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    Dunno which "leaders" you have been talking to, its obvious we have pacts with ML, just look at their name on the WWs and it says all. Or just clicking on our allience profile ingame, its official to everyone.

    On hispanic forum BSG leader says their meta has nothing to do with ML. urubolso_ES why are you trying to hide your big meta?

    The truth is that Snoopy is in a very complicated area. We've been at war during the whole server against ML-PL and their wings, they also slammed almost all their important hammers on Snoopy and his defenses during the rounds they organize every 2-3 days. Since they didn't achieve what they expected, they called ML-LOVE for help. Furthermore, after they noticed that Snoopy will continue playing despite the "successful" round they did a couple of days ago, they also asked TÆQUILA for help. We will have to change our gameplay, but we will continue bothering you.