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    I want to hear what are yuo guys gonna do about the lag on the server, it's really really bad to sit and wait for the page to change if you clicked 1 / 2 mins before and it has still not changed, it's really bad!

    Inzo you must have not played in a server full of spikers.

    I have played enough server where ppl has been spikning, but it still dont make it right to cheat or do it? and yes I also hated those who did that but you can not do that now. only if you take over a village and put the def there right away which many are doing :) some are whining about that too and some are not.

    Dear travian team

    What can I say about this game there was so fun to play for many years ago, the game is a lost case against cheating. the Travian team/crew/admin call them what you want but they can't do anything about them, they can banned them for false reason and then open them again after 24 hrs without punishment in many cases. f.ek in the Final servers they are making whole allys to be farmed, I find it totally messed up and if you start farming a "red dot" one from a confed allied you get told to leave him alone (or there will be put defence against OWN ppl). for some years ago it was against the rules to let ppl to giv villages free but also that is now also allowed the owner of the account get just go to someone and tell him you can get my village if you want it / buy it and the MHs just say whatever it's not against the rules anymore.

    I think you destroyed the game yourself when you changed the old style of travian to T4 where ppl need to buy items for the hero so ppl needed to buy EVEN more gold to transfer to Silver. I can only say to the team behind Travian you totally destroyed this game :!::?: