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    if by team u mean alliance, that of course should also be more restrictive, confed resources exchanges should also be limited by antipush system. By doing this techs could still be defended by creating an ally and inviting all techs inside. At least this would put a target and would make things much more difficult. I know the difficulty of identifying multiaccounts, but I really think that we all should put effort on something that is going to end up killing the game.

    I agree. They should add antipush system to confederation just like antipush in alliance. Also a cooldown for confederation, you can't send reinforcement before 12 or 24 hours after accepting confederation.

    But yes, tech accounts still can make their own confederation with defenders, but I at least they can't fully abuse the system.

    By applying an strict policy on anti-push protection things would get much better. Not a solution but an improvement.

    The problem is there are a lot of tech accounts, a lot so they make alliances full of tech account. So it counts as raiding to enemies. Probably they need to ban IP or email addresses but I don't think that's a good choice.

    If you have any suggestion how to handle the tech accounts problem, you can always give your idea. They implemented the confederacy system, now they can't freely defense their tech accounts. It does reduce the efficiency of tech accounts but not much.

    Everyone who plays this game legitimately like you and I don't like tech accounts abuser, but we have to admit it's a hard to find a solution for it, because obviously the developers don't want to ban players who "might or might not" be using tech accounts. Probably because the developers rely too much on the automated ban system(?) who knows.

    It is not allowed. Sometimes the automated ban can't detect whether the players are tech accounts or not because sometimes tech abuser paid real person to play one account so it'll looks like real account. The main problem is how to detect or how to divide which tech accounts or real support accounts.

    Edit: Tech account is allowed. Sorry for weird language.

    What I mean is:

    Tech account = multi account

    Real support = tech account

    Sorry, I'm from ID so we used different language.

    Depends on your playstyle, for me, if I want to make WW anvil then yes, absolutely. If not, I'll just casually train troops from normal barracks/stable, since we can stack defensive units and a lot of players playing defensive.

    I don't think they will put an option to use classic building.

    They keep improving the graphic from T2, T3, T4, now T4.5. I don't like it at first too, but I like it now, probably because I'm adapted to the new buildings so far. So yeah, you'll get used to it soon.

    I think you want to do this for AFK farming(?)


    1 EI level 4 can attack village up to level 2 City Walls (Romans) + level 2 Residence/Castle and populations difference isn't matter.


    1 EI level 3 can attack village with level 0 Walls + level 0 Residence/Castle with probably at least less than +7% of your population (I don't know the exact calculation).

    But I don't think it's worth to level up EI to level 4 early on, it's better to use 2 EI instead. 2 EI level 0 can attack village up to level 3 City Walls + level 3 Residence/Castle and populations difference isn't matter.

    Well, I think you lack of coordination.

    Every pre-made alliances always coordinates where the settle to have a bigger advantage later in the game. Travian is a team game, by joining a pre-made alliance is an advantage. So, if you want to lower your change of getting "bad luck", try to join an alliance early on and coordinate where do you want to settle or probably early call for resources for your settlers.

    Back to title, I think my opinion is spawn village location. If my spawn village is far from good C15 and somehow far from my friend. I think Travian should add 1 re-rolling spawn village at the first 1 hour after creating the account if you bought the gold club.