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    Please find the result of our Fifth Joint OP below:


    Dear SGR/TEN/LL Family,

    Today, I am writing you this MM in the shadow of terrible news. This is one of the most difficult MMs I had to write about our OPs. We recently got to know that our dear friend, Mai, has passed away on a tragic accident last month. We will remember her with her funny remarks. Her witty comments. Her spams. Her hardcore music taste. We will do our best to commemorate her name going forward. She will be missed dearly.

    Most of us knew her as horse trainer and equestrian. We all got to know about her little son and dear horse called "Utah". She was a hardworking mom. After her horse-riding sessions in stables, she would come online to play travian a bit and run back to her stables. Her love for horses was real - she would even tell us to "make more EIs" :)

    I was not the closest to her but what I know is that she was a true fighter. She fought well in travian and she fought well after the accident against death. We had a great exchange during our last op together in the last round. She played in SpaceLizards account and executed our plan to steal WW holder's LA perfectly. She was very happy and it was instrumental on our success. To my knowledge, this was the last hammer she sent:…B8I1Ud6NANwqEQAKEBdZG4KUA

    We would like to say goodbye to our beloved vaquera by one of her favorite songs - a song that she still has on her Skype profile to this day... Our OP shall be devoted to our beloved Mai.

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    The Grim vs Nahoj:

    The Nioels vs Sushi:…JQO3OnYmUpq9QMJCOurDfGxAQ

    Hot&Wild vs Sleep:…rbGKvACjQBhhUGQWhCkBpi2AQ

    sleepysnoopy vs Nayron.…IEtMeNWXeY8HwkQVlhEEcBaEQ

    Snake Plissken vs sapporo:



    The Grim vs Dark Thoughts + Tasmanian Devil: (Chiefing failed but cap switch means capital fields gone) 8 waves, 16 res fields destroyed 8 waves, 16 res fields destroyed 8 waves, 16 res fields destroyed 8 waves, 16 res fields destroyed 4 waves croplocked 4 waves croplocked

    Ghandipants7 vs DESERT:…mhjAChCW~vDG~CBjX~whjD~EB

    ahmedemary vs Tasmanian Devil:…IfgD0Gvai_HY6zhHWN1UBvjYB

    Petro vs Tasmanian Devil:…,~tCDStBBoCIACAAGERRYAbHg

    Walt Disney vs Tasmanian Devil:…f1AeEATijDVd4ITFhfBUWAxk8

    Leksi vs Tasmanian Devil:

    Belhaven vs Lady A:…CQI0A~FBhs~lhhZFDWEQRAGoE

    Pelikanu vs Little StupidBe:…ARJ-AiTsBFjK8RCSssogiAxAM

    Action Hank vs spartacus1:

    Monkey Magic vs Obelix:

    TSGRT vs wood: (forgot to send hammer)…6OmERRYAzRQ~ohjy~DBjq~2hj

    KM-TheRed vs uccu:…q~4Bgh~mBgiL~Ing~hhgQ~JBg…WUQT~HBg~mmBCWUAL~3Bg~rEg

    tonzo&rough vs Laser:

    aquilput vs Free Style:

    Bonus ghosting:

    Lara Croft vs Guppyn:…pXBYAF6DcbfgHefwd-2ShQ5wE


    Let me know if I am missing any reports. Thank you all for participating in our ops. Some lost hammers, some smashed villages, as usual.... Overall, we are trying to make this server interesting. If you wish to join our further OPs let me know.

    Obi, on behalf of OC


    Wasn't that pwf input (since it was colored blue)? If not, it is well received and willing to not prolong this issue anymore. I kinda feel bad for the troll-mates you baited into defending you though.

    Never actually!! However I have heard of ad hominem :/

    Ah, you got me. Argumentum ad hominem if you want to be very precise.

    They are. TEN is doing better though.

    How about you yourself do that?

    The owner of the account did answer you in same thread.

    Maybe try that yourself?

