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    trolls in an effort o invalidate everything they say. Thus making me the true winner of all of my made up arguments.

    Well, Loffe is admiting to be a troll and you have a trollface on your avatar. So... I wonder why we all call you trolls :/ All of my arguments are substantiated by your own players, mostly by your beloved Pishki who once was a good man now turned into one of you.

    No cheating happened, there is nothing to own up to. BP accounts were legit.


    Btw, only person I encouraged to come to forum was puggles. Though, it has nothing to do with our discussion - I just wanted her to stop this mindless riot of eating pizza with pinapple and mashed potatoes through public pressure.

    i haven't made any claims to the type of pizza i personally prefer to eat.


    This is a blasphemy to even suggest such a thing under Lord Mazzi’s governance! Pinapple and mashed potatoes on pizza is strictly banned in SGR land...

    Vices players for BP were actual players, we have provided enough proof of that,

    Since when “because Yin says so?” is enough of a proof? Do you believe in Santa Clause as well? Or like you said nicely:

    You believe what you want to believe.

    Accept it or close your eyes, this is what your team is and you told me yourself before. Own your stuff for once.

    Also nice that you called up your fellow sister troll on your help. It is always amusing to see more of you pile up to try to help one another to try to win an argument by sheer numbers. It just makes it more fun and embarrassing really.

    They stopped cheating, I told you this on skype "my crying worked". Transaction was not finalised. End of story. Bloodylust was the only account in question, which was run by sitters (cris and james) and was on vaca for 21days, does that sound like an account someone "bought" . Wanna be never had access. Make up something else, you're just turning into batman.

    Ah really? What happened to the UltraRoland account and the 50 bucks paid? Thank god the transaction didn’t go through and they suddenly decided to be well-behaved players. it is astonishing how passionate you are defending these type of players, as if they would tell you that they kept cheating after that incident and how you reacted. I knew that you were kind of naive after you believed Yin’s 20 cousins under BP, but I didn’t know it was to this extent.

    I am still bothered by cheating, but there is none currently occuring that I know of. You know Anomander Fake raids his multies, where are your "values"? Have you ever had any? All your morals and values disappeared as soon as you started losing the server.

    I have not had any, if that was an honest question. Ah, and the classic Anomander counter-attack, comes to your help when you are out of arguments. Completely irrelevant of the account buying issue too. However, I am not his dad, I do not feel the need to defend him if he cheats.

    I dont remember ever trashtalking The Grim. I think any team would be lucky to have a player of his caliber as a part of it.

    He also comes of as a great teammate so I really do think its only natural that some of us would want him to play with us in the future.

    Of course. I told in the very beginning of the server that he is a great player and great friend. You might not have trashtalked about him personally, but majority of Vices forum posters talked about how much our ops sucked. I find it amusing how people suddenly try to shift their opinions to “SGR only” probably not to hurt your chances of recruiting him which is even funnier knowing that he made ops jointly along with Rob for SGR too.

    Really shows you have nothing when your most damning thing you can think of is "they discussed purchasing an account from an inactive ally member (paying out the gold on the account)."

    All this is pure gibberish. You know that they cheat. You complained for weeks about it and told me that you want to get rid of them or leave yourself. You know the things have already taken place (“transaction didn’t finalize”, who are you kidding lol?) and that this was not the first time. Don’t abandon your values just to win a stupid online argument.

    I respected you back then that you were bothered about it. Now you are in the same boat.

    I'm start getting pissed of these false allegation...

    Are you not even reading your own players posts? Ping me on Skype if you want to know details on the account, amount etc.

    We was offered to buy an account (2 accounts) in supermeta and we declined. I'm not going to tell who.

    Last round... your buddy Bert&Ernie (the one with whom you catapulted our player near NE border) maybe bought an accout that was in Villains... A guy whose IGN was KTF propose us to buy hs account, we declined and he said he would have continued playing. One day his sitter found a nice IGM sent from Bert&Ernie in sitting to Lady Envy that forward some MM. The same KTF pulled back his defenses from a CFD (and then deleted).

    I literally have zero clue what the hell are you talking about. If someone in SGR bought an account before, I condemn them. So what is your point?

    Not sure, would need mads to tell me if the coffee was done properly.

    Yup inexperience, and surprise surprise, i'm (With help from Akshat and Yin) smacking your supermeta around this server.

    Ah, nice that you got to observe and learn some. Well done to you. If you are done having fun with TEN, you shall maybe try out an OP against SGR? Becuase, to this day, the last op done to SGR is still that huge splat-fest. Feel free to ask anyone in SGR, including mads or Mazzi if coffee was properly made or not.

    I still got no techs, and there was no account buying - if you bothered to check, the account I mentioned has been inactive, because the sale never went through.

    Oh, why were you scolded by big brothers to stay off their paid up private farms then? You also told that it was not the first one when you cried to me about it. Nice that at least you now have the decency to confess to the "attempt" of buying an account. Instead of denying, you can now just say that you do not condone it and that's it.

    Serving coffee to mads*

    keep it consistent buddy.

    Thanks. At least we all can agree that I did a good job at serving coffee there, seeing the result last round? Maybe you could help your OC by serving some coffee too, seeing how you guys broke the record of "splatting most hammers on one target". Oh wait, you weren't allowed due to inexperience right? Sorry.

    I wish you would be more consistent too. I see how quickly you turned into one of those you were constantly whining to me about all the techs and account buyings. Keep closing your eyes, the server is almost over.

    Did you not say this was your first server with SGR?

    This is the second one. Surprised you didn't know as I was more active on the forum last round. It was the last server where I was proper OC-ing with mads.

    You are still accusing us of doing things we don't do :/

    Ohhh, if you say so :sleeping: Could believe if it wasn't confessed by your players ;( Again, you know where to find me if you need to buy another one.

    This does not say anything about your skills at the actual job though.

    Exactly. I am trying to help you on your trolling to make it consistent. Either Obi does not do anything on this server but serve coffee (which is true actually) or Obi tries to do stuff and sucks at it (for which you can easily use the last server).

    Nice, now that I actually gathered the whole bunch of Vices claiming I suck at this game, my job is done here :whistling:

    No one said you not good at bringing coffee, don't accuse us of saying something we didn't.

    "You are just a coffee server". "You suck!". Kinda easy to infer.

    Btw, are you the one that plays in wanna be account? If so, open for offers if you plan to buy more accounts? Cheaper than 50 bucks this time.

    Yeah, not happening, faking outrage over being called a piece of bread is too funny and not something that I'm apologizing for. I even named my WW just for you <3.

    But if you really are such a SJW, how come you're not denouncing Wulfr calling us the R-word? That's totally acceptable? :thumbsup:

    It is not about the bread. You know it. Many explained you lot why it is not appropriate.

    Kinda waste of a WW name if you ask me, as I told multiple times that I am not playing or online much this round. But up to you, I would be glad to have it :*

    I was mia last couple of days, so I just saw the edited out things. If inappropriate things were said, of course I would not condone it, unlike you bunch actually did. That being said, I do not claim to be a SJW. However, I do not mind to speak out whenever I feel like there is a need.

    Just beacuse i'm a tech on this server since i would never play serious on such a garbage server doesnt mean i only play tech :))

    And why do you claim that I suck in this game just because I am just a coffee server on this particular garbage server? :/

    Difference is that i acually did things during the round as a leader.

    More caps please. No taking credit from your alliance or duals' work this time though.

    All I see is just a tech claiming to be the best ever :/

    Went quite good.

    Ahahah, you actually took a screenshot to prove how good you are. This is getting better with every post. So you say all these while gloating about being the best on your alliance's back? I, personally wouldn't take the credit that we finished two WWs at the same time last round, lol.

    i cant write it here i guess you will never found it which one :(

    I know, there were too many! Please dont write it in here though :( It is not only making pwf angry but also encouraging your fellow discriminators write inappropriate stuff :(

    I judge you to suck based on the fact that when you added me on skype to trashtalk behind closed doors you told me what a great player you were & how you crushed VICE last server, when the truth is that you're just a crab.

    How do you judge my coffee bringing skills based on our Skype convos? Man, this is getting interesting. Please go on, we are having a blast here :DYou see why inconsistent trolling is actually enjoying rather than annoying for the opposing part, right?

    How is the best alliance in the history of travian that you own doing btw?

    Did you check if that can be used as a racist/homophobic/religious/ethnicity slur? Gotta be safe man, Obi's already on page 15 of urban dictionary for "crab".

    Oh... should I explain to you how googling works? Not my fault, if you all were too ignorant. Funny how you say this while you ACTUALLY did it in the urban dictionary to find a definition that includes sexual orientations. To be honest, after Loffe's recent developments, I suggest you to follow your brother and accept that you were over the line too.

    I never said SGRs OC sucks, i just said you suck :O

    I understand your frustration about me Loffe. It should have been painful to release a public apology as such. In fact, I am proud of you. You are no longer criticizing me through my color, ethnics, religion or language but criticizing just the game-related things. Good boy.

    Still a bit confused tho: How did you judge that I suck at bringing coffee to the team?

    If I understand what agrona is trying to say, TENLL solo OP's have been better than TENLL+SGR OP's, which is true. Even if The Grim planned them all, he obviously couldn't use the SGR hammers as effectively as their own. If that's due to launcher quality, SGR input or simply not being comfortable with risking the SGR hammers doesn't really matter. Agrona just pointing out the facts.

    She keeps saying OC, that is the problem. We never claimed that SGR has quality of launchers. If we did, we would have chiefed 3-4 WWk/WWrs last round.

    Ghetto Opening your doors to those you say they suck on the forum? A bit too much talking behind the back? But sure, whatever helps you sleep at night. Btw, there is nothing to be ashamed of being the coffee bringing boy. Happy to help the team with my limited availability.

    Well, can´t deny I kind of want Mads here :/ is he your OC?

    That is irrelevant. What I am saying is that The Grim make ops for SGR too so do you see why it is ludicrous to claim that TEN had a better OC then SGR? If you meant TEN's launchers were better I could probably understand. But then again, SGR never really had a lot of reliable launchers.

    Loffe do I actually need to spell out that the ops were done jointly and the same OC arranged both, which was mostly the Grim? I wasnt even doing OC in SGR's party job you nab, lol. I am just a report collector (and arranged some minimal stuff like, HIMO chiefing). That's how little you know about us and still think that you can try to trashtalk. YET, you guys are trying to recruit our OCs? What kind of idiot says that the enemy's OC suck and still tries to recruit them?

    Don't make yourself a clown again - you know the hardships you had to go through recently kiddo.

    TEN obviously has a better OC, or two. Some of the ops on us are quite good. And SGR has not been those sending them. Or are you saying SGR make ops for their meta, and take the safe and boring targets for themselves, while sending their brothers in arms into the real battlefield?

    What if I told you that TEN and SGR do ops jointly?


    Also funny how you pick on our OC on the forum and try to recruit them afterwards.:rolleyes: