quick suggestions for this tribe:

    - This tribe main attribute can be "More Culture Points". this tribe hero can give a culture boost (maybe something like 10 CP per day for each hero level - this means an extra gladiator helmet at level 10. or 5 CP points per level that would mean an extra gladiator helmet at level 20)

    My reason for suggesting that the main attribute of this tribe is because persian empire is known for its grand Architecture and Art, Music and Science before the fall of these empires.

    persepolis.jpgCity of Persepolis

    I have two suggestions for tribe special building :D

    - Caravanserai : This building which was made in Persian empire roads - specially the Silk way, was a building made to act as a shelter for merchants and armies horses. This building in travian can be used for increasing Merchants speed. Trade office 10 and Stable 20 can be requirements of this building.

    - Grand Palace: My suggestion is having one grand palace in one city (which will be the main capital) that is So expensive to build. This building can double the cp point the empire produces per day when its complete. a treasury 20 can be the requirement for this building. Grand palace can only be built in capital and its instead of residence/palace.

    - Persian empire wall can be called "Divar" (Persian for wall) or "Brick Wall". This wall should cost a lot of break. Most frequent resources persians used for their architecture was mud and bricks so this fits well. This building can have a high defense bonus like romans and a medium strength like gauls. or if you want the wall to be weaker it can be similar to gauls. This is something that must be decided based on the troops.

    - Troops:


    Medes troops: Medes was a clan in Iran which ruled before Archimedes Empire. These soldiers were using falchions; broad swords with a curved blade along one edge. The higher rank soldiers had spears, and had control of a little group/ were responsible to support the others from a longer distance. These troops can be normal in both defense and offense - expensive but not really good in either. I was thinking something like

    Wood: 100/Clay: 150/Iron: 125/Crop: 30/Upkeep: 1/Speed: 7/ Attack: 30/Defense against infantry: 35/ Defense against cavalry: 35/ Loot: 50

    Archers: Persian infintry were mostly equiped with bows. these guys can be the main persian defensive unit. with a high defense against cavalry specially - Something like phalanxes but more expensive. Something like

    Wood: 125/Clay: 175/Iron: 55/Crop: 40/Upkeep: 1/Speed: 6/ Attack: 10/ Defense against infantry: 30/ Defense against cavalry: 55/ Loot: 25

    Immortals: Persian Main army :D Immortals or as persians used to call them the "Amrtaka". This part of the army was always kept at full strength, drawing from the best available soldiers. At the heart of the Amrtaka were the Arstibara or “shield-bearers,” the elite of the elite. These were all Persians of high social rank, drawn from the rest of the Amrtaka to form the King’s private units. This guys can be a multi-use troop. A medium worse than imperians or bowmans offense with a better defense specially against infinitry. Also obv they should be expensive.

    Wood: 175/Clay: 200/Iron: 125/Crop: 50/Upkeep: 1/Speed: 6/ Attack: 40/ Defense against infantry: 50/ Defense against cavalry: 40/ Loot: 35

    King’s ears: Persian spy network was known as "king's ears" was first made by Darius the great during Archimedes Empire so he could check on his Satraps to ensure they won't go rouge. This spies were fast and effiecient in gathering intel and used the Royal road to send this information to the capital. I'm thinking something like gaul spies with a better speed perhaps.

    Parthians: Parthian horseback archers and their famous tactic of war "Parthian Shot" is well known. I was thinking main persian cavalry can be them. They have a medium attack and great defense against infintry and act bad in defense against cavalry.

    Wood: 400/Clay: 475/Iron: 200/Crop: 60/Upkeep: 2/Attack: 80/ Defense against infantry: 110/ Defense against cavalry: 50/ Loot: 50

    Scythed Chariots: The scythed chariot was pulled by a team of four horses and manned by a crew of up to three men, one driver and two warriors. Theoretically the scythed chariot would plow through infantry lines, cutting combatants in half or at least opening gaps in the line which could be exploited. It was difficult to get horses to charge into the tight phalanx formations of the Greek. The scythed chariot avoided this inherent problem for cavalry, by the scythe cutting into the formation, even when the horses avoided the men. A disciplined army could diverge as the chariot approached, and then re-form quickly behind it, allowing the chariot to pass without causing many casualties. This makes these chariots a good attack and defense against inf but bad for cavalry. I would say:

    Wood: 550/ Clay: 650/ Iron: 610/ Crop: 220/Upkeep: 4/ Attack: 125/Defense against Infantry: 150/Defense against Cavalry: 110/Velocity: 10/Can carry: 80

    They must have ram,catapult and settlers like all tribes :D

    Satraps can act as Persian chiefs. These people were ruling a part of persian empire each, under the king supervision. They can be slow and bad in their job (cause of the corruption of the empire and how lazy these satraps usually were) which is to nerf their faster cp production.

    Please tell me what do you think about this :D

    I actually have few ideas for britain and greek as well I will talk about them later when I have time :)

    "Friendly conquering" was allowed by rules, but not by game mechanics.. You cannot conquer village from ally/conf... After they leave 2 day cooldown applies.. Makes no sense to add such rules, but not to change game mechanics in general...

    It was allowed at start of the server but then they fixed the bug without doing anything about the people who used that feature so far.

    It wasn't a decent move.