    What if I told you that TEN and SGR do ops jointly? Who knew. Also nice that you also confess that you actually have no clue about your how good your DCs then, since our ops were bad. In fact, you might be even suggesting that your DCs are terrible too considering only in my time in SGR, (which is less than a year btw), I have seen UT, UF, LD, LB, LA x2, LE steals as a part of OPs only (not counting those out of OP, like ST steal early in this server etc which happened due to individual attempts/mistakes) along with a chiefed WWk and 2-3 off hammers chiefed. These are only on top of my head too. I am sure you cannot call this an amazing DC performance letting all these happen IF you believe that our ops were terrible, don't you think so?

    For the record, I do not think Vices DC is bad at all. In fact, it is one of the most organized ones I have seen. I commended them earlier too. I think our ops would be more devastating if they weren't good.


    About the last point: It seems like even you cannot differentiate the game related banter and off-game. I have never attacked anyone for their personal life, ethnics, language etc. Have you ever heard of Ad Hominem? I also did apologize if that wasn’t a tech but played by a real player in the same post you brought up before (and even mentioned that it wasn’t a serious post but just an MM).

    I didn't see Loffe apologize.

    be real, if anyone was buying accounts to be personal farms, it was anomander (congratulations to him for getting unbanned)

    Don't make yourself a fool and ask your fellow discriminator who bought which account and for how much. Don't talk without evidence please.

    Your support and "trust" isn't what gave us the UT/TD village back. It was the well executed actions of vices and TG having logs of those actions and correcting the bugs.

    So? Completely irrelevant piece of information, not sure how is this a reply to me.

    Tinky, I would suggest you to stop trying too hard to find something witty to comment on everything I post. I understand that you are agitated after our last exchange but please get over it for the sake of this forum's health.

    The source is someone close to your leaders who's been getting spammed due to his connections with TG.

    If you call everything racist, then it loses its meaning. Save it for people who are actual racists not a Swedish forum troll who found that calling you a piece of bread is your weak point.

    Cut this fabricating lies. The only Skype room I voiced my opinion about UT incident was the one with A-nub-is and wishmaster3 who can testify that I was not asking for rollback before UT steal (Well, Sanket doesn't always read my messages as he is too busy to spam the room with smilies). Get a more reliable source next time.

    You basically ignore a native person's own experience and a proof from wikipedia. It is embarrassing enough for me to go find those and try to prove this to you all. Besides, I am out of words if you dont understand the problem with bringing sexual orientations into arguments. For all the rest, Final Word put it perfectly. The real sad part of all this is that you are too blind to see how these issues overshadow your successes in game. Due to all this off-game related stuff, you (and unfortunately, your alliance if they approve this) will never get my (and most of ours) respect again, no matter what accomplishments you will get in the game. Dignity is something that is very hard to earn but very easy to lose. So I invite you to be a decent human being, so either own the things you say or apologize for them.

    .... and that is what surprise me most!

    you're aware that in this case you can say good bye to Monkey's and Belhaven's hammer too (as well as Snake and Hot&Wild) + some other?

    or you think we should let them travel and hit as it happened last monday?

    or are Just The Grim's and The Nioels hammers that matters for Supermeta?

    Cris, I told in three different places in this thread that me asking for a fix for our op isn't due to guaranteed better outcome for us. Also, I never said that it was a perfect solution. I even pointed out in many places that it would mean for sure splats fro the hammers launched so it is actually not too good for us. Also, this is a hypothetical situation as we all know that TG cannot do a rollback on exact second we want and also rollback has its own bugs. What I actually strongly advocated was a manual fix for the hammers launched after UT steal and fix for your defenses and damages caused after UT steal. I do not wish to discuss this further, too repetitive.

    First, VICES DC team isnt "decent" its by miles the best one on the server and the best Ive ever played with.

    I am actually confused. Didn't you all say that SGR's OPs were terrible (Only hits feeders, inactive accounts, the ONLY thing that mattered was last year's Wooky chief)? So how is it a good DC-ing to defend a against terribly organized OPs? To me, to claim that you have a quality DC, you need to be defending against quality OC. So, make up your mind if our OPs suck and you dont actually have a great DC or we have a good OC which is countered by your good DC?

