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    Well 1v1 would be ok, but now couple big teams in one place... Whoever will get catapults first there, will probably beat others lol.

    Really difficult id say, getting catas and getting a good no of catapults can make all the difference. Would need a good team of attackers to be ready with clear and catas to do some damage.

    Maybe, its too complicated a situation there. I see all the alliances in Epi getting stuck there, however i get a feeling that some of the alliances have smartly kept their main accounts outside of the conflict with some new recruits and tech friends going there to dominate the area. Smart move if my conjuncture is true.

    Could you go back and show us where you explained where you explained what tech friends are? Anyway once the server starts we will know what the situation is, i just got an idea of how the game is going to be. Again a russian is not a caste mate, its a nation. My words were not pointed towards anyone and were not intended to be racist, i just called your team as Russians... given that i didnt know the name of your team.

    It is the same in all WW servers towards the end i think. Unless you count the new PTP or Codex Victoria where we saw multiple alliance and atleast 200-300 active players even at the end.

    Guess the old game has become boring for many and the newer versions are more attractive.

    The thing is as per the rule an individual is still allowed to own 1 account and he litreally admitted that they will bend the rules, you want me to just ignore that ?

    The fact that he deleted those posts simply means he trying to hide the evidence. Tech friends simply are not allowed as acc ownership is limited to one.

    Why are you again and again making an issue about it being against russians ? The friend simply said they are invaders and russians. Didnt even give ally name,whats wrong with calling them a Russian ally or an individual who propagates the use of tech friends.

    I personally have nothing against Russians but an open admission hurts those who want to play an honest game. Yes, i hope the TG admin monitors this and apologies if it seems am against russians, am just against those who want to destroy the spirit of the game and consider it to be a part of the game.

    that is what was said by the individual from sovereign state of russia. Ofcourse that was before he deleted the post "if a friend of his has no time to play the game anymore then they can continue to use their account or chief it".

    If you read that one.. then this is the scenario where he said the rule would apply. My answer too was with regards to that situation.

    A good player would not need such petty tricks. These servers are to be played without multis, if you read the amended rule carefully you will see proxy accounts are banned. Friendly cheifing is allowed in instances when a friend goes inactive.

    If a good "individual from the sovereign state of Russia" needs to use multi then neither is he a pro nor a good player.

    Unfortunately, you agreed to the rules of the forums when you created your account. And as ELE pointed out, racist remarks are not tolerated either in game nor on the forums. Any future remarks along these lines from anyone will result in a formal warning and the post deleted.

    Russia isnt a race but a country, well i do understand i cant be making witty comments or jokes about a country too i guess.Also i said this in reference to the mention of Tech friends.

    Well i can express my views if i want to and dont need others judging me for it. Just told a common joke which is universally known about the Russians, i do like bringing up a bit of flare before a server starts, yes.

    Messaged to FundB who was one of their leaders, its a "maybe" many of them are playing TT but gave me a maybe so its 50/50 i guess.