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    Luflett or whatever your name is, I did not say I have proof, nor that I made any compaints. I said it looks too perfect each time. Is an opinion not at accusation. Usually people with a guilty conscience jump out like that.

    I never made accusations. On all servers one group is better than the rest, they win. Usually. I will admit to whoever wins, that they were the best.

    Anyway... Off forum... Too much blah blah and lies for my taste.

    I don't know why you keep coming back here thinking you have absolutely anything to say of substance. Everyone can see what a joke team Goats are. I have never seen such an overrated group of players. I honestly think even 2.01 are better. This text would be too long to explain just how bad you guys are and it's especially hilarious that you are CO of Brezzok genuinely thinking that carries some weight, when it perfectly explains why you are so delusional over your own "achievements".

    By the way crying "double crossing" about some random finns attacking your spawns day 40 is just sad. Literally couldn't think of anything else have a less of an impact on where we are today in the server.

    Easy to "win" when you keep playing on special olympics servers being the sole pre-made or facing subpar pre-mades.

    The moment you faced actual competition, e.g. this server, you got absolutely blasted and this is under the conditions of having 3 other teams helping you. Of course now with the results in hand it's the classic "just playing for fun" when it was obvious you were tryharding before being put down like the overrated noobs you are.

    i don't mind you add it to the list. Didn't know about this one. DND lost the only WWK they had ? ? ?

    One member of Duat is saying 35 caps, then you say 50 caps. first compare the numbers with your friends, then come to here with them.

    That's you say you are right doesn't mean you are. Saying whole numbers like 50, 35 etc just show you are bluffing and not serious.

    Unlike me which i said 7 caps last op, this is a real number, i didn't say 5, 10, 15, 20. Stop the bluff!!

    I like to see you understood I'm right like you said we both lost same amount +-. Now, we can agree or disagree if losing this amount of catas in one account or the lose divide to 5 accounts its the same.

    Go back to school and learn some basic reading comprehension before you immediately hit that reply button.

    35 capitals properly destroyed - to be a bit more merciful to you, I ignored the capitals that were hit in the sneaky sweep ops and did get damaged but not as significantly.

    I don't agree at all with your 1+1=3 math of counting catas, I was talking about the difference between holding catas for 1 player and several players and just used a figure as an example. My mistake however, I assumed I was talking with someone with more than two braincells.

    I don't even know what your point is to come here and write fiction it's not going to change the reality of your situation in game anyways.

    Op 60 days ago from 3 alliances attacking together resulting in 20-ish caps being hit of which the majority were techs is definietly more successful than losing 2 WWKs, 3 hammer vills and ~50 GoW caps you delusional clown.

    And then you go on to compare cata numbers where you conveniently include anything Gunners lost and apply it to us but simultanouesly leave out anything your zerg allies lose. You either compare both or you don't at all, but of course then it would be obvious you can't do basic math. But that's not even the thing of importance here, there is a huge difference between 1 player losing 11k catas and 5 players losing 11k catas combined. I'm not even going to bother explaining why because you are too low skilled to understand the difference anyways.

    You know that everyone is attacking Gunners because your diplocamcy sucks and made everyone hate you right? There is no zerg we are just attacking you for our own individual reasons. And you are right I'm really stupid and I guess you are also a much better player than I will ever be since you were skilled enough to be invited to Gunners. In fact me pointing out that your OP-hammers are not that great (overall) considering your many techs is just me being jealous.

    Yeah no zerg, just accidentally timed attacks from 4 alliances on every op since artis were released. Players just accidentally jumping into other alliances everytime one of the 4 metas gets attacked. Artis just accidentally being transferred with no resistance between 4 alliances. Motivations may be individual, playstyle is definietly not. I understand you may be embarrassed over the whole ordeal, especially if you are still struggling with these increadiable advantages. Now please reply to this and cry zerg because we defended Gunners once, it's not close to the size, server duration and the level of cooperation of what you guys are doing.

    You accuse us for being a zerg and still not doing well. Well look at you, you are a zerg, defending together, and timing ops together, and yet you caused way less damage than our single op. In the first op on Nordics we took more caps than Nordics took in 4 ops. Not talking about your friends in GUNNERS

    Don't forget we also lost 6 million catas.

    Current list of excuses as to why an alliance that has had help with def, off and artis from 3 other metas for over 60 days are somehow still struggling:

    - Enemy uses bots

    - Enemy uses scripts

    - Enemy uses techs

    - Enemy uses alarms (?)

    - Enemy simmed until whichever server day we started realizing we are losing the war

    - Low activity after whichever server day we started realizing we are losing the war

    - "We are only here for Gunners" a.k.a. the third wheel

    - "We are not really playing seriously"

    - Enemy has a lot of luck

    - Enemy lost 6 million catas

    - Enemy got massively destroyed in that ops 60 days ago where 3 metas decided to attack together and go reals on caps of which some were 6c, 7c and 9c:s.

    I tried to "broke the ice" cause its seems to be so cold and salty in here, even for the penguin in your profile.

    Also, i found a bug in Travian that people can change the quote Achtung and Travian support team to your attention,

    glad i helped. in return a gift of 10k gold to Prince Zuko account might be nice :)

    More like you tried desperately to lie about what I said. Kind of like how desperate you are to seek help from 4 other metas because you aren't good enough to win on your own.

    Bonus points for trying to sprinkle some propaganda too in that falsified quote before you edited it out like a coward by saying 3 instead of 4 metas.

    finally i agree with you sarvaran

    You really must be desperate for my attention when you change my quote (cute edit by the way too hide it). You seem bad at counting too, I count 4, 5 if 2.01 is to be treated as a separate meta.

    Ajax "u mad bro?" was a meme from the previous decade really gotta up your game.