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    TEN is weakest, how ? Well here is the answer -

    1. Do we have Big Wwks and WWrs - Yes we do.

    2. Do we have millions of def left to protect our WW and hammers - Yes

    3. Have we had any of ourWWks or WWrs chiefed - No.

    4. Have we had any capitals being 0 popped - No.

    5. Have we been attacked a lot - Yes -

    1. GoW 60 75131 4507867
    2. TEN Y 60 62655 3759310

    oh yes we have been attacked a lot and we have defended.

    6. Have we done successful off ops - Yes we have, we have chiefed WWks Rs and hammers, taken out multiple captiles, stolen unique artis.

    7. Do we have decent artefact collection - Yes we do, for a very long time we had a perfect combo and towards the end we lost UD. Even then our priorities were to win the server. Not to get a lot of Off points or purple raiding medals.

    8. Have we been double teamed with coordinated attacks - Yes.

    Please do tell me how TEN has been the weakest, or your skewered view has left you with an illusion that killing lots of def and raiding makes you the best.

    I don't know Ascky, what you are doing is essentially blaming the victim. By your logic all those who were victims of credit card fraud via similar methods should get no compensation and should deal with it. Perfect example of Victim blaming.

    If you open up the terms and conditions of your credit card policy and your online banking partner, they'll have a neat little clause too where they expressly mention that the company would never ask for your password. However people are victims of such scams inspite of this, does not mean the credit card company would shrug their hands off and say "not my fault you're dumb enough".

    This is pretty shocking that your fellow leaders were giving me lectures regarding how Indians are scamming their people regarding these methods but here you are, victim blaming.

    A decent reply wouldve been to simply condemn it and bring the culprit into the light.


    Like this?

    You remember those Indian scams you laughed at ?

    Where an Individual would message a Senior Citizen and ask for his password under the guise of working under IRS or any other authority ? That phishing.

    What else is phishing ?

    1. Target contacted via email or other mode of communication

    2. "Posing" as a legitimate authority

    3. Entrap an individual into giving sensitive information i.e. password - Entraping, luring are the keywords here and an essential element.

    I can break it down into these simple elements.

    One activity is shady and disgusting, the other is a cybercrime and a criminal offence.

    To understand who might be responsible for this, all we have to ask is - who gains from this.

    Gettertools is a third party tool and is no way related to the game. If such a thing happened it cause of spy work and shady things. What happened here is different, this is a clear case of phishing which GoW likes to attribute to Indians in discord.

    Phishing - "Phishing is a cybercrime in which a target or targets are contacted by email, telephone or text message by someone posing as a legitimate institution to lure individuals into providing sensitive data such as personally identifiable information, banking and credit card details, and passwords"

    The people who will be tricked into this are falling prey to a crime not an instance where a dual gave the password to a friend. Phishing falls under the category of Cybercrime in Europe and America.

    Haha you can believe all you want, market bought, fake, illegal etc etc. The fact remains that you'll be losing this server. Your views regarding my qualifications don't really matter. So please go on ahead, thats the only point left for you to speak about anyway.

    Silence is the best treatment, which is what you'll be getting from now on.

    Sorry man, you sound delusional.

    First- We both know GoW had 600k def defending that WW and within 24 hours UC covered it. Taking it back would've led to a loss of a WWk and still no guarantee you get it back.

    Second - The second WW does not have the support structure ready and it will take a very long time for the WW to be ready to support the def required.

    Third - While they are planning to hit both sides, their WWks will also face the onslaught, as Jack mentioned many times they can only do so if others allow their WWks to survive that long. Now they just have to face GoW.

    I don't think you've ever built a WW or sat for one ? There is a reason why you need to get a support infrastructure set up for a WW and is the reason why TEN got it set up so early. Starting a WW just 10 days before plans (Cant use gold there) would make it next to impossible unless they can preserve all their WWks and Rs, while one got chiefed and other nearly 0 popped should show that it would be a highly improbable scenario. Also you need 100-200 support villas to give a good supply of res for the WW. Even with a UD it won't be as easy with no support infrastructure ready.

    As for my Law degree, you need not worry about that. Even if its bought from the market, am winning the server.

    Oh my if "lawyers" were honest, bro you better wish for a lawyer whose willing to lie for you.... an honest to god lawyer won't do you much good.

    What TEN showed bla bla bla... you got your victory by chiefing gunners WW we will take out sort of victory.

    Again ill ask your intellectual brain - What did you expect Gunners to do after you chief they WW

    1. Delete without taking revenge

    2. Submit to GoW in all praises and ensure that the people who trashed their WW and them in discord win

    3. Join with TEN, get a respectable joint win and at the same time get their revenge.

    These are the only three situations.

    Cant give racist taunts here Edwin, that will get your acc banned and removed. Be careful of that, can't be a spoilt kid here....

    Oh tinysuck is back at it again with his ill-informed opinion..

    Taking revenge and confeding with the enemy to share arties ww and def is a completely different matter.

    Also sorry for beating Gunners I guess. That's something TEN was never able to do.

    I guess history repeats itself. TEN confeds with everyone even with natars in order to "win". I guess if you are bad at the game, you might as well confed with everyone to have a shot at winning.

    Oh is it ruining the fun for "everyone" ???? Maybe we could've won but GoW would've had a shot at at win, maybe a good one or maybe not. End of the day, its all about making sure GoW loses. That alone makes TEN and Gunners winners.

    I mean TEN was always aiming for the win, Gunners had a couple of choices. Delete, Join GoW or Join TEN. Pretty easy to understand they wouldn't want the team who took their WW to win and Flamed the hell out of them. Deleting wouldve given GoW a chance at winning the server, pretty obvious what Gunners would choose. Did you not take this situation under consideration or you thought you'll be able to recruit a good chunk of the Gunners ?

    Its weird that you think TEN members are not proud of our leaders, we have been fighting a lot this server and still here. Albeit we lost a few artis but none of our major hammers were chiefed, none of our capitals were 0 popped and we are in a very strong position.

    Now you say that you'll shame TEN and Gunners via the forum ? Well go right ahead, end of the day what matters is the WW win. Outsiders like LOLLL etc etc can say what they want. However all GoW glory will be gone when we push you out of top 20 pop and attackers once we are done with your WW.

    Boast all you want, a WW win is what matters, be it a meta or solo. You havent don't much if you don't get that WW to Lev 100.

    On the point of you trashing TEN ??? How ?? What did you do ? Sheldon talks about clearing TinyViking cap but 20 fields away the very same def caught 3 of your hammers. Which arti did you steal from TEN ? Which hammer did you chief ? How did you defeat TEN ?

    Please get your facts straight one a 1 vs 1 against TEN.

    We took out one (wwr), Kanuk (wwk) via chiefing, took out 1pac hammer at home which was top 10 at that time, multiple caps lost their cap tiles (this isn't much but this is what gow did). So please do explain how TEN got trashed by Gow.