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    Now that the server is over

    All shit talking aside

    Gunners: Awesome job. Tbh, I wouldnt have felt bad had you won. You would have deserved it.

    Nordics: Dangerous. Your planning and coordination is on a level I have never seen in latest years. I wish we could have had something similar... even 10% close to that.

    On a personal level, this server showed me that I still hadnt seen all that Travian can be.

    GOATs wont play for 2 years now. I dont know if we will be GOATs after 2 years.. many felt like this was their last server. Some came out of retirement just to have fun like old times. Lets see where time takes us.. For now I will be playing wherever friends are..

    I hope we can all let bygones be bygones and play together again :)

    Hai hai haii

    I go off for a few days and come back to see the same stuff going on here

    From now on, for any question anyone has about why GOATS did this or did that, this is your answer:

    We weighed our options, and chose the best feasible route for us to win.


    Consider all questions answered!



    xD ngl I cannot stop laughing

    The 12 year old responses you have are just pure comedy

    Well if you wanna do without techs we would have to even out the numbers as well. IKEA+Duat without techs would be less accounts than Goats or gow alone, by far. So top 50% of Goats vs. ikea+duat? I don't think Goats would be too easy of a target in that case tbh, maybe most would still be farms but atleast some would be able to fight back. That would give us some practice for our catas before GoW shows up for the real challenge

    2 metas vs 2 metas

    top 50% of GoW and GOATS vs Duat + IKEA


    Show me proof of the 4 meta zerg against you saravan.

    Without proof no one will believe you.

    And you still evade my question.

    Why wont you accept my fair terms? There is no zerg in the terms there are no techs in the terms. Just your meta and mine. Whats so difficult in it for you to evade the topic so much saravan?

    What zerg against you saravan? Dont just say the 4 meta zerg.

    Show me proof. GoW, GOATS and TEN attacked you once. After that, we did nothing on you. After that, IKEA receives fakes and attacks only from us. We havent coordinated anything against you guys after that one time. No one else. What Zerg? Show me proof.

    And you didnt answer my question straight. I did say we will only team up with GoW who you say has legitimate reason to be hostile against you. My terms are fair.

    Why wont you accept the fair terms saravan? Why wont you agree to fight us on the perfectly fair terms?

    Excuses saravan. Stop giving excuses.

    No one zerged against you.

    There was one OP against Gunners. We arent even interested in them anymore. They stole one stupid arti we joined in the fun and trashed some capitals.

    Your accounts are intact.

    Our accounts are intact.

    Dont give excuses.

    Show us your skill by accepting the challenge.

    If you dont, well, as I said, everyone will know you are afraid of fighting us without your techs.

    Are you afraid of fighting us without your techs?


    Did you forget what my earlier post said?

    I said drop your techs and we will drop the few we have.

    What does this sentence say?

    It does not accuse you of teching. It says you tech much much harder than us and that is the one thing you do differently.

    What is your point saravan?

    Why not answer this challenge eh?

    You drop all your techs. Delete them. We will not team up with anyone except GoW. We will delete all our techs.

    Lets have the fair fight you want.

    GoW and GOATS vs Duat and IKEA with zero techs. Lets go.

    Accept it if you have the guts to do so. If you dont accept it, you are basically agreeing that you are no good without techs.

    Open challenge.

    You lost this argument the moment you were found paying for techs. "But officer, I only stabbed a few times." Your techs disappeared because Chocolat got eaten up, not because you decided to remove them out of some goodwill lmao.

    And yeah you are better at stabbing than us.. in fact you call yourselves superior at stabbing than us! Nice analogy saravan.

    What eaten up? The techs paid for were deleted because we broke our connection with them. The ones that remained werent paid for the benefit of the alliance. They were being used one single person and we all know who he was.


    More like Paid, once. And if I start talking about who the money went to, you wont like it.

    And yes, you are doing it differently than us. There is literally only 2 players in goats that are teching. The others dont want or cannot afford. I try to encourage all to use and no one does.

    Whereas you guys, its part of your game play. So yeah.

    The shit you keep trying to bring, just check the server once and you will realize not a single one of the techs that my leader paid for are on the server anymore. They are all gone. Deleted.

    It makes ur point irrelevant.

    Just like you are :)

    No one is relevant here my friend.

    Neither you nor me.

    If you are searching for relevance here, you should leave. Most come here for entertainment and to vent out their personal frustrations on something else entirely so they can keep functioning like a sane person in the real world xD

    You can interpret my writing as you wish. I'm writing here to debunk the excuses that are thrown around for the reason behind this zerg.

    LOL bro everyone can see you are writing here for one reason only.

    To troll and gaslight.

    None of which are working in your favor.

    But sure, continue if it makes you feel better.

    As for your reply to my post, it isnt worthy of a reply. Too stupid.

    Cmon AFK dont do this I had started liking you.

    1) Initially when we spoke about fairness in the game as some alliances are clearly abusing techs to such a degree, we were whining because this is a war game.

    2) When IKEA played a farce of a NAP with us and then back stabbed us, that is fair because its a war game.

    3) You go on common chat and post personal chats with our leader and "expose" the so called behind the scenes confed of GOATS, TEN and GoW. Then you say that you did not like the unfairness there so you decided to balance the server. Which, now everyone knows, was completes BS given that you yourself had a secret behind the curtains confed with Duat all along.

    When you do it, its right. When we do it its unfair?

    This is a war game. Take your own advice. Suck it up and fight. You decided to attack three alliances at once. You knew the risks it entailed. You decided to go ahead none the less. So you should take the responsibility of facing the consequences and stop, as Saravan and Gunners like to say a lot, WHINING.

    You are doing one thing different than us. Techs. I dare you. Drop your techs. Delete them. We will tell our 2 members to do the same. Then it shall be a pure battle of skill, Until then, you have no right to speak of fairness and skill.

    I will give you one thing though, and this I have admitted previously, your planning was immense and the details are simply astounding. I would have loved to play with a team like that. But you are plainly bad at your execution. Even with a shitty execution, our shitty planning and your pre server preparation has still propelled you to this advantageous position.

    Read your own last line again. I repeat it back to you.