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    your "team mates" were my "team mates" and I have reasons for calling them noob.

    mainly because they are now your "team mates"

    and secondly because of how they acted when they were our "team mates"

    I'm so glad that you guys are hitting it off. At least you wont be lonely in Hades

    From what I heard TM is not hugging actually

    its the Chinese that are 10 alliances or something. They dont need bot accs anymore when there are real noobs who join them to be their bots.

    its the way of them saying early server didn't happen or something

    No. I left the server. ice is still playing. I was a player in Osiris. Ice is on another acc entirely

    not sure what you mean "no one is playing"

    And they deserve this guilt trip. They know they deserve it themselves. Heard some are deleting and some left op and joined other alliances when they realized. and the rest who stayed are probably as low as a person as some people in OP are or they have no idea what just happened at all. How many alliances is mad now btw? 8 or 9?

    well we destroyed a lot of villages when they were made

    but with egyptian heroes and all those reinf its costy to kill 10k def at that stage of game in a 2 pop

    I again admit - we got overwhelmed by mads and I'm not ashamed of it. And as leader I repeatedly took full responsibility of our alliance failure. But we didn't give up when not giving up was an option.

    Whoever from syn who stayed in this server will very likely play in other alliances - whoever didn't want to stay deleted. SYN will play other servers.

    and I can go back and focus on my masters thesis and phd entrance instead of wasting my time and money here :)

    There is no "forward all" option. using forwarding for attacks that are under 20 minutes away is hard. using it for attacks under 10 minutes is impossible.

    forwarding to kill a hammer that a rich boy merges in a loction 10 min away is not a possibility.

    Maimai you missed all the points

    tournament or final does not have troop merge. Close quarters battle is entirely different in a PTP server because of merge. because of merge its not about skill or lon term talent of making an army to strike. Its just about the amount of gold you can spend.

    No one said shame on mad for being a bunch of rich kids. We simply said yeah you expend more. we don't think we're gonna spend as much.

    But What we had issues with and what we repeatedly mentioned was your mass cheating - that some of you did and the rest just stayed there and watched it. You say the MH dealt with it but the damage of that cheating was so fatal that MH-removing those accs will have no considerable damaging effect it had on us.

    I suggest you to read about logical fallacies since your post does not making any sense. you're saying how a Technic works (which is entirely different in PTP and that was the point I was making - cause of the troop merge) - then you talk about how other alliances gold and play better than you and somehow are using it to show your alliance innocence.

    Yet after all those talks bout other stuff you mention "cheating" and somehow you act like everything else you said will tackle the cheating accusations off mad.

    make more sense please


    Frozen Angel

    PS. its a shame that you can say you were my ally. I'm truly ashamed of that a mad player can say that about me. please never mention that again.

    No I have serious athazagoraphobia and I'm PTSD. the first forces me to respond when someone - even when they are as low as you - talks.

    Its best for everyone if you just stop making posts that require me answering to them cause I lack the ability to not respond.

    firstly thats how big your brain is UrMom .

    about salona - we had 62% and new villages settled there and new people recruited. Salona was our most populated region and it had huge pop

    They made villa there

    put 10k defense in each instantly - increased it to 30k in less than one hour

    golded it to 700 pop in 5 hours

    in 48 hours mostly they merged their troop in

    using small trainer during that time they made cata

    They rushed for chief

    They merged their entire army

    attacked everyone around them using unique boots - attacks all took less than 10 minutes

    No number I said above is not exagerated

    They chiefed and catted

    Then they repeated the above cycle on the other side of salona.

    Same thing happened to all other regions syn had.

    @AbbyChen Where Mad was defeated - was it a ww server or a ptp with all these functions that boost your cheating and abusive golding? When you cheat in a ww server you just get a larger army somewhere far away that I will gladly make it go poof

    but when you cheat and gold like that in ptp your army cant go poof. your armies are just always there 10 minutes away. Your armies are 4 times bigger than what it was in ww server cause of merge and your tool of cheating (your multis and bot) also effect the regional control - percentages and artifacts directly.

    @Killua Zaoldyeck_CL

    We dont cry.

    And yes we cant afford to compete against someone like MAD and we're not ashamed to say it.

    No one cares how you judge us