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    1) Villains Defense: I would like to give props to Villains' defense numbers and feeding capability. I hope it rests my case that, UD is actually overrated and UA is the one that wins you the servers (sorry fnx and James). Foley alone had the same impact of our three WWrs. Our plan has worked - to switch them to LA and with frequent trains landing, there would be no opening to ever go back to LD. Meanwhile, I managed to scramble two quick ops to hit over 60 WW feeders and all NPC villages, which is supposed to make the feeding even harder. Now, I see from the reports that, the defense is actually higher than I ever expected. Kudos to WW team for being brave enough to make the necessary call and switch to LA at the right time and not shying off from keeping it for days when necessary. I have said it before, I am disappointed by our lack of predisposition to counteract WWr's effectiveness with architects.

    2) The Last Train and Timing on Christmas: We could not hit before 90 for various reasons. Desire for personal records, starving the enemy defense with keeping them on LA with constant hits on WW feeders (which I thought would be more successful but ended up not so much in hindsight), our of respect to the size of WWk (we dont want 1M WWk to hit a clay pit) and it actually made the most sense to hit as late as possible, given the WWks and defense numbers. I spent a lot of time simulating. My first suggestion was to hit at level 99. I am glad that they convinced me to otherwise because with Geko's WWr lost a big chunk and Duom faced a serious starvation, that would have been very risky. fnx and others wanted hit at earlier "and get done with the server" but I convinced them that it would not be the optimal play. We found a middle ground at 95 and it coincided with Christmas. We kept all the plan with the final train very secretive (even mazzi didnt know the plan) due to some paranoia from earlier train, so it was only me and fnx knowing the hits. This itself was very painful because it required ensuring everyone that "everything is alright, do not panic, be patient". Arranging the train required a lot of planning (scouts walls arranged, WWk accounts were sit and made sure continuous crop supply, precautions against talented ghosters, made 1000% sure that everyone know what to do and not mess things up) and from my understanding this combined with Christmas not being that important in my and fnx's lives, we just overlooked it. Once I realized that it would actually be on Christmas day it was too late to switch things up. I will be honest, I am also disappointed that I was even blamed by our own leaders and my own dual for "having bad taste" and "playing low" - so now that I think about it, it is not shocking that Villains thought about the same and worse. It was not easy to have the responsibility of all the WWks, making sure that the execution goes flawlessly while trying to defend my moral standards against people I just got to know from this online platform. Again and for the last time, I am sorry that it landed on Christmas time, it was not the intention.

    3) The Server Is Not Over: The server is not over and we will not slack for the rest of the server. We will have to be aware of cheeky attempts from hidden WWks and bandaged troops. So, celebrations are for later.

    Jeez, someones gotta call you guys out for knowingly delaying hitting the WW till Christmas Day, and doing an OP with remaining hammers to land on Christmas Eve.

    You no longer have any leg to stand on when it comes to morals. Planted WWR and Christmas Eve/Day landings. TEN takes the win anyway in my book.

    If Villains had done this we'd never hear the end of it

    1- Are you absolutely sure that we knowingly delayed our hits till Christmas Day? Would that be possible that our plan for the final train was planned months back with a detailed plan and Christmas happened to come in our way? Would your WW's level have anything to do with our fakes landing now?

    I am sorry that you are feeling that this is a strategic "tactic" that we are using. However, I am declaring here that WW attacks were not planned to before, during or after Christmas. Christmas time was never even mentioned during the plans - I never even thought about it before you mentioned. Period. I am happy to explain what was the thinking procedure after everything settles.

    2- Even if it was not the case (which it WAS), there is a reason why there is no Christmas truce in international servers. What about truce in Ramadan while you are at it? Chinese New Year? Diwali in India? You cannot expect everything to be tailored according to your own religious beliefs or holidays. I wish our main train and ops wouldn't coincide with it (I really do), but as you know, server will end soon. I think it should only to be expected to be pressured when your WW crosses a certain level.

    Well, I have to say this - if we have a shot at this, it is despite the LA advantage of Villains over SGR, not thanks to UA advantage of SGR over Villains. I wont lie, it was a poor display of usage (or not usage) of the architects. There were discussions, and it ended up happening this way. I always feel like people over-estimate the starvation and under-estimate the value of the wall. I am not happy, but it is what it is.

    This has been an exciting WW race with back and forths, let's see how it will end.

    Your guesstimate is not that accurate about BKKs losses. They’re off with about 40k I guess. This OP was a total failure since we knew where you were going.

    Defense point BKK got from the op, and looking at the proportion of the Roman troops on the report we got from Ageless attack, suggests that those were BKK's ECs. (around 10 percent of total defense, BKK have 65k defense out of 650k offense killed). Or, I am making a calculation mistake here? Also, that would not be the first time for BKK, as I remember he lost another 20k ECs in a similar fashion earlier in the server.

