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    eatie Bat_

    Nice having some non-friendlies on this server :D Gives me motivation to play hard to destroy you.. athough looks like Bat_ has nothing to be destroyed..

    eatie I dont think you remember but we had a nice game on ptp ts19 where your bravado went down the drain with Heathen armies at your doorstep :D Good luck here

    Wowie this server is so interesting I wish I had stayed hahaha Well nothing left to stay after losing two croppers lol

    PP you guys are putting up a great fight. Real fight. Awesome!

    Quazor Dude let me tell you an interesting fact, from where I come, sometimes if a person is caught doing something bad and needs to be punished, the person is not sent to a jail or exiled, he is ignored. The other people act as if he does not exist. I think that has a bigger impact on these people. Just ignore bat. Leave him be. He wants you to call him out here so he can feel like he is important.

    I must say the server is very interesting.

    Pirates is putting up an amazing fight and Slapice keeps rebuilding their off.

    Who has more trainers now? Slapice or Pirates? The fight looks very evenly matched (assuming that most PP are still active and churning out def 24x7)

    Bowed out eh?

    Alright. Kicked out was more like it after you threatened to rat out to Slapice and established contact with them behind the leaderships back.

    Being very modest are we?

    Mate I mean Brezzok is the best off leader I know. Brezzok is the leader of GOATs. I do not if Quazor is an off leader at all.


    Well I wouldnt say that language barrier stops one from being a great Leader.. I am not supporting Kova here but I know someone who writes messages that are almost impossible to understand, a language we call Brezzokish, but is the best offensive leader I have ever seen.

    As for Kova.. dude you sound like Donald Trump with all the "lying and liars and losers" :D :D

    My friend Diamond did not snipe those waves. Platon himself did. He was also responsible for snipng and decimating L.V. catas at whitefluffy's capital, you lost 2.5k Catas that day.

    So you Are saying that because off ALL that multis phoenix got deleted from map? Because od that they never send some attack on us or got some good defeD you have

    Do you have problem understanding english mate?

    I mentioned like a dozen times already that phoenix was no ones multi accounts and that I was the one who formed it.

    What you are trying to do here is either plain stupidity or also known has "Gaslighting"

    Oh wait what am I seeing on the map? All the bots that settled around your members in the boonies are banned? OMG NOW WHAT WILL YOU FARM?

    Is that why you approached the half dead Phoenix alliance for diplomatic relations?

    Soo if i understand you good,you reported several accounts to MH and he banned them,right?

    I guess then its all under the rules,thoose multi acc were deleted and main acc got banned,so whats the problem?

    Please do me a favor and just center sherlock's account and tell me how much banned account is around him?

    PS:Please stop barking and start playing you were not destroyed by multi account you are destroyed because you are not that good as people in slapice are,but dont worry in next few months players from PP will join you,i heard today one player in Peace was demolished hard :)