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    I enjoyed the competitiveness of this server as well. It was much more competitive than the previous (like 5?!?) RU servers. So for the most part, our expectations for going into a different domain, were fulfilled. While we are not completely content with the results, we're not necessarily discontent either. There must always be villains in the story, otherwise there would be no story at all, our rates reflect our achievements. Even if it's more so that we were made into villains, because of how things on the forums went.

    Once again people, dont judge us all based on your attitude towards one person.

    And to clear some questions.

    1) Mindfreak is not a Web player. In fact, we dont know who he is. It so happened that he didnt like Heathens and Bedlam, which aligned with our interests at the time.

    2) No, we are not salty or mad for not winning, even if we had an opportunity. Considering how many servers there are behind our shoulders over the years, while we do care about being absolute winners, we care about that a lot less than our performance as a team. And this time we had a loooot of new members. This server reflected clearly, what we need to improve internally and provided valuable insight as to how we are going to approach some of the internal matters, in the future.

    3) To people who think that we didnt defeat anyone. That is simply not true.

    We wiped Heathens off our regions almost entirely, you dont need to have 200IQ to realize that we were not going to chase them all the way to England after they fled there.

    We took several regions from Bedlam, while not letting Bedlam take any from us or take the ones we took back (up until a couple of weeks ago though). We also caught and walled most of Bedlams hammers at the time and after. Catae'd lots of villages in Emerita and Olisipo and some other regions. It is clear what would happen later if we didnt have to shift our attention off of Bedlam.

    Theres no need to even talk about how we massacred THC. THC fell in a matter of a week. We took lots and lots of villages from them and catae'd some capitals and took regions. THC were even weaker than Heathens, despite having a ton more troops.

    So yeah, that statement is ridiculous. Or does "defeating" someone means cata'ing every village to the ground to you? If so, then our views differ, which means your statement is just an opinion.

    4) Yes, lots of us also do not agree with how Kazah initiates conversations. As it affects our image as a team. But it is even more amusing how easily some people are offended and start to show their true colors. We are good people, and Kazah is also a good person. But we dont need to prove that to anyone.

    Overall, GG to everyone. This server was packed with action!

    I wonder if either of these teams were willing to give up Emerita, could they have won the server?

    Who's good at math? 8o

    It's simple, we were controlling Emerita for most of the server. If Bedlam didn't invade it, we would have won the server but Bedlam would be in 3rd. If we gave it away to Bedlam ~1 month earlier, they would have won the server but we would probably be in 3rd.

    They don't chose the winner.

    They do.

    If your team had been more kind and friendly we would all give you a standing ovation for your strength and strategy.

    We don’t care about receiving gratifications. We care about performance. And we know that we performed at (almost) our best. And we know that we will keep improving. Given the chance, don’t expect that we would be more friendly, this is a war game.

    Honestly, we are still fighting THC as well...and taking regions from them faster. but yes, i don't speak for everyone but certainly we at DP would rather see THC win.

    It’s your choice, we accept that, even if we disagree with it.

    it all comes down to sportsmanship? respect? While WEB has some very strong players, yourself included, the general attitude on the forums was one of vitriol and disrespect towards us as a team and as individual players.

    THC? except for Aurora, almost all were polite and cool in our interactions with them. so yea, it was a no brainer really. Even aurora was polite (but possibly nuts....?)

    A ton of respect to WEB though, even knowing I will get flamed by Kazah and crew after this post. you guys fought hard....

    I am a member of Kazah’s crew. I don’t remember flaming anyone, a bit of rudeness here and there, but generally, I’d say most of us weren't overly hateful. Kazah is our leader, and we will stand by his side. He doesn’t speak for all of us however.

    Anyway, at this point, we are fighting against the whole world basically. We can’t really win the server while Bedlam, THC, Heathens and Basta are having operas after operas against us. Too many fronts for us to be able to keep every region we took. Our deff rate is already through the roof.

    And while we know that any alliance would crumble against us 1v1, Bedlam proved to be a stronger opponent than we initially thought, at least through sheer resilience.


    you can't be more wrong in last few weeks bedlem went on more thc regions and took them then on webs

    Like which? Sure Jerusalem is contested now, but that is 10!!! VP

    Meanwhile you’re being annoying in Emerita Augusta, which is 100 VP. I don’t see how you’re not helping anyone. I guess THC gets a special treatment.