    As for the success of the ops, there is really a few targets to choose from (obviously, you will defend WWks). It is nice that you managed to defend your limited number of WWks. The success of the op should be judged based on the result not by if we gave away anything or not. We knew it was not very likely - we were hoping for a good kill ratio at this point (as mads mentioned, the hammers have to be used at this stage - it will be too late very soon). In that sense, I am not too upset about the result.

    The only real failed op was the 4th one, where we tried to chief Tyrant and Foley.

    I have won servers before as single wing alliance against a 3-4 wing meta alliance. I honestly believe that just pure numbers do not mean much. I am pointing at the fact that the higher defense numbers on SGR is not because of more players available on our arsenal - translating into high defense, but rather it is because of laziness of Villains on OPs, made every player in SGR to train defense whole server up to the end game. The numbers are of course undeniable right now, but you have to accept that you contributed the numbers to get this point in our favor.

    Besides, UA was never used at the correct time in SGR while LA was used almost always correctly for Villains (Congrats for that). So, there goes your UA argument out of the window. UD definitely helps in feeding but, to my experience it is not the biggest deciding factor in WW race, most of the time. Also, securing UA/UD itself is attributed to SGR/TEN's success to start with.

    Talking about numbers, Villains definitely have (or had) much more active players, more WWks and hammers. You can tell it from top 40 population that, 80 percent used to be from Villains for the majority of the server. Also, you can generally have a sense of how the server is going for both sides. 3-4 months ago, wind was blowing on Villains side surely - people were extremely pessimistic on SGR's side (Foley says it is being insecure about capabilities, I say it is overestimating the enemy) and people were more positive on V side, from what I heard. When I was arguing that we might have a chance in more recent times, I was told many times that I wouldnt have said that if I knew the enemy better. Now, whole team is on board and confident, finally.

    But, sheer numbers do not reflect the reality. Active one account could worth 10s of accounts - especially with a good leadership. Also, pop difference, defense difference and difference in players should be attributed to ops vs no ops. SGR killed 5-6M defense (very roughly) in ops that could have used in WW today - especially chipped many from anvils. I know some accounts deleted after getting crop locked too.

    you better correct your views because this is not new here & also do not pretend to be new...

    Dont patronize me now. I already told before that this is pretty much the first server I ever played on com (and returning to travian after 5 years). In the domain I used to play (mostly UK), these stuff were not an issue - at least not to that extent so that I do not even recall. I literally had to ask Richard what does "spiking" mean when I joined Billion account here. So apparently, I am new in this game.

    After 5 years of hiatus from travian, com1 taught me new travian terminology. spiking, garaging, personal farms... Not sure if the game is going into the right direction. Whilst I also dont see a direct causality between "more work" and impressiveness, taking short cuts using abusive mechanics also undermines the impressiveness of a success.

    So what are the thoughts on Wolf Throne "play style":?:

    And tbh having garages have their own disadvantages. Sleepless nights for garage owners trying to dodge TTs and moving that white elephant back and forth.;(;(

    {A Rammer parked on SGR+TENs WW account which is supposed to be most active account gets ghosted :thumbsup::!:}

    No doubt doing a million hammer with raiding+ spiking (major issue on com1) and feeding is impressive but its hard to do it with garages too..

    Our WW holder logs on once a day only, what are you talking about :rolleyes:

    Well, I am open for additions to the HoF.

    What do you mean with overall off/def points rankings? For the HoF I do, does contain ranking for both players and alliances's off and def (The 10 most successful attackers and The 10 most successful defenders for players and The 10 best alliances (attack) and The10 best alliances (defense) for alliances) or are you think of something else?

    I dont know if this is discussed, but it was interesting to see "Most Unique Artefacts Held" and "Slowest WW victories"/"Fastest WW victories" in uk domain. And as said, all time records (if available).

    No you didnt :D

    you show me a pic of my chat in which I talk about all in call (that something I dont deny ). I talked about all in call nearly the whole week end.

    Sigh... 36 hours was indeed mentioned. Now, knowing all the details, it seems like all the 11's have happened to match perfectly.

    We were not discussing an all in call in 36 hrs,

    As I have shown you the proof of it, you were talking about the call in 36 hours advance.

    The call was made 28 minutes after the attacks showed up - not "within a few minutes". You can check the timestamps of our MMs to corroborate well as confirming with Darkknight (perhaps the first person you should've asked). OP attacks were launched before DK launched, this information should probably be in your Gettertools unless an attacker made a mistake that you were not aware of (again). Please check very thoroughly next time before further lies, misinformation and 'skewing of the facts'.

