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    Ancient Warriors Secrets which contains ancient warriors and army training secrets by which the Hero would learn how to train his/hers troops the other tribes' battle tactics and techniques. So the hero would be able to turn his/hers own tribe's army into Romans, Huns, Gauls, Egyptians or Natarian Army.

    1. Effects only on Hero village Army
    2. for 24 hrs per week.
    3. No combined/mixed races. One tribe at any given time only but NO limitations as to what tribe each time.

    Imagine you are Egyptian with a massive slave miltia raiding army and the hero could train them to fight and raid like Huns or Teuts. clubbies!!!


    Ancient Secrets of Disguise Mastery teaches the hero

    • how to scout villages. SO he could turn into a one man army of scouts with the power of a scouting army(some sort of a multiplier of scouting fighting strengths base on Hero's level)

    1x scouting per 24 hours

    • How to disguise as incoming tribe's troops and join the incoming troops to find out what and how many troops are incoming

    1x disguise per 24 hours per village


    This is a bit of a disappointment really

    What about all those GOLDS and silvers that we have spent since 24th?

    I bought a lot of gold since and spent +1000 gold just today developing 2 villages to +1000 populations/training troop/ and what not

    Any ideas?!