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    Kamikaze action, and looking at the video they made, they were sure they would destroy the ww hammers... crazy

    We did not make the video. Get your facts straight.

    Hammers are no-capital, they just needed to chief..

    Oh really? I thought that you were smart. Good luck chiefing hammers then ;)

    They had enough waves yes, they come for destroying 2 ww hammers, in 15 players against a meta of 900.

    If your 900 meta was so strong and our op was so poor. Why did so many players delete their own villages and stayed with one village to save their WWK? Where's all the def and support? Why not man up and defend all 20 targets since you talk so big.

    You are telling me you got blinded due to the excess of rage towards uollas meta?

    You are the blind, who only sees Exodus. Exodus here, Exodus there. While actually Exodus only had to secure NE borders, nothing else. These free arab capitals are just bonuses.

    You keep pinning this whole server on Exodus, a 140 players confed which is part of NW meta.

    You simply make no sense at all. You talk bullocks about our ops but yours are so even more pathetic. You catapulted a few crop lanes here and there on some support accounts. What did you gain? The troops you used to fake costs you much more than the fields we had to rebuild.

    Moreover, you freaking lost hundreds of millions worth of resources last night. Are you kidding me? Count how many capitals you lost by just deleting them yourselves.

    Are you kidding me? Do you even read what I'm posting? Have I said that arabs can't continue training WWK troops?

    I'm stricly talking about the lost capitals. You feel the loss of 1.2mil resoureces per hour(if we count the deleted support villages) probably much more.

    If you need me to draw it out for you, just let me know and I'll open mspaint just for you ;)

    Not all here having fun are playing with ita.

    It's just funny to see emerik recruit player every server and is still unable to do proper missions

    I am sure the reports will be shared here from every team as soon as possible.

    Maybe you wanna start :sleeping:

    What do you mean by proper missions? Stuff like this? :D:D

    This is best italians can do. We have so many reports like these...truly amazing ops.

    Again with the italian propaganda. True, we lost quite a few armies this morning(we have more as usual, no worries about that)

    But then again, we basically deleted 6+ capitals. Check these WWK players that now only have one village.

    And these are not all, there are many that we just haven't had the time to identify yet. Lucky from SPQR also made his WWK village into capital. How exactly was this a win for arabuollas? We lost 1kk off, they lost 1kk def + 5 capitals.

    AND, I'm not sure yet but I think G E N E R A L defended with his hammer since he has 140k def points.

    New day, new reports.

    Monkey D. Luffy likes to sleep late. Gets capital catapulted down to 370 pop, has 2 resource fields remaining and some buildings


    And the Cherry of today. ROSIK IS STOPPED! 40k clubs and 10k TK hammer dissappeared with the village.


    Let the italian hate begin. They always find reasons to deviate from what's actually happening on the map. Find some excuses.

    sitting random is still enabled on tournament

    Yes, they could not implement the Confederacy Only Sitter feature because there is a rule that says finals server needs to be played in the same conditions as the qualification server. Although they could have implemented just this tiny little feature that prevents a lot of espionage :)

    i play for fun, you play for win smartphone 600euro and spent 5k for gold :osd:

    Really? Come on, I'm sure you can think of a better insult than that!

    Nice hammer, how many account were "enslaved" to queue these troops? 25? 35? 60+? ;)

    I'm sorry that any hammer over 100k troops looks like Science Fiction to you :( Is this your first finals server as well, aye?