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    kova741_HR actually posts some nice reports to keep this forum going and you guys keep mocking him for his "bad english"... after doing it for several pages on this thread it's not even funny anymore, actually disgusting... But I guess it's easier this way since you don't have any real reports to show us...

    Also would like to see Quazor actually do something in this game rather than just typing whats wrong with anything "slapice" do. Just a suggestion, you do you buddy.

    ps: its "baso" not "basso", spell it right.

    I'm not mocking him for his bad english, rather I feel vexed by him judging someone's intelligence and not being able to spell the word at the same time.

    English is not my first language either, but I at least put in the effort to produce coherent sentences. If I lack a word I look it up, I use punctuation and I try to stay factual.

    He just sounds like a trumpy child, who likes to jump to conclusions and swear.

    Sherlock is also friendly farming? Nope.

    That's like accusing that famous Goatz leader of only having luck with his operations.

    We have multiaccounts? Nope.

    Just an account setup in another quadrant for artifacts, which got banned due to rule violating access during artifacts since one important player couldn't be online at that time. Mistake admitted, handled by the rules.

    Schizophrenia being a multiaccount? Nope.

    Just a tard who dropped the server and got scavenged.

    But I highly doubt that entire alliances settled around important slapice players, while regularly being emptied of their resources by only that one alliance and deffing every other raid is rule conform.

    Do I have evidence? Not really, sadly.

    Would I have evidence with MH's information? I would sure bet on it!

    He has nice reports to show off, and I admit that I don't like them as his opponent.

    But mocking pirates for getting 3 unique artifacts and many more is fine? Using troops for that instead of just friendly farming and op a dead alliance is stupid?

    God this is infuriating... I want to smash my head into the wall for you lack of intaligence.