    There truly is no honour among thieves after all.

    it's a lie, but as it was said before "bedlam is to decide who's will be a winner" so it's up to you. i see it as revenge)) NAP has ruined bedlam's chances, so it is some kind of pay back now i guess:/

    zerg push hard:(

    100% This. No matter how many more regions you will be able to take before the server ends, Bedlam, you simply won’t have the time to rack up enough VP for a victory.

    You’re saying that you won’t help anyone win, but so far you’re helping THC do so. And preventing us from winning. What is up with that? It seems that really all you want it revenge. What’s the point of saying you won’t help anyone win then?

    I am not gonna go about saying who deserves the win. And who’s the better people. I’ll just say that we acknowledged Bedlam long ago, which didn’t happen with THC, regardless of the NAP we had.

    So server is coming to end...well, how about my 'predictions without significant basis', huh Jiio? you didn’t forget that i predict Web's victory in this round? ... i really hope i'll be wrong this time, unlike other two servers (PtPx2, i can't put the ball into the basket all the time and my prediction will not come true ... after all, David had beaten Goliath and no one told David that his victory was not real because he much weaker than the giant in armor from an early age accustomed to war or there was no fight as such ... brute force doesn't always win and not everyone is able to carry out such daring plans and we aren't talking about primitive Zerg Meta

    and since when does a leader who didn't leave his ally in trouble and didn't move to the side of the enemy, deserve reproach? it would be easier to desert alliance and she would so far get likes for her posts from web players

    P.S. Web has already begun to beg Bedlam not to attack them, hiding behind logic ... however)

    Alright, let's sort this stupid wall of useless text.

    1) Your predictions remain to be without any significant basis, you spew crap out of your mouth without having any meaningful data, there's a reason you're not making money at the betting agencies, please, stop talking, you're not even playing the server. :D:D

    2) Why would you hope to be wrong this time if you're already wrong every time? <X I guess it's for the sake of consistency, however, since you're wrong all the time, please, stop talking, you're not contributing to anything worth discussing.

    3) David and Goliath is basically a myth, a legend, it has nothing to do with our world or especially the current situation, in a freaking game. There are no Davids or Goliaths in here, by sheer numbers (of units and their deff-off points that is), Us, Bedlam, THC are close to being evenly matched. Besides, how does a fight between 2 individuals hundreds of years ago affect what is happening in a browser game? So please, stop talking, you bear no logic in your words. :thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown:

    4) In your primitive example of David and Goliath, David earned his victory, not just received it. Unlike THC, who didn't do anything for the whole server and are close to basically "just receiving" the victory. Noone is saying that their victory wouldn't be real, but it certainly wouldn't be something they achieved with hard work and blood (in-game), therefore, it can be considered by some to be undeserved, myself included, therefore we are making significant moves to deny them their "gift". So far, we are succeeding. Once again, please stop talking, you bring arguements that have no value, all because of a lack of information, you make yourself look ridiculously stupid. ?(

    5) And what in the world is this "brute force" point you try so hard to push? Most of what we achieved was due to strategy and tactics, something you have no idea of how it works, the closest alliance to simply use brute force would be Heathens. They failed miserably at brute forcing us. Just like you are failing at having meaningful arguements :D:D Hopefully you are starting to realize by now, just how stupid you sound, please, stop talking.

    6) Now the stupidest point imaginable :D:D:D How does liking anyone's post reflect the situation? It is literally just a like/dislike, it doesn't show whether someone likes the person, it bears no significance, it simply shows that someone enjoyed what was written. These kind of things are very hard for you to understand, i get it. Just don't try and make that a valid point, you fail hopelessly. :D:D

    7) Now, quote me exactly where any of the Web players begged Bedlam for help? Oh wait, you can't. :D:D Once again you show your incompetence. Remember this one thing if your brain has the capacity to do so: Web will not ask anyone for help, neither we will admit that we need it. If we don't manage to take the lead and win the server (in victory points), then so be it. It would not take away our established achievements already, we have shown everyone exactly what kind of players we are, and what we are capable of, no alliance that will try and pick a fight with us, shall be able to end the fight, unscarred. Given enough time, THC would fall, and our cities would be built atop their broken bones. This server however, is shorter than the previous ones, and so we might not have enough time. This is exactly the reason why we would not deny anyone's help, even if we will not ask for it. THC are playing dirty, very dirty, they are spamming us with 1 unit from the farm lists, clogging the rally point. Bedlam attempted to do so before, however, they had enough dignity to quickly realize that this is not how either of us should perform. It is up to Bedlam to decide whether they will support honour, or greed. Call us Bears, call us Spiders, call us Angry Russians, we already know who we are, and we will show THC who they really are.

