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    he is seriously talking about my gold.

    don't worry dear. I have no money problem - never had

    and stop this desperate try lol. I deleted my account in that server where all 3 alliances there (KGW, TM and Team) wanted me in their alliance - I had multiple friends in each. I deleted just cause i didn't want to join enemies of team as I was team/pb defense coordinator and I couldn't live with myself after betraying players who trusted me like that. I was not "kicked" from team/pb that server. They were asking me to stay for a long long time. The reason I left PB and that server was that I could not stand the toxicity of that server and how some people behaved.

    But as a matter of fact you will never understand why would anyone delete account over joining the alliance enemies I'm pretty sure. It's just beyond your understanding. Its on an entirely different level of being a human.

    SYN is not a dictator ship. Its actually far from it. Every player here has their opinion and we will listen to it.

    Your precious alliance just got the small storage cause they spawned there and they recruited everyone they could. I wanna see how much you scream and beg when you dont have anything to be proud off cause you joined an alliance that spawned in good regions cause of the TGs screw up.

    You dont know shit about what happened between me and PB so respectfully shut up.

    edit: and you trying to teach me about treasury and artifacts lmao. when your mouth was smelling milk I had all the regions and effects memorized.

    You took no one off anything.

    You have 0 power.

    TKW just got early server advantage cause TG sucked in running the server as they promised and started this with small map instead of large so your late joiner alliance spawned in those regions.

    Your banters mean nothing and you wont even live till mid server here and you talk about winning? maybe in your dreams.

    Go back to losing Salona. And whatever other regions we grab from you. You know we will too.

    REDACTED You guys had names like bot69, bot77, stuff like that on the beta. It was an alliance that was in freefall until you merged with IDTS for the win and just simmed. No fighting. No balls at all while we fought everyone and had double the amount of attack points to IDTS to prove it. Heck, I think even Salads ended up with more than IDTS too, iirc.

    For anyone who reads this thread. Syndicate and IDTS never merged. We never played on same server together before

    Syndicate had never had accs named such stuff.

    Syndicate was formed in last and won it as a part of TNR unity with alliances BT, MAD and LSD.

    are u seriously saying that I wasn't in that alliance? Played under the name idefix. And bt won that sever. That was the server godslayer aND the others wouldn't pass the artys nice try. And I'm soo glad I gave ur members purpose because God know's u never would have.

    Absoloutly no idea who you are. You were not in SYN main wing. nor in our second wing. Dont remember you.

    TNR-BT finished first wonder and all TNR alliance won. You can say whatever the f!@# you want.

    unfortunately as BT leader said some people are heroes of that 5x speed servers and they are same kind of botters and some were handed 2nd ban on the server . guess we are complaining against the same people , i mean the MAD and LSD guys . good luck winning one arti buyer and botter with the help of whole bunch of them and now complaining against the same people makes more sense . if you people really want to get this game going better not repeat the mistakes again and make these people heroes who actually really won you that server and now are doing it more openly cause why not they are the heroes and you people who supported the BT and MAD alliance at com 5x did it for them .

    I believe that mads cheated in that server as well now that i see them in action in this server. Sorry for the thumbs down. I missclicked the one on your post - retracted it as soon as I noticed.

    regadless the people in bt we knew about were not cheaters or boters either and we made a deal with them. What I know about LSD they didn't cheat either. But I applogize that I used mad legacy on NYS 5x to be on the winning side eventhough syn was leading even without it.



    you guys were the EDITED alliance

    Tell one name in SYN who broke the rules RIGHT NOW. I kick and kill people who cheat. I hate botters and multis. Show me cheaters and I will kick them.

    I once kicked a WW holder when I realized they are cheating.

    And you dare to accuse me as cheater?


    that merged to victory on the beta riding Wonka's coattails (don't even remember the name of it, you were so insignificant).

    SYN Was the only ruler of north west. We were the leading ww till the end of server till all the frealking server fired at our ww and managed to put us to be the second ww holder after BT wonder which was OUR WW that we secured.

    TNR won the server with 2 leading WW.


    haha that's so funny frozen angel why dont u get information rite. We left because u are a shity leader. U got mad at us for settling in salona after we bounced on croppers 4 time's saying that the lead was solidified but u lost the region as soon as we left. As for the hammer part , we didn't smash the ally we left u for we attacked a random player and we lost some troops yes. But we were still #3 in ally after we killed half our troops. We left because when we asked what plans were for settling u said it was not none of our business . . Not to mention we played with yall on the 5x and didn't like it then when yall lost because you are all self centered well I'm sorry not all in syn . So next time u go post shit make sure u know ur facts. And we will be waiting for that discipline hammer or whatever u will call that thing! Kinda hard to take you seriously

    I got mad at you cause instead of checking with leadership you did what you wanted about settling. see how allowing someone to settle the way you did harmed the alliance now that you left?

    when did I say the plan is none of your business? why do you lie?

    I'm 100% transparent about our settling plans. I repeatedly announce that to everyone in mm - discord and other places. Most alliance leaders never do what I do.

    I'm so happy that you left my alliance cause you're a trash player with no communication skill and you're one of the cancer type that gives the l;eadership a headache to do anything right.

    All you can do it to bite like a fly. The stuff you did just gave our alliance members purpose and as SYN leader I have to thank you for that.

    Hope you enjoy your easy come artis. easy come will easily go.

    See you soon.

    I apologize to syn for any possible mismanagement of players. About that 2% in SYN-OP, we just made this confed and players are not transformed yet + we didn't have space.

    Thing that happened was:

    Oracle who did not listen to anything leadership said about settling and settled 3 villages in Salona left the alliance to join TKW. and then he brought his friends out and threatened his neighbors. Its just that he did all of these after he threw his hammer at TKW.

    Nothing to be worried about though. They are in desperate need of some discipline. I will accept the burden to throw the discipline hammer on them and their villages personally.

    Haha, she needs 2 weeks to answer a post. lmao Maybe you get an ancient power by then if you're not wasting all your time trying to gain Salona back firmly in hand.

    I actually don't need to answer that post ever.

    People has eyes and will be able to see it by themselves.

    I really didn't want to say anything but why are you insulting us?

    I have friends who know mads. I have people inside the mads who confessed they are multi-ing over discord to me.

    If you wanna cheat, cheat. Its between you and MH. and we will show you in server that you will loose even with cheating.

    At least don't insult us on forums with your cheap shit excuses.

    I just hope you all understand how your actions is effecting the travian itself and how its ruining the fun of the game and I hope you find some tiny tiny tiny tiny decency to actually feel shame for doing what you are.