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    No other alliance could fight bravely and fairly against an opponent who outnumbered them by more than 500 accounts.

    This gave me a good chuckle. Honest question - have you ever played this game before Vices/Villains? I have personally played (more than once) in a single wing alliance where we have beaten multiple 3-4 wing metas. I know of at least 3-4 other examples on top of my head too (not sure how imbalanced the sizes were in each of them though)

    Something like that will always be known by the other party one way or another.

    It can be because of discord, or because people are frustrated and vent about that against VICES players. It's a heat in the moment thing for some people.

    Happens everywhere.

    It is exactly my point. It is not necessarily spying that some info is spread around.

    If you are referring to me I have no Idea what calls were made by your DC's, I could however, through careful deduction infer what calls were not made.

    No, I wasn’t referring to you. Someone in Vices was mentioning that attacks on UT wasn’t even reported on our def tool. Probably someone talking or something out on spam chat, don’t know. Either way, same idea as Agrona is mentioning.

    And the spam chat has been used here as a origin story for Vices using techs.

    Not by me, though. In the part you quoted, I didn't mean that I have a spy on vice spam chat (I really do not have one). People talk and the word gets around one way or another. People openly expressed some of these here on the forum too. Similar to probably how your players were mentioning about our DC calls or tonzofgunz's outburst etc. just a few pages back.

    As there real people are getting hurt

    Integrity does not vary. Either you have it or you don´t. What we value is what varies however. I value people and want them treated with respect. If you are not happy about how I answer some of your friends on this forum, you should read what they have written here earlier to my posts.

    I managed to read up until this point without major objections. Double standards are understandable when you are rooting for one side. For instance, you are completely ignoring rounds before last one where fnx (and James) listed all the spies from Villains (and SGR) or ignoring the fact that only few people were involved about CT (I have no idea what is that you are referring with Mazzi's CT planning in the chat, maybe mads knows but I doubt it.).

    Sorry but, this last part is borderline contradictory if not hypocritical and seem to be hinting me as well.

    For pages and pages, the heated arguments between me and your beloved friends was this: I criticize them (and I admit, it can be harsh criticism at times. Similar to how you despise spies, I despise techs and stuff like creating accounts under BP.) - they call me many things varying from gay (as if it is something bad) to narcissist - I react to those showing my dislike for discriminatory insults and they should stick to game-related things - they, INCLUDING YOU, tell me that "ohh, poor boy, are you hurt? Too bad that you are touchy, lol".

    Literally the other day you basically said that "We cannot help if you are hurt by simple jokes and it is your problem" - mind you, the "jokes" were direct attacks to real life personality. And now you are complaining about real people are getting hurt by game mechanic and you value people in this community? Doesn't your earlier reaction justify someone saying "it is not my problem if you cannot handle spies lul" kind of reaction? Even if you may have thought a joke was not racist at first (which it was as I have shown, intentional or not), you not only seemed to have zero problems with me considering it racist, but also blamed me for it as well. If you think that you know what should hurt people and what shouldn't, even more than the very people who are subjected to the actions, I am sorry but you cannot claim to be so caring about others.

    I thought about suggesting that it might be actually you who should be considering if your friendships are misplaced or not, but when I think about it, you seem to be fitting there quite well.

    Nothing wrong in attack on Xmas... just bad taste and lack of backbone in finding excuses.

    Is it a bad taste and lack of backbone to attack on eid-al-adha or do we only care about holidays for particular religions?

    Nice op btw.

    We have a Turkish restaurant at the seaside, not sure if It's original 100%, but when I ordered kebab they gave me a plate with some meat and other stuff, pretty fancy looking, nothing similar to what I'm used to call a kebab :D Looked on the menu and saw many foods like this, so after what you wrote I understand that in Turkey kebab is pretty fancy food :) In România u get a big Sandwich with meat, sauces, lettuce, and maybe spicy peppers if you want.

    I have never heard of kebab pizza before, to be honest ^^ But seems like a heavy food to eat...

    Btw I like shawarma more than kebab. Not so much bread ;)

    Have you heard of Nusret, a.k.a. "Salt Bae"? He is a Turkish cook who became an international celebrity with his restaurants. He expanded his chain to many countries now and posting photos on instagram with a bunch of famous people - refer below for some photos. It is a an example of a high-end kebab restaurant becoming international (Well, to be precise, not exactly a kebab restaurant but quite similar). You can even get a gold-plated kebab and stuff :rolleyes: It is not uncommon to go to a fancy restaurant with an amazing Bosporus view as family and have kebab accompanied with good wine or raki. After all that kebab on a pizza is just a meh really.

