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    Most people who aren't using techs in this competitive server would lose out on the best croppers to those who are. We tried honest play without techs against Web (Russian Ally) on CV19 and we lost out on most of the good 15c. Dont be so naive, everyones using techs in com2.

    MDS are spawning SE.. Trevrep is returning to reclaim the biggest teuton hammer ever title.

    If DA return, 95% MDA reforms to reclaim MDA Glory, 2008-2012

    I asked around and the guy Trevrep is Tarkelic and he's in TEN. SPY ?

    Many of us have played the game for 10-12 years now. Na we dont quit but I would rather not build a WW when our loss is clearly visible just so that TDE and their many wings can get a chance to utilise their gold.

    Unlike TDE we had a fun time fighting the enemy till day, us deleting can be called a big FU to those who merged everything. Hahaha enjoy the server now...

    Hahahaha Stiggy dosent even have the first facts clear. There were no TEN alliance leading, just 3 guys from gunners.

    1. There was no zerging on our side. At the start we had 60 members in our quad and later 60 in another. Both of our quads have competition in the quad and we didn't unify them.

    2. NGP acted against us, we took care of them. Later the slaves in SE begged to join us and we said no. Wanted a tough server.

    3. We have IGMS of your leader contacting GODS, TNT and other alliances, on top of that you merged with SE. You had 4 wings of your own with 30 pre mades. We were randoms joined together.

    Your leader ruined the server for you. Enjoy the competition, ask lord rahl which alliances he had contacted for help.

    We never had many wings, dont know where you get your info from dear Stiggy.

    You guys never bothered to keep the server competitive, joined hands with every ally you can find - BK BK 2, NGP, NGP 2, GODS, TNT just to name a few. What a bunch of losers, coming with premeds and merging with more than half the server to compete against random and new alliance. On top of that had the audacity to expect GD to play and let them get their so called win.

    You are seriously crying about this, can't believe it. Should have thought of this before you unite 500 players against a team of 150 acc. Did you really think GD should stay and give you guys the satisfaction of hitting our WW ?

    YOU GUYS RUINED THE SERVER FOR YOURSELF. Putting the odds so much against us that we had no choice, had you done so via ops or skills we could have stayed. However recruiting every alliance does it for us. Dont know why we should waste our time when a premade alliance has already united 3/4 of the quad, took UA due to confed.

    Win now, your only competition now is GODS and TNT haahahahaa.

    Also TDE had approached NBA and co to merge before we did so..... you guys were hell bent on doing the merging no matter who it was.

    They simply couldn't come up with a way to make it appealing enough for players in this day and age. Neither did they want to put in that much investment when their company was still in positive.

    The fact that there are less players but maybe the amount of them buying gold has increased must give them confidence that this will last. End of the day, a game with a concept such as this won't be competitive against browser games where character move lol rather than it being a numbers game.