    The most interesting thing about your forum post, Obi-Wan, is that you posted it after our very lengthy discussion - which is frankly disappointing as you seemed to imply that we were done with this whole ordeal. I understand you say this half jokingly but it appears to me that a part of you won't let it go - that's up to you though. I suggest you follow suit with your other leaders, who seem completely satisfied with our explanation.

    I completely understand that you have a personal connection, as OC, but do not allow failure to weigh down on you too much...its unhealthy for you <3.

    I believe 28 minutes is considered as a few minutes in travian. Especially when you need to to detect the incoming, discuss and convince all leadership that it is indeed real from a single incoming (why did he send cata speed as rammer? Why didnt he wait for boots to get active? What if he sent 2 hours late and all the rest is landing at 9am along with the OP? What if this is just a simple fake?) and decide and send the all in MM. I can barely get a hold on to Mazzi in 28 minutes.

    Well, I am not in a position to lie in the first place, because you are the one who claim doing things, I am at the other end who can only suspect and do the detective work. I stopped answering cris here and wrote to her on Skype specifically because I didnt want this conversation to prolong more than it should. If you want to go there, you, yourself wrote me and shown me a proof that you guys have been talking about the all in call, even before seeing DK's launch or any OP whatsoever. So, there is really no skewing of fact neither.

    About your most interesting point... I have told you also in Skype that I was not convinced, even after your so-called proofs. In fact those made me even more suspicious as I have also told you there. I just left a cheeky, teasing but light-hearted message here. I believe Cris and I were completely fine before you showed up here. Also, yeah, most leaders seem to be fine - I am also not crying myself to sleep every night either. It is what it is and we need to remain focused to see the end of the server as winners.

    Last but not least, let's say that there was no leak at all - I dont accept that this was a failure. If there was a failure, it was more on your side of making an all in defense call for a fake. Our minimum objective was to get ahead in the WW race, which we succeeded. As for the OC, I believe that the OP that synced with WW hits were quite reasonably successful.


    We were so focused on WW rally point that we all-in call on a fake from darkknight :D... not that waiting for mist4 launch would have changed too much, he launched just 1 hr. after. Why you cant believe we were checking very carefully? Mostly after we've had a big head up with the OP landing at 9.

    Well, the decision making was at an impressive pace then, since it was within a few minutes of showing up. It was definitely before our OP started too. Even if you knew the op landing time for whatever reason, our WWk land times and op has never really been synced before. It is almost a miracle that worked out, if you ask me. For various reasons:

    He may as well been sending a regular fake as asked (and stop raids to make it more believable). Even if you suspect somehow that we plan to attack soon, especially knowing that he is a rammer, he could easily be sending ram speed or with hero boots, later on, at a random time or the next day. It is also even before the activation of his boots, which defeats the purpose of having it in WWr/WWk in the first place, strengthening the possibility of a fake. You guys have done a more rigorous job on figuring out EA's and Javhaa's fakes earlier (scouts etc.), even if their raid numbers have similarly plummeted. Other WWrs could have been planned to land earlier than your MMed all in time, very possibly simultaneously with the OP at 9am. Troop starvation or being caught pants down by WWks/WWrs with boots while troops are returning the next day are few of the other numerous stuff that could have gone wrong, should the call was inaccurate.

    What I can believe is that you were not checking/judging very carefully this time and things happened to work out, if I am being honest. In fact, you were fooled by a singular random-looking fake to an extent that it was enough to trigger an all in call, and we fixed that mistake for you by having our hits match that time. It was an enormous risk, and somehow the gamble worked out for you.

    The results are slightly worse than my simulations but still happy to take the lead. It is mostly due to great defense call from Villains, well in advance of even WWk/WWr launches.

    *grabs popcorn*

    Lol while you said that you aren’t blaming, you are saying that because of me don’t caring NW VILLAINS affairs, namely ZZ’s chief spike, you guys don’t care about any spiking in the game because you see that as part of the game?

    First, you seeing spiking as part of the game is your problem. Don’t try to associate that with us.

    I am not sure how else to put this. Either you haven't read my text in its entirety or you are trying to twist my words with a malicious intend. Please notice how both of my posts conclude by not condoning spiking regardless of the given excuses. What I basically said was there is no true method to eradicate spiking completely in these servers - even if you warn players millions of times. Hence, instead of letting this issue get on our nerves and constantly complain about it, we decided to remain quite in other spiking instances after the ZZ incident.

    Second, as I explained so clearly, I completely don’t understand why should I help you to chase on the NW spiker when all you need to do is to contact CARELESSCAT which I believe I also reminded that to you in my IGM reply. It’s simply stupid to message TEN for something happened in SGR and vice versa. AND, not to say I’ve also done extra and left a message to cris and others.

    Third, I don’t care about NW stuff purely because I have no access to NW wings and I never involve in NW affairs. This is a FACT. Although the forum has always been describing V and 7 as two core teams I know you aren’t familiar with us and I explained in my IGM reply already.

