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    Well, I didnt mean it in a bad way. I know that you said it lightheartedly. Valt's comments should have been read in the same spirit.

    Also, James, if you are referring to ts29, you don't know what happened in the other server. If you believe that our actions/what we do or toxicity made us have more enemies and brought them here, you should talk to Sarcy. We made so many friends and just had fun in that casual server. You cannot really blame fnx or anyone else for having obsessed 1-2 haters who got their bums kicked there.

    A bit hard comparing what happened in NZ (or whatever attack in the world) to spiking. Mybe he's not him who need to chill.

    To be fair, it was james who resembled spiking to terrorism first. Also it is not comparing the actions themselves but the idiocy behind the so called manifestation. Also, nice to see some Vices opinion on all this matter of spiking finally.

    I would suggest people to just to stop taking him seriously. We all tried to reason, it doesnt work. Comparing botting to spiking to make this argument is itself a total nonsense. Nobody has ever defended botting so bringing up botting in so called motto is illogical. Why does it have to be spiking OR botting? If you want to voice your opinion, go manifest against both, lol. Also aerrowsathish has put it clearly - that raiding is a core mechanic in this game and trying to hinder that cannot possibly be helping travian.

    It is actually ludicrous to argue that raiding is simming, fully knowing that spiking will lead to REAL simming, a.k.a. massive accounts with garages. Haven't seen such inconsistency in reasoning long time.

    is spiking allowed? is garage allowed and to what exsten is it. is tech allow, like duals making another account to help out main.

    just because you are weak, and dont know how to play against spiking, dont just cry on the forum, go and learn to play plz. Then next time we won't see so much crying on the forum and more action on the server.

    None are allowed but we all know how slow TG is to enforce its own rules. I already said million times that we (at least I) do not condone any sort of abuse (from botting to techs).

    Oh and please, we know how to play against any kind of retardation. Don't ever think that you are the first toxic guy this group has played against. And typical "crying" argument. Signature of the guy of "I have no other logical arguments".

    Why would we bother when all you guys can do is make up stupid conspiracy theories about how the spikers are Lowland/Vices plants?

    It is more of the other way around (being silent > conspiracies) but w/e. Now' I am truly done with this topic.

    Let's see how the server plays out going forward.

    nice try tho

    I bet developers had no clue in the beginning that this would become a problem. You can see it looking at 5-6 years ago where spiking was not a commonplace as it is today. But people find it easy to take advantage of such unintended mechanics instead of playing it fair. It is similar to finding a bug in the game and trying to beat it by abusing it. You CAN make use of it, but you were not supposed to. Anyway, I am done on this topic.


    an even more simple solution would just be to prevent reinforcing all inactive accounts + natars

    Natars already cannot be reinforced. But yes, not reinforcing inactive accounts (for instance, no log in in 7 days) might be a solution.

    better to spike than to bot.

    Okay, I will give this a try only once. Better spike than to does not make it okay to spike. Why do you compare it to botting to start with? Botting is illegal, same with many other things including, mutli-accounting, garaging etc. None of these should have a place in this game. But the fact that these are done by some players cannot be used to make spiking okay. Any decent player knows how detrimental spiking to the playerbase. If spiking was more of a commonplace, I am sure that no serious player who feeds their troops by raiding would not have played this game. I hope you will see that comparing these two out of nowhere is a complete bs.

    And as for the bullying part... What bullying are you talking about? . Spiking is not a legal strat, it is a game abusing mechanic that is overlooked by TG developers. That is why they are fixing this in some other servers and soon will be implemented (we hope) in these servers too. I have nothing else to say if you dont see that spiking turns travian into a farming simulator game as raiding is too dangerous. Sim all the fields, feeder villages, garages, multies + NPC to feed the troops... (When I think about it, it can be TG developers' idea to force people not to raid so that they need to spend more money to feed troops). Any way, all your arguments are void. In either case, you seem to be a troll so no point to argue any of these.

    As for the other alliances in the server, funny that people keep liking this guy's posts or not saying anything to criticize - those who are typically the first to jump here to write a wall of text when they find it necessary. I guess, one does not care as long as it does not directly affect them. Or be content with it since it is impacting the enemy. Fair enough.

    --------from a hardcore player who skipped tons of sleeps and experienced tons of insults for this game from family :P:P:P

    I feel you. I experienced those insults when my ex-gf found out why I bought a tablet and started to have extended/frequent bathroom breaks. It was indeed fun before introduction of farmlists. Wake up at 4am, just to send raids from the reports. (dream)

    hmm... some people who're waiting for a new server to start? Yep, that'd be eatie and his Slayers co if i recall correctly from our chats. Nice new forum account you created btw.

    I dont think this is eatie fnx. This one does not make punctuation mistakes at the end of the sentences (no space between the end of the sentence and the dot). Also seems to be coherent in his arguments.


    spikers is good for the game. Travian is a war game, not a game where you just hit a button every 10 min. Spikers helps doing that, if you just want to sim you know what game to play.

