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    Smithy and Academy can be demolished after researching/upgrading the troops you want to train in that particular village. Exceptions might be that both give good population (if you want to have high population to show off), and academy actually has a decent culture point production (if you want to expand). But ideally, in your village where there is problem with slots (e.g. hammer villages, capitals), you should demolish them once you are done with them.

    Your hammer that had small trainer support is rank 18? Aren't you supposed to be halfway decent players? With all the berating of the rest of the server, one would think you knew what you were doing.

    This is not the first time we used the hammer. It was never meant to be a big one. We cleared a good 3-4 players locally with it before, considerably reducing the size of it. We only casually queued the siege and GB/Gs for that reason as well. Feel free to try to get the top defender spot in the server while running 4-5 ops hammers, one being top 20 after being used many times AND is Egyptian.

    If you want a reference on the WWks this crew are capable of building, you may as well check our profile for the recent reports from other servers (or hall of fame, for that matter).

    Talking about small trainer support, one wonders how come an account that raids 1Billion a week cannot have enough queues so that the trainer can be passed around. Same with the UT holder who is probably spending 100gold a minute to sim villages (and raids very good) bothers to share the UT with only another account (who got banned).

    Maybe Slayers should use their scout arties for scouting instead of hugging them in hammer villages?…HEFr1cNUMwQhWJDHAAAAjqWAA

    In fact, they do.…3bVvuo-GwUwziy0SutJQwMoAI

    Better to be safe than sorry I guess - he might be sitting on 210k scouts on his spawn village, you never know. Not even cropscouting by the way. Nice to see such efficient usage of eyes.

    You had contact with BT from start and i would not dare to believe that you are so much oblivious of MDS and LLD/LSD botting nor that you were not aware when the talks with SYN were done and you joined the confed after it was confirmed SYN was with BT aka TNR.

    Couldnt care less about what you believe. I am saying that we never had any contact with BT or any other alliance up until 2 days ago, and that is the end of it. Whoever claiming otherwise is simply lying.

    In fact, seeing how you just speculated our contact with BT from start out of your rainbow, I am slowly inclining to believe that MAD may as well not be botting after all but it was another one of your baseless claims. And yes, it might be hard to believe for you but we never really cared to pay attention who is cheating apart from Godslayers because it was just too obvious to ignore.

    Well, I see more than a couple of people using the UT and I haven't seen anyone complaining about the 1600 gold paid from your side. And if you really think that it is wrongdoings of 1-2 people and you as well as the rest of Slayers have nothing to do with it, you may as well step down from the leadership to be perfectly honest. It shows that, you have no say on alliance matters or no influence on others. Nor that you feel responsible for your alliance members' actions that are supposed to follow your lead.

    I am not very interested to keep dragging this discussion further.

    Is it not that u made similar argument earlier to prove your righteousness when you are just doing what you shaming yourselves . siding with similar kind cause you are hating the same kind and making a ruckus from start to finish with same kind of stuff when your friends are breaking rules and what not and about racism and other stuff which we do not want to share such things and we had confirmed the things already and no need to show such dirtyness openly to public view . so much talk from you on why you sided rightfully and how you are fighting for righteousness but all you do is to do support same people over and over for your own justification which no one asked but want paint dirt on whole alliances for mistakes of one or two people . just wonder a whole alliance who is breaking rules becomes certainly better in your eyes as you are only dealing with their friends who are supposed to be clean oh wait they are not either .

    I dont know why it is difficult to communicate that we made confed with TNR, just to be able to send defense to somewhere. We do not feel responsible for their wrongdoings, or approve whatever shady thing you claim they did. This might sound selfish, but it is a fact. We did not spend enough time in this server with any of you folks to have a good enough relationship other than using a WW to get us some defense points for the troops we have trained whole server. We honestly dont care about WW in this server. So, we did not feel the need to do an extensive background check either.

