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    Bans, deletions and their consequences are not publicly discussed. Game Support does not disclose information about bans to individuals other than those involved. (This can be read in the game rule §7.2).

    Rule 7.2, as I read it, prohibits players from discussing their bans, deletions, and consequences in any manner other than via the Customer Services portal. It also states that the Travian Legends team does not disclose information about bans to any individuals not involved. Fair enough. However, I don't believe anyone here has asked about anyone that has actually been banned or why they have been banned. Candidly, I think most players can figure that part out for themselves.

    So perhaps the more specific questions, and questions the appear to be in compliance with the rules, are (a) what accounts in the Istanbul meta have been reported to and checked by Travian Games but have not been banned and (b) what was the reasoning for them not being banned.

    Thanks :)

    P.S. I will note that rule 8.1 allows Travian to change their rules at any time. So Travian using their own self-created, self-imposed rules to not be transparent in this matter would certainly be disappointing.

    My understanding is that due to privacy laws, none of the information you are requesting can be disclosed. I will bring this post to Ridder Huma attention though.

    Can you please let me know which privacy laws you're referring to? As an attorney (granted, in the US and not the EU), this statement intrigues me. Thanks and much appreciated.

    I didint understand what you mean Lemon. But, let me talk about the topic few minutes ago. Our main army for this exist. Even our secondary army is greater than your, ı think you should not discuss about this.

    Let me help translate, again. He's saying that until recently, you had the reputation of a sub-par player that could not do the basics (e.g. clear unique artis). Now, suddenly, you have 800 "friends and family" who have appeared and are willing to support you (e.g. build troops for you). He is just surprised because, typically, large groups of people do not like to follow people with such poor reputations (i.e. you).

    The forum turned into your cry wall. We dont want to see your cries. Like before has been say to you, here is not the place for it. Are we playing a war game, or you try to cry race on forum?

    You must be confusing me with someone else, no one has talked to me about crying. I was just trying to help you understand why your group is so universally disliked. Again, to clarify, it is because of what many deem to be a dishonest style of play that most would argue violate the rules or at least the spirit of the game.

    There are very weak players in this server. If we know this truth, we may go a competitive server. For example Vietnam server is higher quality server than comx. Disappointment...

    If it's so weak, why would you need 800 "friends" to play with you? Assuming, of course, those are your friends and not...I don't know...techs and multis.

    You guys afraid of ISTANBUL and come directly to forum, you get destroy and find an excuese for İSTANBUL, you try to make dirt on ISTANBUL bc of your failure.

    I want to tell, we had our patience and out limite is full now. We just tought, it is only game. I won't be kind and polite anymore. Give your answer to my reports, with your reports. Otherwise, be silence.

    I don't think a single person has said they are afraid of ISTANBUL. They have said they do not approve of how they are playing (i.e. cheating or, at best, abusing the rules). In fact, I would argue the only people afraid on this servers are the ones that need to use hundreds of techs/multis in an effort to be competitive.

    Maybe the language barrier is making it difficult for you to understand what people are saying?

    P.S. Before I get punished or edited, I am not personally saying that Istanbul is cheating, that is just what the vast majority of active, actual players in the game are saying. I am providing those statements as context.


    I am willing to leave this thread open so long as it remains nonaccusatory and without personal attacks towards other players, which has been the problem with every deleted and closed thread so far. Having a general discussion on this topic is fine, but accusing and verbally attacking other players is not tolerated nor can we tolerate encouragement to violate game rules.

    Yes yes Moderator they also multi acc :) now it's time moderator multi acc let's start accusing. New trend moderators Multi acc :)

    Please follow-through and punish TurkC for blatantly disregarding your instructions. Much appreciated.

    And here I thought we were talking about ToH having 5 hammers walled on "possible high troop count villa"s of Baloo. Although, I suppose Qummi admitted those were just complete failures.

    Pro tip for future ops - Baloo doesn't have any high troop count villages ^^

    There sure were some failures.

    But before anyone judges these off ops, could anyone please name me a single successful Disney/DoH off ops during this server? ;)

    Edit: in case this is too difficult, feel free to include successful ops from previous servers.

    Sure, as soon as you send us the reports of where Disney lost 5 hammers, including 13k rams and 5.5k cats, on a couple of worthless feeders.

    What is the difference between "Partial Failure" and "Partial Success"?

    Also, if you planned on zero'ing a capital and failed to do so...isn't that just a "Failure"? If you planned on chiefing a village but only lowered the loyalty a little would that be a "Partial Success" of "Partial Failure"?

    So many questions...