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    Codex Victoria is not

    a Queen diary nor a secret cooking book :).

    I think it is just an ancient book with pages

    scattered over Europe map for 15 years ...

    Alliance who will find most of the pages -

    will conquer the world.

    Jack_Daniels on PTRX3

    Jack_Danielss on TTQ2019 group C

    + one more (two :)... interesting ideea(...):

    1. possibility to send counter attack on incoming troops with spy

    if enough spy troops send - you can see number and type of the incoming...

    if less than attackers spy number included in attack... then nothing to see.

    2. possibility to send spy troops to reach troops sent to attack or defend,

    with order of change / location - target and / or type mode attack / raid...

    (maybe task activated with some gold, for more fun... :)

    - and the 3rd one...

    is understandable why Travian Company maintain his servers on low speed...

    but will be more attractive if - at least - some features may be speed up:

    - market merchants speed or auctions last up time ...

    - skinnable interface - maybe activated with gold club:),

    (additionally - skin theme contest maybe)

    (or - at least - 2 interface modes: daily /nightly)

    - graphic interface switch between new / classic (T4)