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    good post obi, more of this pls.

    I never denied that it was a good hit. I simply said that it was not a WWr (or not a good one after that ghosting) and if it was, Grims' would have been too. I just wanted to highlight the double standard on his assessment on Grim back then vs now on this.

    About the player, I also heard that he didnt report attacks properly (cannot confirm since not in TEN DC tool). He also didnt have any scouts or standing on his rams which got ghosted earlier. So yeah, he truly deserved to be chiefed :whistling: I have no problem calling these as newbie mistakes, not gonna spin anything around. But it wasn't the point of discussion, was it?

    Should have learned from SGRs/TENs OC obviously

    I thought you all loved Grim :/ Then again, this seems like a attackers mistake rather than the OC himself.

    He is not self-proclaimed

    I don't think he is doing a poor job as OC with the limited experience. A couple of nice results already, it is what I have been telling him/James and Cris whole last round that it doesn't take a genius to make a successful op (especially with good launchers you have in Vices) although some argued that all ops are useless... It is just funny to declare own ops as successful as a newbie on this. Then again, it would be more fun to see it against SGR - I am not saying that it would be a better result for us but it would be more entertaining for sure.


    Love it. Love how much effort you put in to reply to my posts - clearly showing how much you are trying to prove yourself. When out of arguments, come back with more memes and generic terms like "salty, git gud, cry to mom".

    Look Pishki, I understand that you are upset about splatting your hammer on a silly journey and you are trying to see a silver lining in this op. Get real for once, it was a good chiefing however this could barely be called a WWr chiefing and if you call it a WWr (since was ghosted and the owner didnt do a good job building a good one anyways) then Grim's would have been a WWr as well. Which part really do you fail to grasp, really? That being said, did all the logic has left you and you cannot even calculate the army sizes? (even with kirilloid help and such). So there is no point arguing with you. Get over it. Grim's intention has nothing to do with it, we were purely comparing if Grim would make it to a ok early WWr or not. And he would clearly have as good of a WWr as this guy (if not better) if he wanted to (or would be convinced by teammates) from then point on, using trainers regularly. If you still cannot get your head around it, don't be shy and ping me on Skype, then I will show you comparison of what Grim would have had vs this guy. CBA to post it all in here.

    Gloat as much as you want about chiefing an already ghosted rammer, it is making all the more pathetic kiddo. Self-proclaimed pro OC... who didn't even know how to make a single op up until last month. Truly entertaining. Still waiting for your wildly successful OPs towards SGR :sleeping:

    No. I specifically pointed out that we ghosted 10k out of 20k that were parked at that location, we don't know the total number of the rams, but it's not hard to think he had more than that based on trainer usage.
    The ghosting of 10k out of 20k rams AT THAT SPECIFIC LOCATION was also 3 weeks ago, 06.08.2019, so again, not comparable to an OP hammer you falsely tried to paint as WWR.

    "6k or so", yeah, no, it was 4-5k. The grim himself said he'd never go WWR, he's playing as an OP hammer, so your entire argument is stupid. Here, a personal insult you like so much, will you go cry to mommy?
    Don't talk about "cheap propaganda" when your entire post is just that, propaganda.

    Don't forget megaMETA lost 300+ players due to your own incompetence.

    I posted a member count with only numbers and facts and you disliked it. Classic SGR, can't handle facts and the truth.

    Are you even listening? I know for a fact that that guy was no WWr after that ghosting. I know for a fact that Grim would have a bigger WWr at this point (apparently you cannot even read the reports since you said 4-5k rams) of your ops if he wanted to. It is a simple math. So shut up if you do not know things about enemy hammers and wwrs. But then again, seeing how you fail to count the number of accounts, I don’t know why am I still surprised about it all.

    I know that you try to look all strong and successful with this op, and you cannot even handle a simple fact that the chiefed village didn’t even bother anyone here as all knew that he was gone after that ghosting. It took only stating this fact to trigger you. Ezpz. Now, go rebuild the hammer you splatted instead of trying to calculate things with basic math.

    About personal insults, you set the bar high, so don’t lower it to “cry to mommy”. More phobic and discriminatory stuff please. It suits you better.

    Grimreapertaken had triple or quadruple the rams of The Grim, how is this comparable? Obi playing a victim again. Classic.


    Didn’t you say that he had around 10k rams (which I doubt) at the time of chiefing? And Grim had around 6k or so a month ago which means he would easily have similar numbers with a bigger escort.

    I see that a basic math is not your strongest suit. So please stick to a cheap propaganda and personal insults, instead of trying to argue with substance and with numbers. At least it you won’t embarrass yourself that much.

    We ghosted 10k rams out of 20k that were parked there, total size of the hammer said by the owner was around 300k, so yes, I'd say it's classified as a WWR chiefing :D

    So, you belittle Grim's rammer when we asked for his hammer restoration and exaggerate this one as WWr chiefing when it suits you. Classic.

    I do agree however its inefficient use of ghost hammers. So I blame whoever made this call

    It is. In every server there will be players who underestimate the power of ghosts and leave villages unattended. V had its fair share last round, not so much this round.

    Furthermore, the outcome of the server was not affected in any way.

    I am not saying my values are everyone´s, but they are what I conceive to be right and true, noone can be expected to do better that that.

