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    I have played since the very early days of this game and watched the game evolve. While the tactics change and game gets modified, one element never changes, the ability to provide a community and team home while the players go about their game. It requires enormous skill to manage 60 or so players and form not only a winning team but do it with such high integrity the entire team and opposition show respect. ELE of TM and currently Bedlam has done that not once but every server I have seen her play. As mentioned before 3 winning birthday servers is no small achievement. But doing it with a high level of integrity, ensuring the team runs clean and avoids those unsavory elements of ego players ( tech accounts, bots etc ) and putting in the workload is remarkable. Anyone can build large army's , and pour resources into the game, very very few command the respect of all players year after year and turn out winning teams.

    It is not so much what you do , but how you do it. Frankly I was gobsmacked a known travian legend was not given the recognition last year, that really needs fixing. Many of come back , as vets, because the way Ele plays and what she brings to the game. As for gameplay skills, we all know her defensive skills are almost certainly the best in the game, but it is all the background work that elevates her beyond just a good player. Time to recognize that. The Travian 'Hall of Fame' is currently missing a star. Vote ELE, Cheng l Sao etc

    Without doubt ELE (TM) would get my vote. Never seen any player work harder for the team, keep a great group of players and ego's level headed and welcome new players with patience to adapt to team play style, even if they are not up there with the Travian elite. Above all else makes the game enjoyable. Skill wise, I doubt there are many who can match her DC skills. But offers so much more than that to the team.