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    I must say, Bat Man is the ultimate drama seeker.

    Its amazing how he pivots between talking about speculations as facts, followed by a taunt, fueling drama and ending with a message that says since I do not have proof for anything, it's common sense it's all speculation. Only, when he states his speculations, he chooses very imposing words and a tone of utmost certainty in what he is saying.

    "The wolves are coming!"

    Where are the wolves Bat Man?

    "Don't you see them?"

    No, we don't.

    "Obviously I am just speculating. The wolves might come!"

    In the story, the people start ignoring the guy who always cries wolf. But I think that is because those people didn't seek drama themselves. Here however, it's a different story.

    You keep the forum alive Bat Man. For that I give you credit.

    But I do hope you understand no one believes a single word that comes out of your mouth. We just love the saltiness it leads to.

    Your credibility is zero.

    P.s Please do not reply with a link to the tech alliance of Goats AGAAAAIIIN. We are hiding nothing. For your information, all of those accounts are played by real people who didn't wish to actively be a part of this server but still couldn't sit back and watch their fellow Goats fight a war in such a hyped battlefield.

    Am I missing on something? Oh well, I am sure you will remind me of it when you reply to this post. You wouldn't be able to live peacefully otherwise, would you?

    latest rumours flying around now is that cwl and Gow are already talking & planning

    I am Zeus the Almighty, Santa is real and tomorrow I plant to zap all accounts on com2.

    Common mate. Such a poor and blatant attempt at trying to nudge other alliances into talking cooperation with the "Not Vices but Leaner and Cleaner"

    We have not tried to stir up a s***t storm over Gunners and Vices being together.

    We will appreciate if you do not conjure such fantasies about GOATs.

    Oh and yes, did I tell you? CWL is not playing. I guess you cannot wake up someone pretending to sleep.


    btw Jay those 2 sgr anvils you mentioned (one of them yours ? ) on com1 could not even save sgr from having to relocate their ww 8|

    Both were mine :) My account alone has walled 5 of your hammers and then about 90% of a sixth.

    Everyone is wondering wtf is Bat Man... no one knows.. hmmm.. interesting but the way you go on about only 3O players of cousins...

    Also, I am not going to take your bait and get into 30 against 3-4 wings. Meet me ingame, Will smack you and the remaining 29 there :)

    On com1 vices are called cousins also not in full form Only around 30 odd players there, funny thing is they’ve still been smashing Up sgr and might even end up winning that round lol 8o

    I wouldn’t be surprised if vices have just opted not to rein in the full team. And are just cutting off some fat.

    Jay do you think vices really need 300 accnts or more to make a huge impact here on com2 ?

    On com1, it is Cousins+USSR+BAD against SGR. I am not counting your proxy suicide accounts. And even then as you say there is only a chance "Cousins" might win. Don't forget, we only needed 2 anvils to wall your 5 hammers.

    This is travian. Not some sport where you decide to play lean for a strategy or give rest to your more stronger players.

    Also, yes. I do think they need 300 accounts to win against GOATs (they could have never won against CWL). Even if there might be only 30 players, they do need 300 accounts 😉

    Ladies and Gentlemen!

    The Joker has announced he will be running for office for the next term (after the kanye one).

    As campaign manager, I implore you all to listen to his words or his catas shall Rain on your villages!

    4 preformed alliances on a single server will drive the auction prices higher yes. It will also force everyone to use more gold to be more competitive.

    However, All the pre formed alliances on different servers does not mean the auctions are dirt cheap. Villains will be villains and keep buying stuff at extremely crazy prices no matter which server. Simmers will be simmers and they will keep golding up their villages no matter which server.

    Note if all alliances play on a single server, all the people who might spend a lot are on a single server at that point of time (I am not counting their other active servers as those will be on no matter what) whereas if all on different servers, the players are still spending a lot of money at the same time but on different servers.

    If all on one server, first CP helmet maybe for example lets say goes for 400k. But each alliance on separate server will buy it on average for 150k. Add 150k four times and its 600k. You see what I mean?

    eatie Bat_

    Nice having some non-friendlies on this server :D Gives me motivation to play hard to destroy you.. athough looks like Bat_ has nothing to be destroyed..

    eatie I dont think you remember but we had a nice game on ptp ts19 where your bravado went down the drain with Heathen armies at your doorstep :D Good luck here