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    Been working with Italians for a couple of years now , i speak your language very well and what i have learned is that if a Italians sees the sky red and not blue it's useless to even try to show him the opposite , he will never accept that he is wrong.


    You (EXODUS) are really strong, in my opinion! It's really fun to play against you :) I dont think our loved Ciccio_Shady_IT <3 wanted to indispone you in any way :)

    This is just forum stuff, let's not start hate for a few stupid (for your point of view) posts :)

    I live in Romania since 5 years and the most important thing I've learned in this time is that you should never believe in ''generalizations''.

    Everyone is different, everyone thinks different, not all italians are MAFIA PIZZA & BUNGA BUNGA and not all Romanians are what many say they are :)

    SOOOOO let's leave this shit behind and let's have some fun together! :D

    I dream a round with no hate, but full of battles <3

    Still, on our capital we had incoming attacks from Tequila while on the other border we had the ones from exodus /dacia :) isn't this all vs uollas? Dodger

    Coincidence or not now It's time to go back to my zappa and you better do that too! :osd:

    I think with all the respect you are wrong,after the first arrivals of Russian mains the Italians realized that this was not the case,the bug is just an excuse,I play for them, but I am deeply disappointed,we stayed in three alliances,is this is a reality :)

    I wish that was the case!!;(

    unfortunately I believe we really had good chances and the bug just fked up everything we built in months of hard work.

    The rest are just talks, I dont see why someone would invest more time and money in a bugged server.

    If you don't understand that, probably you didnt spend enough time on your account or you would have been even more disappointed and not with our admins ...... but with our beloved TG.

    I hope you got my point, because i'm not gonna reply anymore this 3d, I already wasted enough time in this stupid final.

    Big Up for Uollas meta