    Loffe nah, I am good. You don't get to stray away that easily without acknowledging your own stuff. I accept my ban, it was a terrible idea to post the wikipedia link. I didnt consider that it could give you and your team more ideas to use in the future.

    But you didn't trust us on the cap switch, even when I told you that TG keeps logs of every action taken.

    I literally said I trust your word. Go read.

    But there's a little thingy that's bothering me, you didn't ask for hammer restoration, you asked for a rollback to before our UT OP.

    I literally asked for hammer restoration and asked for a rollback AFTER your UT op.

    We got 2 (two) arties with catapults from our BP accounts

    Does that change the fact that 20 of your cousins registered under BP?

    VICES are dirty cheaters

    What about bought accounts with money just to make them private farms - you are proud of the stuff once you complained? Keep closing your eyes, the server is over soon.

    *grabs popcorn and gets ready for troll attack*

    But why are you angry, my friend? Are you angry we complained to TG? Had the situations been reversed, would you not have done the same? Are you angry because you think that we didn't deserve the UT restoration because of how you perceive us as a team? Is this not bias, but just in the opposite way?

    If something like this happens to you,I'll be rooting for ya - I promise

    Oh there are many other things to be angry about, just not about the UT which is perfectly normal for you to take as it is rightfully yours. I did support you on getting things back, and even blindly trusted TD account owners that they wouldn't lie about cap switch timing (which in retrospect, I question my trust that seeing what kind of people some are but whatever). But does that mean that we have you supporting us to recover our op hammers launched after UT steal? I know, I know, I know, "it is not the same thing".

    Proud to be on a team that does whatever it takes to win. Game bugs and glitches can’t even stop us. What hope do the other three quads have? #govices

    This we figured already with the accounts created under BP in arties time. But thanks for the confirmation.


    Ah, wish your players listened to your advice. REDACTED

    What attacks ? Like common show us one report :D

    If you are going to stop putting smilies (:P^^:D) at the end of every sentence, I will bother digging up reports where TEN's GZ killed our GZ players earlier in the server.

    I can not think of anything more idiotic in this situation than to not consider the proper outcome. If losing UT was that big of a deal, you should have defended it when you had the chance. The BS you guys are now spitting on the forum is not only dumb, but a terrible attempt at trying to blame someone else for your own mistakes.

    It seems like you are the only person who actually thought TG would interfere in like this. Are you calling all the players including your own players idiots? Way to show how pompous you are. This is not the first time you are pretending to know anything of what kind of communication we had or as if we had a good idea of what is defended and what is not. It should go without saying that we assumed that it was properly defended. I would suggest you to read what you write before posting such gibberish. You have a plenty in your crew to consult if you want to do proper trolling.

    Where is Batman?

    So why you lot are crying so much now?

    And now your side is finding nonsense reasons to ask for one.

    To be fair, it is only me crying. Maybe as being a part of OC, I know better than others that it could be important piece of information to have.

    P.S. I could be appeased with a 20 gold voucher.

    Just a question.
    If VICE didnt decide to def the real target for The grim and he went thru, would you have been yelling for a rollback then too?
    Since you're saying you would have changed the ops in that case & therefor it wouldnt be fair for VICE to lose a capital when the hammer wouldnt have been launched in the first place if the game didnt bug?


    OP that was executed based on info on hand but after it plays out, then the info on hand back then changes due to bug. Ops could be worse or better than this outcome (maybe we would splat everything trying to get UT back out of frustration), but it it would be different. It has nothing to do with the success of our ops.

    Well I did not blame you. I just trolled that in case of future cap changes we should keep it as proof.

    Now about grim hammer

    he launched his hammer 4 hours after vices OP, there is no way that you decided to send grim out after he he managed to gather the entire thing..... Unless he is just raiding cousins in which case it is possible :/

    Of course not. The OP was made long ago. What I am saying is that we could abandon his mission or change/tweak those havent launched yet if we knew we would lack late game hammers.

    So you knew this would come and you launched Grim hammer anyway? I'm confused...