    I am confused why and against what you are defending yourself so fiercely here. I just paraphrased your words and restated this "FACT". I dont recall that you pointed me to talk to any specific player. Should that have been the case, I am sure I would have done so. In any case, thank you for doing all the extra work and leaving a simple, single-line message to cris in your Discord/Skype chat. Apologies for wasting your valuable time that could have been invested in simming more villages. I wish we could see the same level of efficiency and diligence in your op too.

    For the record, I would not mind receiving complaints about TEN's players. At this point, I believe that it is a full cooperation between our alliances and I would also feel responsible for TEN's players' actions. However, as I said many times before already, I completely understand if you did not develop such a connection with Villains players and it is perfectly fine.

    We were told (admittedly they could be wrong) that members in SGR had known since Day 1, others say they were approached SGR within weeks and now there are claims that cooperation was limited to very recently. There's obviously incentive to downplay how much you knew - and we may never know :)

    As for "no informations was taken" - The Cursed Titans account was given the orders to hit the South-East World Wonder. This was uploaded into Gettertools and I believe they were told of the target...defense was called for the SE WW, but not the NE one.

    I will give quick clarification on this one. Not all the leadership have the same information at a given time. For instance, mads and I joined the server somewhere in the middle and hence, naturally didnt know about it from the beginning. I guess it is true that, some knew from the initial stages and some others got to know only very recently.

    Here, I have to admit that I was very much involved with dealing with CT very recently, because (as fnx and mazzi would confirm) I always thought that CT was potentially used by Villains to play with us. I told numerous times that we do not need CT and if he wants to hit V, let him do it right away. In fact, it is too risky to trust anyone on this and risk sharing details of our WWks hits (might be partially because I dont know the owners of CT either). My main objective was to contain this ticking time bomb - not necessarily to put it into a use against Villains but not to be played by them which could cost us the entire server (which we are already winning). It is true that we have gotten to know about the SE hit. My first reaction was that this might be a ploy. First of all, even if CT was assigned to SE, there is no way Villains would not target NE at all (but defense call had to be made for investors, for obvious reasons). On the contrary, in my opinion Villains have spent excessive firepower to SE and minimal on the NE (contrary to what I expected). Second, even if CT's targets were fakes on UA and UD, we moved both of them to safety. "What if CT is instructed to share the screenshot with us so that we would leave UD/UA undefended", has always been my/our concern.

    To me personally, this whole CT issue caused a lot more confusion, uncertainty and sleepless nights than anything else.

    Man I actually never had any access to any accounts in the entire NW (VILLAINS or VILLAINZ). How am I suppose to look into whether ZZ had actually chief-spiked and how much did he do lol? I mean, like, if there's someone from SGR spiking, one would've reasonably contacted Lady Envy instead of EA right xD?

    What about taking my word for it? Or simply ask ZZ if he chief-spiked or not? I think I also provided my conversation with him, where he was pretty much making fun of me with how much troops I am losing. As I said, I have never played in this server before so I was not even aware of 7 and V being different alliances. The only reason I igmed you was that I was aware of your deal with Lady Envy and the fact that you gave him your word. And believe me, I also dont have time and energy to chase ever single spiker, try to convince them not to defend, figure out and reach out to their leaders etc.

    Again, my assumption was that your word and responsibility binds all accounts in V and 7. After talking to you in game, I realized that this is not the case. When I asked about who I could talk about ZZ then, I am told by a few people that James is there (which turns out to be incorrect, taking your word for it). Ever after this incident, I had a chat with my duals and we decided to completely ignore spiking from now on. Up until this point, I still accept that this is a part of the game and I dont care. Look, I am not blaming you for anything, I am simply stating the fact (as you, yourself stated too) that you didn't care and didn't want to take responsibility about it.

    cris@ , it is not true that ZZ removed troops. He killed every single troop (8x 200 EI of mine or something, it was a big farm) and enjoyed doing so. I haven't heard a single word from anyone about it after you supposedly talk to him, not from you or from himself. As I said, it is done, I dont care anymore and I dont intend to prolong this discussion anymore.

    I love how rumours fly around in com1 and that people seem to believe whatever they hear and want to believe.

    This is the least significant point in that post. I specifically said that it is what I am told, not that I believe everything I hear. Besides, why would I want to believe that he is in a leadership? If that was the case, I would not have tried to approach to Soa and FG about this at all but come here on the forum and write a long ass post complaining about it. I have been told that James was on that account or had full access to that account (like he had to many others) by three completely separate parties. If not, then fine, whatever. Whatever the deal is, there was no consequences or no communication from V's part about it.

    I don't want to prolong this back and forth further. I guess my point was, this went both ways this server, more than you think. AND, it does not matter. It doesn't matter who started it, it doesn't matter how much was spiked. Just don't do it.