    Exactly! Travian is a war game and you should instead have massive garages so that the troops wont even leave the villages at all due to spiking of farms. If you want to sim you know wh... oh wait...

    You know you could have asked us about the ban reason, before you go to the forums to spread lies? Their ban has nothing to do with raiding bots or scripting, yknow the things that HB is great at.

    Why are they banned then?

    Maybe this along with a mechanic to be able to "farm" or "gain" gold - by completing specific quests etc. Then, gold could be a constrained resource, where one would need to be mindful how to spend them.

    I am gonna quote myself here :D I know that it is a big jump but cannot we have a mechanic to have gold as 5th resource (Next to wood, clay, iron, wheat) but rare? I really want this. For instance, one should think to prioritize a 15c cropper vs another village with gold production, which can later be used in the auctions, activate plus, NPC etc. Oases can similarly be arranged accordingly (gold/wheat oases etc). That would not only solve the gold abuse issue but also bring a very fresh mechanic into the game.

    Imagine being so afriad to admit you're using dirty tactics so you have to blame the other side of the fence.
    You always have a choice to use techs/support accounts/garages whatever you want to call them.... but just shifting blame and living in denial is just pathetic.

    I hope this is not directed to me, as I have never used any of these. We already said that SGR had (and still probably) has players using these tactics. Same with all other alliances. I already told my take on this issue many time - that none of these should be allowed.

    I don't see anything wrong with using techs aslong as it's acual people and not "cousins".

    Luckily it is not up to you. The rules are clear:

    § 1. Account

    • § 1.1 Each player may only own and play one account per game world. An account must always be played for its own benefit. Accounts that exist solely for the benefit of other accounts may be permanently banned.

    No tech accounts or multi's were used. we hate that behaviour and wouldn't want help in that way.

    The team did help with their cages during beginner protection, yes. We did not receive any resource push after that. In fact, we could use the kickstart to send resources to the deffers which helped us with cages afterwards so they also got a better start. That is imo teamwork and mutual benefit.

    ps. The worst thing is that first people deny with "innocent until MH prove guilty", and afterwards admit it. "But other's are doing it too boohoo".


    Have you even read my post? My post about close2insane was a question not a blame. Not sure why it triggered you like that. If anything, this overreaction makes me suspicious. I know the difference between alliance help and cheating very well, don't worry about it. You guys are publicly shaming HoneyBadgerz for cheating as if you know the full details with certainty while claim that another account with same amount of boosting and raiding just got help from the alliance. Maybe truthful, maybe not - I am not the judge to decide it. All I see from outside is that two teuts have a clear edge from the rest of the server. Yet, apart from "they jump 40k!", I hear nothing but some empty blabbering. I am not defending HoneyBadgerz or anyone else, what I simply said was that it is unfair to reduce the cheating to a single player where in fact, I know many players in various alliances are doing it. It obviously does not pardon the guy doing it (I have also never done it), but this is what this game has turned into, unfortunately.

    Imo, there's a big difference in these two. If you can't see that difference, then I am afraid you've been on the dark side for too long already.

    In that case either you can't see the difference because you are used to this kind of behaviour, or you don't want to see it because for some people winning is more important as fair play and playing a game which is fun for everyone.

    Stop all these pompous and pretentious nonsense. You know absolutely nothing about me. Nor you can teach me anything about fair play.

    If it's up to me, if some signs are obvious that people are using multi's, I would kick them and destroy them. But it seems many are afraid of doing so, because it would mean 1 player less because their ego might get hurt if someone else wins.

    I wouldn't have allowed if it was up to me either. Let's hope that you will follow up on these words.

    When we started this server, every non-raider used all cages for our farmers (mostly Close2Insane) in the first few days.


    Obi-Wan well can i ask you one thing or can you confirm one thing for me , please ,,,, that you have nothing to do with COUNCIL's president CEO acc or do have any knowledge regarding the ownership of the account ?

    I dont even know what you are talking about. I am also actively trying to avoid 1 to 1 conversations with you, so please respect that.

    Please never compare close2insane to honeybadgerz.

    Close2insane = 100 percent legit
    Honeybadgerz = 100 percent cheat through multies

    There are so many people on the server with techs/multies, that reducing it on to one player or alliance is not fair. Feels like, just because he is above your guy on raiding, you feel the need to point him out while ignoring the rest. Such as how do many these people have such attack and defense points for last two weeks? Also, you mean to say that close2insane didnt have any tech accounts, push, oases cleared for him or any sort of boost?

    I believe the man can speak for himself ;)

    Well, the man said that he wants to stay away from the forum. So, it is a bit rude to try to force him to reply to you here. Anyone who talks to fnx for 5 minutes, knows that fnx is not the type of person to post memes here and there.