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    Asume we are the first of the three men. If we see two white hats, we know we must be wearing black, and could immediately proclaim so.

    But we don't, so we must either wear black or white

    so far as stated in the the puzzle.

    but, if we were wearing a white hat, then the others would see a black and white, and THEY could reasonably deduce themselves to be wearing black, because if they were also wearing white then THE OTHER OF THE TWO would be seeing two white and would proclaim black immediately and because they don't do so, we know we must be wearing black!

    nic: Nice

    server: Codex

    Someone just raided it shortly before you did or resources were spent in the village.

    I would admit it is possible, but I'm not convinced this was the case. The oasis is 1 field from my villa, and I was using it for hero training. When the player annexed it, I killed his scouts and def troops (small numbers) and scouted it to measure the production rate. The rates were steady, I sent a raid to pick up (1 field away), got nothing and so rescouted. Res was as expected if he didn't spend down. Has anyone else been able to raid res from out of an annexed oasis?