    Try giving it a another read next time then. "This" refers to these accusations of yours that I anticipated would come, about me asking for a proof from TD to believe they actually changed the capital after the hit. To prevent it, I wrote in advance in the original post that it is not the case that I question your integrity and just trying to help out dealing with TG. Apparently, I failed.

    Alcoholic Duck_COM I mentioned that screenshot or some sort of proof to help you guys out for your case, as I assumed TG might not be able to verify your time of cap change.

    Ah yes, I forget. Obi, did you screen-cap that your decision was based solely on the fact that TG would let you keep an arti you were undeserved of having?

    I even specifically mentioned "don't get me wrong" and "not my intention to question your honesty" multiple times because I knew this would come. I also never said it was solely by that, read earlier posts if you wonder why we would make different decisions.

    TG already said a rollback would cause issues. They can only fix the direct outcomes of the bugs. I could also say that I would have 3 more troops queued if I didn't have to send res to TD. They can't repair every action that was made since it happened. We have all made decisions with the information we had at the time knowing that circumstances involving both the UT and TD's village might change.

    I do not think the impact of you losing 3 troops is the same as risking our potential WWr. Of if you think that it is important for the server going forward, you could ask for reimbursement for the three troops you lost and I would be supportive of it. Then again, you can obviously find excuses not to make this happen, I guess you do not have incentives to do so. As I said, I know that I cannot convince the Vices-based forum community that on the results would be different.

    Alcoholic Duck_COM I mentioned that screenshot or some sort of proof to help you guys out for your case, as I assumed TG might not be able to verify your time of cap change.

    C&A I dont know what to say if you don't understand that the problem behind OP that was executed based on info you have but after it plays out, then the info on hand back then changes due to bug. Ops could be worse or better than this outcome (maybe we would splat everything trying to get UT back out of frustration), but it it would be different. It has nothing to do with the success of our ops. As for the UT, I always said it is a very important artefact. You are once again holding me responsible for things others say. IF rollback after you get UT is indeed impossible, we could still have manual interference to revert the op.

    That being said, I am not too bothered by it. I just think that it would be a happy ending for both sides if this also happened. However, I am glad that you guys got a fix for this relatively fast. It is what was supposed to happen from your side.

    You splatted your hammers due to the poor execution during your launches, us getting UT now doesn't impact that at all. Your argument that you would have planned differently with UT being ours is also quite weak, perhaps you wouldn't have included the grim (which again, I doubt, since his 5k rams are nowhere near good enough to turn into a WWR). If your argument is that you would have had an additional priority target to fake, you could have faked UA, since that, by the words of your own members is the actual "game-changing" artefact.

    Well, your leader said in the last round that only Wooky WWk chiefing was important in our last rounds ops, all else was useless so direct that to your own leaders. Losing UT, if you ask me, is obviously a huge blow. I explained what we would do differently and how it does negatively impact our op (even if it is not as big as it did to you), do not let me repeat myself. Then again, like I said before, there is no surprises that I get a dislike from you lot on the forum and hearing all kinds of explanations why the result might be the same while Swedish tech account gets kudos by repeating what I have said. It only tells how two-sided your real justice understanding is really when you ask for (and get) support against the bug but not willing to do the same when the negative consequences impact the other side.

    but he should also know that there was a chance for this outcome

    Not really. I am 100% certain that we would make plans differently, should we knew that we are certainly short of a trainer. Different game state actually guarantees that this outcome would never happen, especially in an op where artefact like UT matter a lot. I am not even talking about higher chance of success of the ops, a basic decisions such as not launching particular hammers at all.

    Either way, I don't expect any support here as this forum is heavily Vices dominated nor that I am that optimistic to expect a similar retrieving of our op hammers/vices defenses.

    Nice that TG intervened but oh well, it kinda sucks for us now that our OP went after this incident... We would definitely target UT heavily, either real or mass fake. That would dilute the defenses increasing chances of success of the op and potentially help us we could take UT back in that chaos. Alternatively we might not have sent Grim's hammer (as we are very low on trainers now) like that as it could easily turn into a WWr.

    I guess this is about time I stop playing this game.