    And Shwarma is more like "doner" really. The turning meat thingy that everyone falsely calls as kebab. Or gyros as Greek would call.

    There is historical precedent for this. What most Americans think of as Chinese food is really what has been tailored to suit the American palate. When they are given authentic Chinese food, they are very much surprised.

    And I am very aware that kebabs are normally a high end food eaten in fine dining.

    btw- photos of the meet up between you two.

    Bu..But my American friends tell me that Olive Garden is the most authentic Italian restaurant :/

    This surprises you how? It is like me going into a place and them telling me that their gazpacho is true Spanish style when it isn't or their Cuban food is true Cuban food and made by a Cuban. (It really isn't Cuban food and unless you are in a Cuban owned and staff place, the odds are it is a Salvadorian in the back cooking it from a recipe someone found on the interwebs.) And I think kebab pizza is strictly a Swedish thing. They should not export it.

    Hmm, there is a few wrongs in here. First, There is a big Turkish community all over the Europe and almost all kebab places are owned by Turkish people and staff are Turkish as well. But still, the food is somewhat tailored for the local cuisine that it is very different. So, contrary to popular belief, in Turkey, kebab is often a high-end meal eaten in proper restaurants and not be mixed in weird sauces - unlike in most EU countries where it is used as “drunk food” or mixing in a pizza and stuff (even if both are run by Turkish).

    Secondly, it is not Swedish only. I had one in Germany, Netherlands and Ireland. None of them tasted good while I was not intoxicated or not high. See you there, kebab is on me friends.

    See you tomorrow :love:

    Do you realize that Cris brings up that topic out of nothing right? Like, really, my reply to her is out of context but her bringing that up is not? Imagination of what exactly? Don’t make up stuff please. Seriously, read the posts in order and try to think without bias. On the contrary, anyone with a bit of patience to think through can easily understand what I am talking about.

    Thanks for confirm my point... not enough courage to admit it was a choice and a good one to create us more difficulties :D

    Regarding CT I dont care, if you and mad are so willing to show me your proof you both have my skype (I never block anyone). But I really dont care, it was just an example cause you're both so proud of stealing a LD to your plant in our meta, and it is a bit weird (and somewhat laughable).

    Do you have comprehension problems or are you willing to join the troll team Chris? Stop being all vague and mysterious with “this confirms my point” crap and tell which point you fail to grasp? The fact that we forget to tailor our OPs for your holiday suiting your religious beliefs (AND apologised for it) or the fact that we offered and given you proof about CT? Don’t you see how stupid it looks to claim something and refuse to take a look at the evidence?

    Also, if you don’t care to know like you suggest here, why would you bring that up in the first place?

    Image result for hamburger pizza

    Who wouldnt want to try this monstrosity? (hamburger/sausage filling, bacon, tomatoes, cheese on top) I promise it'll probably shorten your life a bit...

    I love this. Where can I get one?:love::love:

    Kebab pizza is hit or miss

    Never tasted a good kebab pizza yet in my life. They all taste... weird. Interestingly, there is no kebab pizza in Turkey at all btw.

    Like you (SGR forum poster) dont have the balls to admit your own choices.

    So, you do not even want to believe or take a look at the proof mads offered to you and just state that your doubts are legit? I am sure we don’t mind sending you the conversations with exact dates when we found out about CT, if you care to ask.

    As for Christmas hits, it has nothing to do with mads. We discussed this for pages last round that it was fnx and I making the plan. But let me refresh your memory. I explained you in detail and again offered the proof that it was not intentional (I also have a whole section on my end of detailed server analysis on how we organized WWk hits) but merely, due to fact that Christmas is not a big part of my or fnx’s life that we simply didn’t consider. Do not forget that this is an international community and the important dates vary depending on your your location and nationality - Ramadan, Chinese New Year, Diwali... you name it. On top of that I already apologized for it if that caused any unintentional troubles too.

    Funny how you simply choose to close your eyes and ears to the proofs and reasonings we give and say “lalalala”. Then come to the forum after a few months and say the repeat the old stuff.

    I am not angry, just sick in the stomach caused by your ways. And makes me sad that you don't think twice before making public a conversation that someone had with you in private. How can someone trust you? The way you act here on the forum likely reflects the way you act in your real life, people that act the way you did are the ones I and most people try to avoid. So do me a favour and don't include me in your talks, ignore me because I will do the same with you.

    PS: Let me add that what he told to you in private is nothing new to us. In each team there are times when people disagree and fall out and times when we go along and fight together to achieve the same goal. If you think your information spilling caused any drama, well I'm happy to disappoint you.

    Well, you are the one that seems obsessed at throwing mud at me. To be frank, I have no desire to talk to you in particular but when you come up with idiotic stuff like "coffee server" out of nothing, you should be ready that people will respond to that. So, it is fairly easy to get along if you ask me. Don't join the troll team on the forum.

    Oh, its not me who brought up the private conversations in public first and that line has been crossed there. Besides, like you said, it was hardly a private thing as he (and some other members of yours) denounced you publicly for that in your chat - it was just not a very known thing on the forum is all. Thus, my intention is not to create a drama between you guys, I know that everyone on your side is well aware of this and content with it (or in denial whatever). Knowing this, it was just funny that of all players, you were trashtalking me about my game skills.

    To be frank, I would gladly stop this bantering and focus on more game related stuff. I miss the times where I could appreciate and congratulate the opposing team for their achievements in game without the toxic environment. I can do that only in private nowadays.

    Let me say though that out of all of the forum members of SGR, he is the one with most class. The others are just a bunch of classless individuals that rely mostly on insults and false allegations. Not to mention that coffee server (dont remember the name as his accomplishments in game are pretty much anonymous) that tried to heat the situation up between our own members because he has nothing else to point fingers at. Not to say his behaviour yesterday gave me nausea and I doubt I will ever play again on a server where SGR is present, banter and jokes are a thing, but your level of toxicity is way too extreme.
    Even Batman has more class than mr. Espresso (way more).

    I do not understand why you think coffee serving is an insult, or why you think that it would antagonize me, if you keep repeating the same thing? Some even say that baristas are sexy. You see, you all are again doing the same thing - trying to bring some non-game related insults that you think would offend or annoy me. There surely are some other ways to bring up the issue that "Obi didn't do anything last server, it was all mads and others doing" without repeating coffee serving etc. which I disagree but understand that you are doing it for the sake of propoganda and belittle my achievements. In either way, I already told that I liked helping out wishmaster3 last server and let alone being ashamed, I am proud of it. <3

    I understand that you might be a bit upset that your new buddies were once really upset with your wrongdoings, trashtalked about you and tried to get rid of you. That was some class that I appreciated. But none of these are my mistakes, if you are looking for someone to release your anger.

    As far as I remember this was the last op on Sgr

    Ks 0 pop

    Don't see any splat here ...

    Ahhh, was that an OP? Good hit, but hardly counts as op when you hit a single village like that. It is more like a small groups overnight hit.

    Also don't confuse things because then the definitions of travian terms are getting mixed up too. UB was taken right off the release. UA was a silly mistake of a single player, to my knowledge, not even a reported attack. UE was a fair loss, although that is also an individual effort, not an op. None of these were OPs. We never claimed that Vices never had any successful offensive action. On the contrary, your ghosting was on point on last server and this server which we acknowledged before. Your list of successful offensive actions is not a proof for OPs against SGR.

    Guys this is my first time on travian I'm on server PTR X3. I had a question about my second village- I'm not able to upgrade my resources above level 10 is this how it goes cause in travian answers I read you can upgrade till level 20. Pls help me

    Like pwf said, you can upgrade res fields above 10 in your capital only. To add more to this, if you want to make a different village as your capital, you need to build a palace and choose to make it your capital. Note that once you change a capital, your old capital's resource fields will lose all fields which are above level 10 as well as stonemason (and brewery if you are a teuton) which can only be built in the capital. For the new village you are making the capital, that village will lose great barracks and great stables as they can only be built non-capital villages.

    Last note is that you can in fact upgrade fields till level 21. It is the last possible field level you can have due to slot capacity restriction in a village, even using Great Granary/Warehouse to its fullest. However, high levels such as 20 and 21 are a bit rare, and requires very careful planning and experience to make them worth. So, I would not worry about them too much as a newbie.

    Also, only pizza that is a proper pizza is spinach+artichoke, everything else is trash. Fite me.

    Upgrade from a pinapple, but still troubling to say the least. If you ever apply to SGR, you will probably need to go through a harsh interview process by Mr. Mazzini.

    P.S. Parma ham + buffalo mozarella wtf. Pesto pizza is also a contender but onnly if basil is good.