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    About spiking, if you guys keep going case by case, you will be driving at a cul-de-sac. This is a vicious circle. There was always someone who spiked before and there are millions reasons people would come up for spiking. "Never" spiked because he was really mad at sgb's spiking. TEN's guy got warning which followed kick/deletion, "Duracell Rabbit" got a serious warning. Even if he is in officially in leadership, he doesnt take an active part and didnt know some of the policies despite the fact that this was discussed/MMed many times. We did apologize for that and this wasnt an issue with him ever after (as far as I know). C&C was having his own fight against Villains, I dont think SGR could be held responsible for his actions.

    There are many other instances most people are unaware of. Zero Zone, for instance, killed thousands of EIs on a recently chiefed village. He further sent me a mocking message something like "hahaa, you will put me in top 10 defenders xD". I tried to communicate with many V and 7 leadership about this. 7 simply said that they dont care since he is a member of V, and later learned that Zero Zone himself is in leadership (or some said he is THE leader, I an not sure). "Your guy did before too" is not a good enough reason if you want to have principles on anti-spiking. Although knowing that this person in question killed our WWk (get schwifty) and stolen LE using his planted multi-account, his actions and mockery didnt come as a surprise. It was upsetting, though, not hearing anything from V, except "but your guys did it before too", and seeing 7 not willing to take any responsibility.

    You all should also appreciate that spiking hurts SGR more than Villains. Most of our raiders raid all 4 quads and contrary to common belief, they are also impacted by those spikes planted on your quad. Besides, note that while SGR's WWks are raiders, Villains WWks are simmers who grow safely in boonies. Anyway, the bottom line is spiking should not be tolerated even if you have been on the other side of the equation before. If you have principles about this, it doesnt matter who started this or how much was the spike quantity, either 140k or 40k or a single troop.

    Another late hit on the remaining GG on the NPC village:…AQgAIBOkpPpZHpAWGef1YAbHg

    Well, V has a bunch of storage arties so, these NPC villages will be repaired somewhat fast. It was also nice to kill a bunch of troops that were, I assume, used to transfer resources from villages that are too far from WW to set up trade routes (I guess, 30k paladins, 10k clubs were killed of DE, and around 4.5K EIs killed of WetWilly). Almost all those hits were around Villlains' WW and were probably regular crop suppliers. I wonder if these hits, combined with having to use LA, caused a severe starvation on WW.


    This is my first (and last) server in com1. I didnt know a single player in this server before. Let me give my perspective on this. I will ignore all previous servers and focus on this one. This server has not seen the highest moral standards in the first place, from day one. Spiking and spies have been a big issue from day 1. On top of these legal but shady stuff, we have seen multiple accounts with multiple "multi" accounts. If one wants to take a utilitarian approach and consider the actual damage, the magnitude of the impact CT has caused to you has been smaller than that the impact of your little planted multi-account, "numb" has caused to us.

    As for the particular issue with Cursed Titans, I have to clarify two things... two misinformations that I have heard of. First, not all leaders knew about him until the last days. mads a.k.a. wishmaster and I planned all our 5 ops without knowing anything about CT. We did not get any intel from him in any form. In the success on our 3rd wave of ops (Wooky chiefing), we made a plan to chief CT's WWr in the 4th wave. Since he was heavily defended, we decided to fake it heavily and changed the target to Foley. The outcome of the op was a failure because of that. In the 5th and last wave, we have stolen his LD and very happy/excited about the outcome. If we planned things slightly differently, we could have easily chiefed his WWr. So I would hate if any credit was taken away due to this issue.

    Second, CT did not give us any info regarding to your sole op against us. With our DC's help, we landed timed scouts on several players for 4-5 targets we thought Villains might go. So please give credit where credit's due. Big props to valt. (p.s. sending fake screenshot of hero launching to enemy, i.e. Wooky on nexus1, to deceive is a "desperate" move in kindest words. Some would also argue that it is highly immoral as well).