    You on the other hand hold leadership role there for a long time, so it is quite a different story. You may try to justify paid UT usage, racism and whatnot all you want by saying that it is mistake of one or two people. Whilst we might not be the most righteous ones, I cannot think of any of these happening in an alliance we are leaders of. Heard some more gossips involving your account as well (maybe your dual, dont know), but cannot be bothered to fact check those either.

    P.S. You were the one asking for the justification for confed with TNR. Also if you dont want these dirty things to be discussed openly in public, it might not be smart to ask for proofs on the forum.

    You're probably too ignorant to know...

    But he is a leader of the biggest and baddest alliance :(

    How to build a hammer?

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    godslayer got banned ? when his stats shows he was active on all days . please enlighten me .

    He didnt. I am not the one making MH policies here, it is a common knowledge that MH sometimes bans those multies and let the main account stay intact. Especially those heavy gold users. Again, it is so palpable that arguing against it is just ludicrous. When we brought it up on the forum earlier, even himself just laughed it off. You seem to be an advocate of his honesty more than himself.

    a particular person had issues and for other part gorgon dual did same for our greek friend and we are not about to cry for that also , not to mention he named his village mocking one of our dual directly taking his real name . please teach me hypocrisy senpai as i am still noob compared to . quite some bravado before you check your own and ask others to check theirs .

    Well, I am not the leader of Gorgon, nor he is mine. We are not in the same alliance and as stated multiple times, we made confed just to put our defense somewhere since you guys were too timid on attacking. It doesnt mean that we approve everything he does or feel the need to defend him. Unlike you, I am not gonna come up with lame excuses to divert the focus elsewhere. If Gorgon did any of those you are saying, he should be ashamed of himself, there is no excuse about it. The level of dirtiness here makes our discussions on ethics and morality on com1 (like spiking, spying etc) thread laughable. Mind you that I am not crying about it, you are the one wanting to know more and more, and there goes the screenshot provided by Frozen Angel to stop your ignorance.

    You, indeed seem noob compared to us, just not on hypocrisy.

    Illuminat has to be waiting for WWks to be used on other WWs before they attract attention (Hence, intentionally delaying WW upgrades). It has to be some silly thinking like that.

    barely few and almost all of their main players quit or left . VR there are many but most are random same as TNR . RoTeam is premade but most are casual players and no legendary players like Sir Lemon and Fallen Angel .

    As far as i have seen slayers is made of close friends and not any activity that suggests that there multies . i message ppl a lot and most of their actions and communication style are so random that it is hard to coordinate most of the time and if someone talks about multies in such scenario that would one of the biggest laughing joke of the server with MDS running full on bots and wave builders who are getting banned and unbanned on all random days and LLD and LSD which are run by sim bots who only know to sim hammer villas and new support villas as per manual instruction by same person . most importantly even if those things were pretty clear to everyone you still supported them for your own personal justification even before they joined SYN .

    You have to be blind not to see the multies on Slayers. We were the ones reporting a whole alliance to MH that settled next to Godslayers (all with the same names, same profiles) and got all of them banned. Who are you kidding here really.

    We asked before and we will ask again. Show all the proofs you got for MAD running bots - anything other than perfectly timed attacks. It is not at all clear to me that LLD, LSD, MAD or whatever is cheating or botting. I dont see any huge account or raider. You might be right but we cannot know it at the outset. It might be due to us being in the boonies, having nothing to do with your quad. But dont expect everyone to be super interested and knowledgeable on the intricacies of your insignificant skirmishes with those alliances.

    On contrast, what is crystal clear to me is that Slayers and VR have bought an artefact, have (or had) multies and apparently hold an hatred towards particular nationalities. While all these are blatantly on the table, I suggest you not to try to lecture us on morality and hypocrisy.

    Gotta love this server if you are Slayer or VR.

    1- You meta up because you are too scared to play alone on a 5x server. You become the biggest meta.
    2- You buy UT for 1600 gold, shamelessly. Keep it on a single account whole server.
    3- You get your WW chiefed to your small local competitor (LuL).
    4- You invite everyone to Discord, just to insult them by racist comments and slurs.

    Havent seen this level of ethics and noobery for a long time. Thank you.