    As for you, Marusja, hopefully now you see that noone considers you to be a worthy partner for discussion, especially considering how broken your English is, some people don't even read your stupid posts as they would have to spend dozens of minutes just to translate all your crap. Your pressence is simply annoying and as useless as you are. Leave, and don't come back, ty.

    Princess does not have to be rational. Plus I think we are only account without catas :rolleyes: and you said yourself - Heathens are not enough, we need at least one more defensive account, WEB passed us in def points :(

    Logical conclusion from that would be for Bedlam to only attack THC, so as to not give us any more deff points :D

    Perfect described you in page 3

    Always with agresive insult, all thread flooded with your balabol talkings

    Regardless of Kazah's attitude towards you, or any other person, he provides arguements, data and evidence when he talks. Out of you, however, i havent heard anything other than constant crying about how Kazah is treating you. Its not like anyone accuses you of something you are not, what Kazah says about you, is what your actions show. Both in-game and on the forums.

    Want to look like someone who is worthy being debated? Then at least try an defend your point, instead of crying about insults over the internet.

    Worth? I wonder if every person on THC will say the same.

    Prepare yourselves, THC. Philippopolis is just the beginning.

    Marusja besides principals there is also a few objective measures which i am not sure you follow, i don't know how much access you have to the server. Obviously not all log have been posted here.

    The funny thing is that she doesn’t have any access to the server, past simply creating an account 😅 She is a chaser, and has been following us for more than a year now, making enemies with our leader Tarantul.

    In essence, harmless, but acts like she knows everything and everyone. Always making “predictions” without significant basis to them, which often end up wrong :D More of an annoyance than an actual threat, but an annoyance indeed.

    In regards to the principles. It is now our principle, to not let THC win, or rather I should say, to not let Aurora win. Tbh, almost all of our communication with THC, was communication with Aurora, to put that into perspective, we made a NAP with her, rather than anyone else. :/

    The way she is treating us now, is just ridiculous. We are being called traitors, for cancelling the nap, never mind the fact that we specifically told her, that we won’t attack first. And so we didn’t. There is also a reason we made a nap rather than a confed initially, as we clearly stated that we are not going to be friends, it was just a mutually beneficial move. Or did Aurora think, that In a competitive game, where only 1 winner will be shown in the end screen, we are gonna remain “friends” for the entirety of the server, even after we told that we are making a nap strictly for war purposes? :| I guess that worked with the half of the the server that she allied...

    I fail to see what we did wrong? Yes we may be seen as the “bad guys”, yes we may be ruthless to our opponents. Our morals though, are clean. We threat people by exactly who they are, without masks and talking behind their backs. While Aurora showed her true colours. ?( I even wonder about the rest of THC players, as well as the alliances that they are in confed with (ex. Basta), do they really want to follow this kind of a leader? Well, time will tell...

    We will do as much as we can, to not let THC win. And unlike Aurora, we don’t make false declarations X(

    and when web did proper op on someone? They just walling every time attacks takes more then 30min

    Have you been playing the server? lol

    log please? I told them to not poke the bear. 🤷

    A sleeping bear gets very angry if someone wake them up this time of the year. 🐻

    Well well if we settle in your regions I dont think you will be happy.

    We are not bears, we are spiders.
    Yes, come to our regions, we will be waiting, with open arms. And fangs :*

    These things are not for me to decide in this case. I personally, wouldn't mind sharing.

    We are still waiting for Web to post their logs from what I think the biggest battle from this server so far. 8o

    It was)

    Why won’t Bedlam post their logs first? 😏

    When someone from Web replies in forum thread, whole bunch of Bedlam forum bois goes to the action kek. Only way to make a thread active is to tell something about Bedlam that everyone already knows already and that's how you get their attention.

    Very true. Every time one of us writes something, there's like 4-5 Bedlam players answering lol ^^