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    Given that such a big issue has been made out of this, if i may ask. How many of you are deleting ? Can you please give us your names and numbers so that i can start playing the chilled out travian, using the Godmode cheat game where no def can stop my hammers ?

    hahaha you saved our pvt lives too eatie, try to wrap it by the end of december ? Ive got a new job from January so free time before that will be appreciated. Thanks bro

    Its all fun for us too but you wouldnt understand that. If we are only 60 against everyone we obviously have to take good players, obviously you cant take everyone.As for gold let me clarify, none of us are gold abusers. There is a way to sim in travian and simply having lots of parties dosent cut it, dosent mean that we all spurge gold here and there.

    Lol what info ? you merged with FU2 in Africa, what other proof do you need? I say please stop with all this preaching, atleast we clear the regions we want rather than form unnecessary naps. Also ill clarify, most of us, 90% of us have not played with Heathens before and this too is a random gathering. I know you wont believe this but what else can i say ?

    Clearly all that i say would be considered rubbish to your ears so the only point is -

    1. Heathens is not pre-formed except 4-5 accounts

    2. We dont do Naps or Confeds, TVV is not associated with us.

    3. The fact that our accounts are doing well is due to our organization, not due to gold usage (OH PLEASE THE BIGGEST GOLD ABUSER IS NAGIBATOR)...

    Now lets see what JC has done -

    1. Formed a meta since the start (Confed with TVV and now FU2)

    2. Shouted from rooftops about gold usage as if its a sin when the biggest gold user in the server is your player (HYPOCRISY!)

    3. Constantly messaging other alliances and players to join against Heathens (Not that we mind.)

    Stop living in this sense of fear and play the game without cribbing.

    Now this is funny, if i remember correctly, you said Heathens control FU, FU2, TK and other such alliances...... but they seemed to be merging with you ?? whats going on here eatie ? your hypocrisy got the better of you ? Man we can all laugh a bit now.

    Well who has been complaining throughout the whole thread ? Look up - its you. All i am saying is that if you have so many problems then better solve it or leave the game. I would seriously suggest you solve these matters rather than air out your dirty laundry in the public.

    Am not Odin though, but i hope you understand this. If a player from JC is located in our area which we plan to dominate, we will take him in too. Obviously he has to meet the standards required. However Mokshya or Ghosting joining us never stopped us from attacking TVV or TK, sadly none of them are in our interest area. As for those who are we will take care of them, ofcourse till the time our interest area increases.

    As for The Dark Soul, well he had his own issues which are irrelevant. To be frank many of us in Heathens play to win and have been aiming to do since the start, we have had minimal contact with other alliances and would not hesitate in giving good players a chance albeit you are in our region (stressing on this point again). I am not a leader but i can say that many of us want to win the First Path to Pandora server and have worked hard for this.

    Your alliance could very easily had been this good if the best from TVV and JC were together, rather than playing the "confed-confed" game at the start you should have realized that only one alliance can win this. We never allowed alliances in our area to be too strong while you clearly did, dont blame us for taking good players.

    I would suggest that if you are so dissapointed with the server then please start the countdown button, better we all leave this server early. And i say again if your guy from JC comes to us and says i want to join Heathens, and is willing to relocate his villas, well he deserves a place. So better keep your members safe cause and secure, the deletion of dark soul barely impacts us.

    NOTE: Please use paragraphs as it makes it easier to comprehend. The use of comma and fullstops at the correct moment also helps.

    ohhhh ok. any proof of this ? you see us collaborating or helping them ? you want us to attack them to prove otherwise ? why would we do so without provocation, just to prove you wrong ?

    We have clarified we dont associate with any alliance in this server. If you dont believe us then i cant do much.

    We simply dont have a choice, the regions we are in didnt have UF or many Fools regions. We have to sim hard, even now we are 10k behind VP when compared to JC. I still firmly believe that TVV, TK and JC will team up as that it what usually happens in these servers .

    You might call this a dead server but i think the map is too spread out for there to be conflict so early. Now that most regions are contested fights are bound to happen.

    hmmmm gold helps in raiding.... how ?

    Am pretty sure Nagibator never uses gold, his troops just magically merge with each other, his villas get simmed to 600 pop overnight by pure magic right ?

    wow wow wow, i dont know how many times we have to clarify, we dont work with TK or TVV. Blame your incompetence and youre mismangement for not being to handle your enemies. We never associate with metas, stop giving excuses as to why you suck so bad at managing an alliance. Why dont you guys mass delete, we will take care of the rest and end the server early if all this is so hopeless.

    ahh come on its just banter bro, we dont want to offend you or anything. I think its good what JC are doing, accumulating the VP already, shows nice planning on your part.

    LOL, bro you are an expert in making yourself seem miserable.

    Is there anyone even contesting against you in any of the region, no.
    Are the regions you capturing not giving you enough cp? Well they are giving plenty
    Are you players inactive and not good enough? Well 5 out of top 10 raiders are from your side so no
    Do you not have UT and UD in your region which you can capture easily? Yes

    The only reason your crying is because your leadership is not streamlined ? well, Dve and Hamburgular are leaders who know how to play well and same for you. Please dont try to show how "bad" your situation is. You are contributing to the fear mongering against Heathens by showing how weak you area, will be better if you start farming more rather than crying about how TK is taking all your farms.

    The real uphill battle is for Heathens, no matter how good we are, we only 60. No we dont believe in confeds as told many times and no i dont know who "the big boss raider" as you said is.

    Why not simply have 2 wing of your own guys, each dominating different regions. With one wing focusing on capturing particular region, you dont need a lot of effort for this.

    Am a lonely account in this server