    I am confused, you started as a Kantian and concluded as a consequentialist. Do your values exist for actions or do they depend on the outcome of the actions? If you claim to have morals, shouldn't they be NOT reliant on the consequences but rather purely be "right thing to do"? For example, if you despise backstabbing, you should condemn it regardless of its impact on the server. It seems contradictory to condone it just because "it turned out to be okay this time" or "it wouldn't have changed the outcome in this particular situation anyways".

    No other alliance could fight bravely and fairly against an opponent who outnumbered them by more than 500 accounts.

    This gave me a good chuckle. Honest question - have you ever played this game before Vices/Villains? I have personally played (more than once) in a single wing alliance where we have beaten multiple 3-4 wing metas. I know of at least 3-4 other examples on top of my head too (not sure how imbalanced the sizes were in each of them though)

    Something like that will always be known by the other party one way or another.

    It can be because of discord, or because people are frustrated and vent about that against VICES players. It's a heat in the moment thing for some people.

    Happens everywhere.

    It is exactly my point. It is not necessarily spying that some info is spread around.

    If you are referring to me I have no Idea what calls were made by your DC's, I could however, through careful deduction infer what calls were not made.

    No, I wasn’t referring to you. Someone in Vices was mentioning that attacks on UT wasn’t even reported on our def tool. Probably someone talking or something out on spam chat, don’t know. Either way, same idea as Agrona is mentioning.

    And the spam chat has been used here as a origin story for Vices using techs.

    Not by me, though. In the part you quoted, I didn't mean that I have a spy on vice spam chat (I really do not have one). People talk and the word gets around one way or another. People openly expressed some of these here on the forum too. Similar to probably how your players were mentioning about our DC calls or tonzofgunz's outburst etc. just a few pages back.

    As there real people are getting hurt

    Integrity does not vary. Either you have it or you don´t. What we value is what varies however. I value people and want them treated with respect. If you are not happy about how I answer some of your friends on this forum, you should read what they have written here earlier to my posts.

    I managed to read up until this point without major objections. Double standards are understandable when you are rooting for one side. For instance, you are completely ignoring rounds before last one where fnx (and James) listed all the spies from Villains (and SGR) or ignoring the fact that only few people were involved about CT (I have no idea what is that you are referring with Mazzi's CT planning in the chat, maybe mads knows but I doubt it.).

    Sorry but, this last part is borderline contradictory if not hypocritical and seem to be hinting me as well.

    For pages and pages, the heated arguments between me and your beloved friends was this: I criticize them (and I admit, it can be harsh criticism at times. Similar to how you despise spies, I despise techs and stuff like creating accounts under BP.) - they call me many things varying from gay (as if it is something bad) to narcissist - I react to those showing my dislike for discriminatory insults and they should stick to game-related things - they, INCLUDING YOU, tell me that "ohh, poor boy, are you hurt? Too bad that you are touchy, lol".

    Literally the other day you basically said that "We cannot help if you are hurt by simple jokes and it is your problem" - mind you, the "jokes" were direct attacks to real life personality. And now you are complaining about real people are getting hurt by game mechanic and you value people in this community? Doesn't your earlier reaction justify someone saying "it is not my problem if you cannot handle spies lul" kind of reaction? Even if you may have thought a joke was not racist at first (which it was as I have shown, intentional or not), you not only seemed to have zero problems with me considering it racist, but also blamed me for it as well. If you think that you know what should hurt people and what shouldn't, even more than the very people who are subjected to the actions, I am sorry but you cannot claim to be so caring about others.

    I thought about suggesting that it might be actually you who should be considering if your friendships are misplaced or not, but when I think about it, you seem to be fitting there quite well.

    Nothing wrong in attack on Xmas... just bad taste and lack of backbone in finding excuses.

    Is it a bad taste and lack of backbone to attack on eid-al-adha or do we only care about holidays for particular religions?

    Nice op btw.

    We have a Turkish restaurant at the seaside, not sure if It's original 100%, but when I ordered kebab they gave me a plate with some meat and other stuff, pretty fancy looking, nothing similar to what I'm used to call a kebab :D Looked on the menu and saw many foods like this, so after what you wrote I understand that in Turkey kebab is pretty fancy food :) In România u get a big Sandwich with meat, sauces, lettuce, and maybe spicy peppers if you want.

    I have never heard of kebab pizza before, to be honest ^^ But seems like a heavy food to eat...

    Btw I like shawarma more than kebab. Not so much bread ;)

    Have you heard of Nusret, a.k.a. "Salt Bae"? He is a Turkish cook who became an international celebrity with his restaurants. He expanded his chain to many countries now and posting photos on instagram with a bunch of famous people - refer below for some photos. It is a an example of a high-end kebab restaurant becoming international (Well, to be precise, not exactly a kebab restaurant but quite similar). You can even get a gold-plated kebab and stuff :rolleyes: It is not uncommon to go to a fancy restaurant with an amazing Bosporus view as family and have kebab accompanied with good wine or raki. After all that kebab on a pizza is just a meh really.

    And Shwarma is more like "doner" really. The turning meat thingy that everyone falsely calls as kebab. Or gyros as Greek would call.