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    GoW atacked TEN and GUNNERS at the same time, they both retaliated.... cant really expect them to wait for one to take turn and then make their move.

    The fact remains that travians social media presence is very much low. A guy who has an expertise on that would be useful, plus the fact that he stopped the youtube videos a year ago does not take away anything from his accomplishments.

    No ones saying that he will advertise the game on his youtube channel but this is his area of expertise and that he has experience with online platforms.

    I would just like to introduce you guys to the fact that Mentally would be a good rep for another reason, not only would he provide feedback but will also be able to give constructive criticism and suggestions wrt how the game can grow on social media.

    Hes too humble to give his credentials but he has a youtube channel -

    40k subs

    A twitch Channel with 70k supporters and

    Twitter with 23k followers.

    His experience with mass media and his ability to attract attention with his gaming channel would be beneficial for travian games. We all know travians online presence needs to increase and sending a guy over to the HQ who has more social media clout and influence than this game we play might actually help provide more constructive feedback to the HQ.

    Note: These are my personal views and just campaigning for my friend.

    well no... TEN got almost all the best players and artefacts on silver platter, GoW had to work to get more then a few players, was only me and 2-3 others that wanted to go to GoW at first, and we didnt have close to the artefacts TEN got

    Gunners could have tried but im pretty sure they wouldnt get a single player from what people said in REVs discord at least

    I believe the artifacts you guys carried over were infact small trainers, small boots, Large diet and 2-3 more artifacts. Where what we mostly took over involved UD, SD and Large boots more or less. Not an unfair trade given that the major arti which was taken was UD.

    As for the best players, taking those 9 players was not a game changer and was not going to alter the status quo in the server.

    The hell, TEN barely took 10 players to ensure that the server remains fair and equal. The 10-12 players joining actually made it an equal playing field, the imbalance came when GoW took a whole wing of REVs as their own. Especially when ajax claimed that he hates meta etc etc

    Tzobo 20k axes 8k tks... good work taking that one out tbh. You know its this count as this was what remained after the ghosting by Gunnerz.

    Too early to say GoW is doomed, they got plenty of artifacts and hammers to stage a comeback in my view. No alliance is doomed till we see a lot of deletions from their side, which i dont think will happen at this stage.

    I am pretty sure the first attacks were started by GoW, if you scroll up the report section in the server discord youll find the reports. They were essentially croplock of capitals by 2-3 of your guys. Zennaa .