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    All quiet today, I guess NE meta do not want to comment on their lack of off points. Or mention how many alliance smake up their "small alliances" total for def either. Didn't get this attack?

    In other news....

    "Look at our def points"

    I'm looking at their off points :D

    Significant no? (Counting alliances over 1mil off points) (Could take a while counting ITA Meta friends of a friend of a 2nd cousin once removed on their fathers side)

    And if they are posting Exodus run into "huge walls" where their off barely kill any def, then its even more impressive.

    Jank2, it's almost as if you're trying to say Ciccio provided manipulated stats to make his meta look good on the forums.

    Come on now, thats absurd. Ciccio is an upstanding citizen and wouldn't be seen posting properganda...

    Every message you write proves more and more that you don't understand anything about this game. Maybe that's why it's better to run away and make war with animals. A tip I can give you is to change the game bro, this is not for you :osd:

    Trust me lad, I know the game better than you

    Looks like I can also -edited- better than you when your members post on here as well.

    I think you should check your leading skills, and sometimes is better to stay in silence, thinking about the same old humiliation you received. Do like your friends, who always talked a lot, and it s from day 20 they stay in silence, a silence like the one of today.

    We said to pattanza " congratulation the same, off operation well executed, but not well organized ", sometimes you can do the same, or at least, stay in silence.

    You did 3 off operations on us, you crashed every hammer in all of the 3, ask some questions, try also to image how we could wall you if we had only a war against you, you crashed when uollas fought 2 border wars + thai in NE, who knows how your crashes would be if we had to fight ONLY against you.

    Why are you playing the sympathy card now?

    Earlier today:

    "We killed loads of off with a huge def wall"

    Later today:

    "We do not have enough def for WW"

    Why have you gloated about killing so many armies when their impact was always meant to reduce your def, it's like you have just realised that? As its been pointed out to you multiple times, these armies do not have siege for a WWK so their use is to die eventually killing as much def as possible and if they take out a village or two, then all good :)

    We were suposed to be nap with Exodus+Dacia yes, but they have sent multiple fakes on us so im not sure how good that NAP was in practice :P
    About Nap with new italians thats just not true (Or atleast i don't know about which i highly doubt) + Malysh stole a fool from us :/

    We've had a quiet server compared to others for sure, but from my understanding we have done alot of ops on the germans & chinese in our quad, im sure someone who is more involved in our OPs can answer better on this topic then me.

    We recieved fakes from Russians too on our artefacts :P

    and in last days, like today, we will never train again deff in time for WW

    Do you want more def points? We still have armies (not those 10k hammers you posted)

    /my2cents off.

    Good read, I would say thats a fair analysis of the server to date.

    It is why UNION are favourite to this server, following NW, NE and then SE. NW haven't exhausted any WWKs on Uolloas meta, but just armies that are made for operational purposes without seige. Since Uollas haven't attacked back, NW def has continued to stack.

    Yes NE have a lot of mini hammers to hit WWs (Or just one WW ;)) with but against opponents with large WW def, how much damage will they do? Also large WWKs will also hit their WW hard due to their lack of defence.

    Mora than 24 ally on one meta? Confed system works well, right Ridder Huma ?

    There are plenty ways to get round the confed system.

    But NE meta rule is when you see a group of players, ask them to join you. New Order did this to our group on quals but their members were clear and obvious cheaters so we said no.

    Need more than 24 alliances? :D Just like groupint quals, meta with 90% of the server :D

    i remember back the days when everyone played against Russians, now everybody plays against Uollas, maybe there is a reason, facts talk :osd:

    Maybe just maybe, its the way your meta conduct yourselves on here and make people dislike your members. Just a thought anyway.

    I gurantee you if your meta refrained from forum posting, people would think better of you.

    That is shame on you and norhing to brag about how others can get deff points if you don't make any attacks? Everyone here has tons of deff just don't have anything to use it on.

    They just wanna brag about people crashing disposable armies on them. Must be because everyone really likes them and wants them to win. Only thing I can imagine at least.

    Like Geese said, these armies don't have seige so what are you meant to do with them? May as well crash them to waste def, free up crop and spam def.

    But dw, HUGE wall. Great turn out NE Meta.

    Who do the small alliances include?